Techno / dynamic

Acid Family

A fast uptempo sound track with flute, electronic beats and synth pads to create an energetic, bouncy rhythm to dance to or use it in a speed chase. Perfect for car or concert scenes. Uses: thriller/detective/sci-fi films/television, upbeat promos/edgy presentations, spirited documentaries and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Flute Dynamic Loud

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All Nite Sir

This dynamic, modern royalty free music track is calling for on-screen action. The arrangement features sampled beats, quirky voices, synth pads, electronic bass and keys and various effects. Subject matter can vary when using this stock music: in television, film, radio for dramas, action movies, detective or police stories, along with other topics. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Long Beat Synth Bass Voice FX Dynamic Action

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Coming from the excellent ambient series from composer Adrian Judd, the stock music technoid sounds create a specific kind of ambiance. He hopes it will blissfully take you far, far away to another digital dimension. Use this piece as background music in science fiction, dramas, paranormal themes, reality show content (challenges), futuristic and space/universe subject matter. Other uses: art installations, b-roll/montages in experiments (CSI), infomercials, games. [ by Adrian Judd ]

Tags: Long Electronic Beat Bass Synth Loud Deep Progressive

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From the excellent ambient series from up-and-coming Adrian Judd, this copyright free stock music transcends you directly to another digital dimension. The piece is luxuriously long, always evolving and includes pure technoid and deep ambient sounds. It's the type of background music to your visuals that adds that special something it needs without being distracting. Possible themes: space, dance club, street scenes, spy missions, sophisticated thefts (think Ocean's Eleven), fast moving overhead shots flying above the ocean or other nature, chase scenes, cheetahs sprinting across the tundra, etc. [ by Adrian Judd ]

Tags: Long Electronic Beat Bass Synth Loud Deep Progressive

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The pure technoid sounds in this copyright free stock music piece are part of the Ambient series by Adrian Judd, and offer you an incredibly deep ambient touch. Use this for the following themes: space, universe, science, science fiction, paranormal, drama, action - in footage from television, film, radio, games. Will also fit perfectly inside a planetarium, science project or art installation. [ by Adrian Judd ]

Tags: Long Electronic Beat Bass Synth Loud Deep Progressive

Ambient003 (5:01) Play / MP3 $29.95


Adrian Judd is back with more works from his Ambient Series. As usual, he takes you to a digital dimension that is out of this world. Filled with technoid sounds and created with intergalactic textures, it's a perfect match for science fiction, any space/planetary/universe subject matter, instructional DVDs, science programming, games, radio podcasts, websites, more. [ by Adrian Judd ]

Tags: Long Electronic Beat Bass Synth Loud Deep Progressive

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Back 2 The C64

Completely and happily inspired by old school retro games from long ago this electronic music reminiscent of back in the day, will perk up any listener especially if they were into the C64 and the like. If not, they can still get into the kooky, vintage vibe! It features lots of great melodies, chords, bass lines and drums. Will strongly complement animation, science fiction (Think Dr. Who) and, of course, games, but certainly is not limited to those items. Use this music for whatever project you think fits well with it. Uses: spots/promos, commercials, presentations, websites, interstitials, bumpers, opens, more. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Chip Synth Vintage Oldschool Bass Beat Loud

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Back to basics

This royalty free music track is not too loud, not too fast and is extremely pleasant with a subtle touch of space and discovery. The direct techno soundtrack with filtered pads, synthetic bass and electronic drums will fit nicely behind visuals of science subjects, science fiction footage, space and universe scenes, game action, more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Electronic Synth Bass Drums Proud

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Part techno, part disco with a Latin flair and pure fun is in this fast beat dance number. Can be used in any montage needing fast movement and action. The piano playing is enhanced with different percussions to make you want to do something fun. Uses: dance scenes in films/TV/videos, any action sequence, promos, ads, presentations, animation and more. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Electro Pop,Radio,TV,Motion,Global Business,Reality TV,Elegance,Creativity,Success,The Media,Web Pag

