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Acoustic Love Ballad

Very American in nature, this is a modern acoustic stock music piece that is more of a love ballad and it has an open feeling about it. It's a straight ahead, non-complicated, moderate tempo and rather relaxed piece of music with teeny, tiny hints of cheesiness about it. Imagine the Goo Goo Dolls blended with Jack Johnson. It has the capability of being upbeat but in a mellow way. Use it with sitcoms, comedies, light dramas, nature and travel programs and more in television, film, radio, podcasts, games, web series, onhold music. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, cheesy, pop music, teen pop, bubblegum, dance, electro pop, power pop, pop rock, sunshine pop

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Crossing America

Here's a refreshing blend of jazz, country and funk made with grooving acoustic guitar, piano and rhythm section. It's a happily floating stock music piece that will love being placed with scenes of: leisurely errand running, a relaxed mission, covertly rummaging through someone's house, rivers and canyons, flying through wide open spaces, iconic metropolitan areas, skyscrapers - for television, film, radio, web, games, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: for travel , so far so close , go easy , go with the flow , laid back jazzy

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If Only

Acoustic sounds fill this copyright free music track with a solo harmonica, fretless bass and folk guitar, which give it a folksy, country music feel. It's peaceful and somewhat sentimental, ideal for dramas, soap operas, romantic/love stories on television, webshows and radio as well as for independent and standard films for the general public. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Love Guitar Folk Harmonica Fretless Bass

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Native Dance

Native Dance features an uplifting and fresh theme expressed predominantly with flute, guitars and drums/percussion and immediately takes your imagination to the Native American desert, the Southwest and anywhere with red rocks, orchre monuments, open valleys and arid meadows. It's a positive, magical and spiritual sounding tune that gives one the feeling of freedom and openness. It would be perfect for vast desert driving scenes or a majestic pan shot of the mountains during sunset. Uses: television/film b-roll shots, promos, spots, interstitials, presentations, bumpers. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Positive,spiritual, flute, Acoustic Guitars,desert,television shots,native american

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Pride of Africa

This is a positive, rhythmic music track composed of strings, piano, choirs and traditional percussion instruments. The intro has a very Africa-influenced flavor but as the music piece progresses, one might imagine the wide, open frontier in North America, the bold migrations across the continent to reach the west. Hints of the old American west are heard from time to time, which make the cue easy to match with movies or footage in westerns or western-themed content. Other uses: travel and nature shows. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: World Percussion Choirs Piano Strings Bass Cheerful

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Russians in New-York

Voice effects give this unusual jazz tune a comedic and fun accent. The piano, bass, percussions, orchestral riffs, scratch fx contribute to the humor and bouncy beat of this lively, full tune. Use it in cartoons, animations and 1920’s club or street scenes in films or TV shows. Promos and presentations will have a pop to the visuals with this sound track, and videogames will enliven the plays. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Jazz Percussions Orchestra Piano Voice Scratch Bass

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