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Brainy Hack

Modern and edgy with steady synthesized techno beat in addition to sound effect textures. It has an increasingly ominous background music creating an anxious, dangerous feel. Could be used in futuristic scenes as well as a dinosaur type of settings. It brings to mind the environments of Pandora in the James Cameron movies Avatar but still can be used in scientific demos in classrooms to capture the imaginations of high school students or detective, forensic television shows. It would work well with film/television montages, science fiction/apocalyptic promos and classroom videos. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Bass Drums Loud Agressive Oppressive Mysterious

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Buddhas Dance Club

This tribal and energetic beat is made with synth bass and effects and percussion inside an electronic music bed. It's upbeat, positive and slightly comical and can be used with all kinds of media: film, television, web, games, animation, presentations, businesses - for commercials, promos, company brand reels, programming reels, opens, montages, b-roll, spots, bumpers, interstitials, generics, trailers, reality TV challenges, music over credits and more. [ by Ilya Kaplan ]

Tags: Electronic Ethnic Bouncy House Beat Synth Dance

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Casio Girl

Welcome to the digital world! Transform your scenes to the modern decade with the beats and jumpy drum sounds in films, television, montages, b-rolls, videogames, science documentaries, corporate presentations, cell phones, promos for technology and electronics, ads and more [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Casio Oldschool Beat Synth Chip Bass Clap Pad Arpeggio Dynamic

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Coma on the Dancefloor

This stock music piece will have multiple uses. It's a progressive techno soundtrack that starts out mellow, slowly building up in a more dramatic and aggressive fashion. It features multiple parts, several breaks and ends softly. To be used as background music for radio/film/television/internet for chase scenes, scientific experiments (think CSI), spy missions, purposeful character scenes, going places, club scenes, quickly moving through nature, flying above deserts, mountains, oceans or canyons, animals on the hunt chasing their prey, science fiction themes, space travel and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Beat Agressive Loud

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Crazy World

This is a pure, hard trance techno piece that's aggressive, dynamic and impulsive, something you'd hear in a trance music club with people of all sorts of backgrounds assembling to get totally lost in a state of being only achieved by this environment. Using synthesizers and drum grooves, it's perfect background music with action scenes, difficult missions, driving, chase scenes, rigorous challenges. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Techno/Trance. Aggressive, Dynamic, Impetuous/Impulsive, Energetic, Moving/Driving. Drum Grooves, Synt

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Cybernetik Youth

A cool, melodic downtempo a la electronica, shows off trippy, dirty beats, walking arpeggios, a grinding synth bass line and evolving key changes. In its techno/cyberpunk style it will be well suited for futuristic, thriller, science fiction, technological, conspiratory and paranormal subject matter on television, film, radio and the webs. It will also work in video games, commercial advertising, documentaries (ex. superstructures, technology, design, modern art). [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Techno Synth Line Beat Synth Pad Effects Analog Cyber

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This royalty free music was composed with "adult" content in mind. With punchy, sensual beats pounding away and suggestive electronic sounds pushing against the music, viewers might imagine bedroom activity. The piece is a consistent driving force but at the same time it's fun and a bit light-hearted. It is, however, not restricted to adult movies and can be used in other genres, for example, arcade-style video games, lounge scenes, bar scenes etc. Take a listen and you'll see what we mean. [ by Ilya Kaplan ]

Tags: Electronic Techno Sensual Beat Synth Bassline Human Voice Samples Sex

Cybersex (2:52) Play / MP3 $19.95

Dancing Girl

Listen to this royalty free music and you'll perk up right away with its David Guetta-like sound style and wide open commercial house music. Piano melody and fast bass mixed with several deep electronic sounds produces an uplifting sound fitting for television, internet, film, radio, corporations. Imagine any positive visuals, a fun racing car game, dance scenes, looking forward to a great future, enjoying what life has to offer in the moment, UPFRONT reel, a motivational employee reel corporate presentation (human resources), etc. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Happiness, Pop, Cool, Loop-ready File, Energy, Grooved, Instrumental, dynamics, Cheerful, Excitement

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Dancing Girl (No Piano) (2:14) Play / MP3 $24.95

Dancing Pilots

Welcome to a disco meets game show music track, where you'll hear the bass hammering, strong brass section and fresh euro dance sound. This kind of background music gets your listeners moving and excited for what's to come next, whether it's a game to win millions or it's a lively scene in television, film or radio programming. It can be used as an open or bumpers to a show or a branding ID. [ by Rudy Pusateri ]

Tags: Fashion Show, High Tech, Infomercial, Sports / Fitness, Urban / Inner-City, Dance / Rave, Adult Ente

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Dubby synths, a distorted chunky bass line, filters and strong twisted beats make up this energetic and stimulating stock music piece, which is ideal for many different kinds of visuals: fight scenes, action shots, sports footage, video games, scenes with sophisticated heists, crime/detective/police subjects, cultural programming. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Distorsion Beat Bass Synth Tamborine Dynamic Action

Defenders (2:56) Play / MP3 $29.95

Digital Groove

Hypnotic digital phone sounds enhanced by heavy beats, sub bass, synth and organ tracks can be used in cool techno club scenes. Modern, innovative and young tunes for the new age youth scenes. Uses: films, TV, promos, ads, spots, credits, sci-fi, animation and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Beat Bass Loud Enthusiastic

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Dissolution Of Memory

Lush, atmospheric pads, tight beats, grinding cyclic synth bass create this contemporary and cool tech house music that is energetic, motivated, intense and upbeat. It's best used with action sequences like driving scenes, people on a mission, clubbing - or it can be used in movie trailers, television movie promos/spots, commercials, or anything that requires a certain amount of adrenaline. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Beat House Synth Pad Distorsion Bass Deep Dynamic

Dissolution Of Memory (2:17) Play / MP3 $29.95

Dr Eamer

Looking for stock music for your next television, radio, internet or club commercial (advert)? Incorporate lots of energy into your project with this French style house music with positive, punchy and funky chords. Will work well with ads promoting products for a young demographic or will perk up podcast stories and television content, promos, montages, interstitials, etc. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Multimedia,Futuristic,Broadcasting,Inspiration,Presentation,Electro Pop,Radio,TV,Motion,Global Busines

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Dr Eamer XL (3:39) Play / MP3 $29.95
Dr Eamer XL 30 (0:31) Play / MP3 $14.95

Electro People

With break beat rhythms and big progressive sounds, this piece of electronic music is dynamic and modern. It's upbeat with a slight serious tone, and it's made to have a variety of uses: to be background music for television promos/spots, movie trailers, generic promo reels, montages, b-roll in content related to dramas, science fiction, nature and travel. Other uses: games, short clips, commercials, websites, corporate videos and materials. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Synth Analog Beat Loud Energy Electronic

Electro People (1:07) Play / MP3 $19.95

Electro Waltz House

Here's an unusual, strangely intriguing electro house stock music piece that was written in 3/4 time, which is a common time signature utilized in waltzes. Far from being something that Strauss would have written, it merits its own respect as it blends an old fashion rhythm with a modern trance/electro sound. The soundtrack thumps with steady drums and confident but roaming bass lines and can work well with science fiction (ex., Dr. Who), drama, cartoons, comedies, sitcoms, technology shows or instructional videos and more - for radio, podcasts, television, audiobooks, web sites, web series/movies, games and film. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: House, dance, techno, trance, acid, disco, funk, post disco, electro, electro house, synth pop, dark

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Electronic Explosive Synth Rock

This riveting sound track will mesmerize your audience with its rock and break beat elements. Drums and synths lines are full of power and energy to keep everyone’s attention. Get everyone pumped up with this lively, hypnotic tune. Uses: films, television, credits, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, montages and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: breakbeat, energetic, pumped up rock, power rock, power breakbeat, power energetic, synth power, pow

Electronic Explosive Synth Rock (2:15) Play / MP3 $24.95


When filtered pads, a strutting synth bass line, synth stabs and atmospheric glacial sounds get together, the result is a pumping tech house music ideal for many themes, topics and uses: travel, clubbing, arts and culture, infomercials, commercial advertising, reels, sports promos, b-roll, montages, video games, corporate material. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Bells Intro Synth Analog Clap Beat Pads Bass Bouncy

Electrotek (2:29) Play / MP3 $29.95

Eurostar Express

Synth and bass lines, multiple parts and breaks, a myriad of percussion instruments and effects produce this fast-paced and energetic, Euro-beat inspired royalty free stock music piece, which is available in three different durations. Uses: action scenes with lots of movement or chases, dramas, crime/police/mystery series, science fiction, paranormal activity, technology reports/shows, promos, movie trailers, generic spots, IDs, interstitials, games, podcasts, apps, radio. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Energy Dynamic Techno Beat Synth Bass Pads

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Ever After

Soothing introduction explodes into a fast beat with bass and drums interspersed with synthetic sounds. A female voice adds to the profundity and variety to the music creating a dreamy atmosphere. Imagine someone running away and thinking about the problems he left behind. Uses: films, television, anime, video games. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Bass Beat Fast Loud Agressive

Ever After (4:05) Play / MP3 $29.95

Feelin Sexy

This is an upbeat and somewhat gritty stock music dance track arranged with goofy samples and quirky synth. It's playful, energetic, sexy (vocals are saying "sexy!") and overall fun and funky. It will work nicely in comedies, sitcoms, series, light dramas in relative scenes requiring this type of track. Uses: television, podcasts, news stories, adult entertainment, film, games, youtube videos, audiobooks, web originals (movies/sites/series). [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: sexy, fun, dance, pop, groove, happy, comical, edgy, guitar, weird, synths, solid groove, solid beat

Feelin Sexy (1:07) Play / MP3 $19.95


Made with a solid groove and synths, which builds up into a full-blown club style anthem, this piece is replete with catchy chorus section as well. Here's an energetic stock music dance track and it's powerful and says "party!" all over it. Use this track with action shots, dance club scenes, exciting missions, fantansy action, someone determined to complete a goal and other visual and non-visual footage for podcasts, radio, youtube videos, DVDs, television, audiobooks, games, film, web series and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, modern, teen, club, happy, anthem, edgy, solid groove, solid beat, bass, solid, upbeat, full,

Flying (1:18) Play / MP3 $29.95

Funky Man

Deep house style tunes are fused with a hint of dancy funk with a bold bass beat to create an excellent copyright free music piece to be used with fashion, beauty and glamour products in commercials or as a background music for fashion show catwalks showcasing chiseled, perfect men and high-heeled models showing off the latest, trendy clothing and accessory designs, infomercials, technology, adult movies and informational reports. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Synth Pad Bass Beat Electronic

Funky Man (1:33) Play / MP3 $19.95
Funky Man 30 (0:31) Play / MP3 $14.95

Game On

Picture kaleidoscope lights pulsating and reflecting off of mirror balls in a dance floor while this eerily different track plays in the background. Change courses and use this sound for sci-fi, alien or outer space adventures. There are several versions available to meet your needs. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Techno Beat Synth Lines Bass Dynamic Effects Power Game

Game On (2:09) Play / MP3 $39.95
Game On Mix B (1:54) Play / MP3 $39.95
Game On 60 Cut (0:59) Play / MP3 $24.95
Game On Closing (0:29) Play / MP3 $19.95


This quirky piece is full of exciting and modern jazzy elements to enhance any visual. Vocals give it an addition dimension to the synth beat, bass and percussions. Use it as a backdrop for contemporary, digital films or television, videogames, montages and documentaries. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Dynamic Modern Synth Beat Bass Jazz Peaceful

Groovesqueak (1:56) Play / MP3 $39.95
Groovesqueak 60 Cut (0:59) Play / MP3 $24.95
Groovesqueak 30 Cut (0:29) Play / MP3 $19.95

Guitar Phenomena

The catwalk at Paris' (or New York's, London's, etc.) big fashion event of the season needs this stock music to accompany the models walking briskly showing off the most recent fashion creations. Piano and guitar riffs are featured and create a very nice vibe in this funky house music tune. Other uses: bar/lounge/club/dance scenes, games, more. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Synth Pad Bass Beat Electronic Guitar Piano Lounge

Guitar Phenomena (2:59) Play / MP3 $29.95
Guitar Phenomena 30 (0:30) Play / MP3 $14.95


An uptempo, jazzy tune with a female chant to texture the sounds created by trumpet, piano, vibraphone and drums. Can be used in many different circumstances from an Asian city nightlife, corporate presentations, travel ads to documentaries with a flair. Uses: film, TV, montages, promos, ads, video games, presentations, documentaries, school projects and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Piano Beat Bass Scratch Trumpet Vocals Drums Enthusiastic

Himalaya (3:55) Play / MP3 $29.95

Holiday Action Fx

This short piece invokes wind and water with its uptempo electronic sounds. Can be used in any setting that involves the outdoors, streams, waterfalls, lakes or ocean. Use it in a happy fairy scene, seaside adventure, oasis or forest. Uses: film, TV, montages, documentaries, presentations, promos, ads, video games and more. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Arpeggios Piano Pads Sound FX

Holiday Action Fx (0:35) Play / MP3 $14.95
Holiday Action 30 Without Water (0:29) Play / MP3 $14.95

In The Groove

Mysterious, dynamic dance music track includes spacious synths and a solid groove that makes it upbeat, catchy with a twist of comical elements. The instrumentation makes the tune ideal for science fiction shows in the style of Dr. Who and other shows that are futuristic, fictional and fun. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, pop, upbeat, bouncy, piano, synths, drums, beat, solid, edgy, action, mystery, spacious, scif

In The Groove (1:25) Play / MP3 $19.95

Jumper XL

A dynamic and positive royalty free music tune with a fat kickin' bass rhythm, big open piano chords and high-spirited guitar riffs is a superb background music for winter sports like skiing, slalom, speed skating, or for water sports or racing. Use in promos/spots, b-roll footage, montages, interstitials, bumpers, IDs, commercials, infomercials, more. Different versions are available. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Multimedia,Futuristic,Broadcasting,Inspiration,Presentation,Electro Pop,Radio,TV,Motion,Global Busin

Jumper XL (1:07) Play / MP3 $24.95
Jumper XL 10 (0:10) Play / MP3 $14.95
Jumper XL 30 (0:30) Play / MP3 $19.95
Jumper XL Jingle (0:07) Play / MP3 $14.95

Late Show

Created with quirky vocal samples, synths and percussion, this is a contemporary sounding stock music track that has a wide variety of purposes. Use it with all kinds of visuals for television and web series: dramas, action, mysteries, crime shows, thrillers, etc. It will also be well suited with commercials, infomercials, promos, podcasts and games. Other uses: technology reports, corporate videos, kids instructional DVDs,documentaries, travel shows. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Sample Vocal Bass Synth Pads Beat Reverb Energic Percussions

Late Show (2:15) Play / MP3 $39.95
Late Show 60 Cut (0:59) Play / MP3 $19.95
Late Show 30 Cut (0:30) Play / MP3 $24.95

Liquid Heart

This versatile royalty free music embraces atmospheric tech house and features a rumbling bass line, sliding beats, spacious pads and melodic synth bubbles. It's ideal with visuals of travel, clubbing, advertising, city life, design, teen culture, as well as science, technology, video games, science fiction themes, multimedia. Many uses in all those areas for presentations, spots, commercials, websites, reels, motivational works, b-roll, game content. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Techno Beat Synth Bass Arpeggio Distorsion Pad Deep Delay Focus

Liquid Heart (2:15) Play / MP3 $29.95

Madde For Snow

Inspired by a Swedish indie band, this music track launches with a heavy synth bass line, then drums kick in with harmonizing electronic echoes. The harmonies are smooth and the mood is relaxed but danceable. If you're looking for an electronic, modern sound for your projects, this stock music might fit, as it will work in a wide range of projects: television/film for b-roll, montages, interstitials, or in podcasts, websites and radio. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Dance, Move, Synth, Electronic, Dancy

Madde For Snow (2:18) Play / MP3 $24.95

Monks Pulse

With a definite and precise beat this modern and eclectic tune uses electronic synth lines to create the spacious and reverberating sounds for a dynamic atmosphere. What comes to mind is a futuristic, sleek alien spaceship with neon lights surrounding the walls and instruments. Uses: cinema, montages, b-rolls, videogames, dances, clubs, TV and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Lines Bass Beat Effects Dynamic

Monks Pulse (3:56) Play / MP3 $39.95
Monks Pulse 60 Cut (0:59) Play / MP3 $24.95
Monks Pulse 60 Cut 2 (1:00) Play / MP3 $24.95
Monks Pulse 30 Cut (0:29) Play / MP3 $19.95
Monks Pulse 30 2 (0:29) Play / MP3 $19.95

My Guitar Is So Smooth

Electronic pads and smooth guitar samples fill this funky, deep house dance music piece. It makes you feel like you're going to have a great day with its positive vibes and perky beats. Would work really well in games (between game play), websites, commercials, promos/spots, IDs, bumpers, opens and more in television, internet, film, businesses, gaming industry. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Beat Electronic Bass Organ Synth Pads

My Guitar Is So Smooth (0:38) Play / MP3 $14.95


As the title implies the mystery of the geoglyphs in Peru translates into a modern heavy beat sound peppered with native vocals to create a new twist in music. Imagine native workers or even aliens clearing the red rocks to reveal the white stones underneath in a historic or sci-fi movie. Uses: Science Fiction, modern film, television, radio, promos, documentaries, video game. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Bass Beat Synth Loud Mysterious Agressive

Nazca (3:12) Play / MP3 $29.95

Night Life in Moscow

Fast moving, need to get somewhere in a hurry but in a joyful manner is what comes to mind hearing the steady beat of this quick tune. It features electric bass, organ and horns to texture the busy sounds. Could be used in a cartoon where the character is walking rapidly down the streets of a busy metropolis. Other uses: festive party atmosphere in films/television, video games, promos, ads, spots. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Organ Horns House Festive

Night Life in Moscow (3:25) Play / MP3 $29.95

One More Time

The pure dynamic house style of this stock music kicks off to a huge start with progressive chords and a fat bass sound, which will fit a whole range of visuals needing a mood booster. Examples: club/bar/dance scenes, action footage, pan shots soaring above the ocean, desert, mountains, animal life, sped up time lapse of nature and more in television, film, documentaries, games, websites, presentations. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: House Heavy Beat Electronic Deep Effects Synth Loud Energy

Ure Not In Love Full (1:41) Play / MP3 $19.95
Ure Not In Love Short Nokick (0:41) Play / MP3 $19.95
Ure Not In Love 30 (0:41) Play / MP3 $19.95
Ure Not In Love Jingle (0:11) Play / MP3 $14.95


This tune builds to a rolling fast beat with audible percussions. It is reminiscent of car or airplane travel through wide-open, majestic landscapes such as the deserts of southwest United States. Imagine soaring through the skies with a bird’s eye view of the ground below. Keeps your interest with the use of bopping, pulsating upbeat sounds. Uses: cinematic presentations, television, radio. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Bass Drums Loud Proud

Orientation (3:57) Play / MP3 $29.95

Our Next Goal

This confident, gung-ho and inspirational sound track is overflowing with pride and triumph. Use it to bring new life into your projects, whether it's for television shows' background music or spot music, for commercials, sports promos, infomercials, motivational DVDs, science fiction, inspirational corporate videos for employees or stock holders, video games, console games, radio content or podcasts. Get this music track with two different versions. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: inspirational, corporate, upbeat, rock, corporate, upbeat, inspiration, inspirational, happy, drums,

Our Next Goal1 (4:54) Play / MP3 $34.95
Our Next Goal2 (4:18) Play / MP3 $29.95

Pump It Up

Here's a progressive trance track mixed with house featuring a hypnotic, fat punch beat. It's the type of stock music track that will work really well in a fashion catwalk or any visuals related to fashion and glamor, or for clubbing, lounge/bars, city life scenes, water sports. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Happy,Fast, Trance, Broadcasting,Inspiration,Presentation,Electro Pop,Radio,TV,Motion,Global Busines

Pump It Up (2:13) Play / MP3 $29.95
Pump It Up 30 (0:34) Play / MP3 $14.95


This trancy instrumental soundtrack features mysterious, eery choirs, heavy beats and acid bass, which demonstrates a series of intense emotions. It's energetic and melancholy and will work in contemporary movies for television and film (spy, dramas, mysteries) but will also work beautifully as background music for games, art projects and storytelling podcasts needing to add that certain indescribable edge. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Bass Beat Synth Choirs Loud Fast Agressive Melancholic

Retrofitting (3:59) Play / MP3 $29.95

Running Away

Strong, steady beat with fun synths and string loops. Can be used in montages and b-rolls involving movement and/or travel. Imagine a fast walking animation character or road trip across great plains, ocean side or through mountain passes. Uses: montages, b-rolls, documentaries, presentations, cartoons, ads, promos and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Bass Beat Synth Melancholic Loud

Running Away (3:53) Play / MP3 $29.95

Science And Fiction

Made to convey a positive, carefree feel, this cool dance style electronic music actually will be a good fit with motivational materials such as corporate and stock holder videos and presentations because it has the ability to get an audience on-board and inspired. Equally, we can see it on a fashion walkway/runway/catwalk for a modern, possibly revolutionary show or for footage, b-roll, montage content for science fiction, drama, and space/discovery on television, radio and film. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Synth Dance Piano Reverb Beat Pads Nostalgic

Science And Fiction (0:38) Play / MP3 $14.95

Sky Man

A soaring, ambient track using bass, synth pads, piano and guitar to create a soothing, mellow background. Perfect for a variety of uses for films, television, promos, credits, documentaries, travel projects, school reports, montages and b-rolls. Available in several durations and versions. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Dance Beat Bass Synth Pads Piano Reverb Effects Guitar Dynamic Club

Sky Man Underscore Mix B (1:12) Play / MP3 $39.95
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Smack My Ass

Synth bass line plus oscillating effects, atmospheric pads and Moroder-inspired hard beats gives this royalty free music track emotion, energy and depth. It's filled with determination and motivation, which will work well with sports, driving/racing, advertising/commercials, youth culture, clubbing, new media and any subjects and visuals that need a driving force in audio/music. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Synth Funk Dance Effects Pads Party

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Space Harvester

Strangely manipulated loops, metal resonating instrumentation and a techno beat create a gritty, edgy apocalyptic atmosphere ideal for visuals in futuristic science fiction content (like The Fifth Element, Blade Runner, Dr. Who, Firefly etc.). Use this track with b-roll, montages, interstitials, podcasts, games, websites, more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Bass Beat Synth Melancholic Loud

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Stellar Reward

Assorted synths and mesmerizing techno beats drive this long stock music track that crescendos from quiet and slow to rapid and loud, finally ending with a relaxing, warm vibe. It will have a variety of uses in nature and travel programming but it can also be used in science fiction, art installations, independent documentary footage, games, radio podcasts, creative reels, brand reels, programming reels (perfect for the annual UPFRONT program reel for The Sci-Fi Channel). [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Bass Beat Fast Agressive Loud

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Edgy, gritty electric guitar samples and cool synths are featured in this energetic dance track. The music builds into a dance club anthem chorus, which is an ideal sound backdrop for club/bar/lounge scenes as well as action scenes in television programming and film. It will be excellent background music in action games as well as dramas and travel shows. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, cool, teen, upbeat, lively, bouncy, happy, jumpy, gripping, edgy, percussion, synths, dynamic

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This Is My Fashion

Totally Givenchy, Dior and Gucci runways during fashion week with tall, thin models stumping their way down the long walkway while light bulbs flash in their stone face looks. The synths, vocal licks and especially the drum beats bring the entire atmosphere to any fashion shows, dances, modern presentations, promos, commercials, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Fast tempo house . Good for Fashion show presentation . Hip and nicely floating

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Tripping On Glass

Ambient sounds progressively increases its almost faint beats with electronic textures and culminates in a definite rhythmic, cheerful tune. This long piece goes from soft bells, mysterious voices to a fuller, happy sound. So versatile you can use it many different types of environments involving spacious areas like underwater, clear blue skies or a mystical light forest. Uses: documentaries, promos, mysteries, science fiction, ads, video games, motion pictures, television and more [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Pad Voice Atmospheric Analog

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Turkish Chase

Electronic sounds, electric guitar, piano, percussion come together to create this unusual modern tune. Perfect for a contemporary belly dancing segment, a new kind of Clint Eastwood type of movie, promo/presentation with an eastern flair or background music for travel documentary. Uses: thriller, western, mystery, drama films/television shows, credits, video games, animation and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Piano Guitar Synth Bass Pads Dynamic

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A big and progressive house tune featuring fashion electronic pads, fast bass, hard drums and a lively beat. To be background stock music for a variety of uses: film, television, radio, internet, multimedia for movie trailers, montages, b-roll, interstitials, opens, bumper, IDs, spots, promos, commercials, podcasts, presentations, corporate reels, branding reels, programming reels for UPFRONT, NATPE, PROMAX/BDA. A :30 seconds version is also available. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Trance,Futuristic,Broadcasting,Inspiration,Presentation,Electro Pop,Radio,TV,Motion,Global Business,

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A big progressive house tune driven by pleasant chords, fat bass, upbeat melody and several electronic epic-pads. Best uses in club scenes, late night partying, action scenes, night time city life - as well as inside games, web sites, radio/television/film trailers/spots/promos or any multimedia-presentations, corporate reels, PROMAX, NATPE, UPFRONT or yearly television/cable programming reels, commercials, bumpers, opens, montages, interstitials, b-roll, IDs. Many versions are available (:30, 1:00, loop, alternative). [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: House, Pop, Cool, Techno, Energy, Happy, TV, Radio, Game, Trance, Multimedia

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Virtual Maps

Motivational and energetic yet smooth 80’s style electro stock music with bright arpeggios, electro-synth bass and melodic synths along with the solid beats fits anything related to modern science fiction (like Dr. Who) or programming featuring themes of teens, general lifestyle, travel, space/universe related material, cultural, corporate or commercial content (presentations, ads, HR reels). [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Arpeggios Pads Reverb Harp Wave New Age

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Walking Away

A techno dance beat with female vocals can add a modern twist and sass to any breakup scene. Synths and organ round off the tune in a smooth and fun fashion. This sound track is available without the vocals. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, montages and b-rolls. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Dance Beat Synth Organ Vocals Dynamic

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What Lies Beyond

You can feel strength forging ahead with this electronic stock music piece while a female voice sings, "Dive into the crowd, they will catch you...trusting what lies beyond...over the edge." It's a bold and elegant song with a strong bass line, dynamic beats, synth pads and effects. It might remind some listeners of the music from any number of the shows from Cirque du Soleil. This is also available as instrumental, and without the vocals it will work nicely with science fiction, action, drama, games, more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Dance Beat Synth Organ Vocals Dynamic Effects Shaker

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Wild Gooses

A fusion of esoteric sounds made up of Rhodes keyboard, electronic beats and synth bass explodes with energy and vitality. The ever changing uptempo tune presents an array of visuals from psychedelic swirling colors to traversing over different landscapes. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, web pages, radio, videogames and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Melancholic Loud

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"Wow, just wow," you may hear yourself saying after listening to this electronic stock music with a retro sounding "talking" vocoder voice. Use this royalty free music piece for visuals, scenes, shots or stories needing perky music. Liven up your b-roll, montages, podcasts, spots in comedies, theatrical programs (shows like Glee, Smash) and any other project of yours that needs a audio kick start. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Electronic Beat House Voice Effect Bass Synth Energy Dance

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