Smooth Loops

21st Street

Totally laid back with a hint of mysteriousness in it, this acoustic loop with electric bass, drums, Rhodes keyboards and percussion instruments is the ideal copyright free music for any chill visuals, whether they're in a quiet neighborhood in Brooklyn, or a travel show episode with sailing or hanging on a deserted beach, or strolling along a long path in a gorgeous forest. Other uses: b-roll, games, infomercials, informative programs. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Acoustic Bass Drums Rhodes Percussions Mysterious Smooth

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Here's a cool, short, mysterious and smooth groovy loop created with chorused bass, of light drums and reverbed guitar. Its mellow vibe will work well and for a variety of subjects in your b-roll, montages, compilations for all sorts of television programming, as well as for commercials, promos/spots, podcasts, websites and games. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Acoustic Drums Bass Guitar Mysterious Smooth

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Chip Reggae

An easygoing reggae loop to be used in background visuals for island fun and relaxation. Perfect for any Caribbean feel videogame, game show or a short b-roll with its drums, chip synth and compressed bass. Uses: promos, documentaries, videogames, game shows, b-rolls, montages. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Chip Drums

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DB Atmo

A mellow, smooth synthetic loop with a delayed bass line, spacy pads and electronic percussions - will work with a whole variety of themes in television, radio, internet, games, film - for use in commercials, radio podcasts, spots, opens, montages, b-roll, IDs, websites. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Percussions Synth Smooth

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Downtown Groove

With a minimal music arrangement including a groovy drum beat looped with a catchy, foot-tapping synthesized horn line, this royalty free piece is upbeat and uplifting with a little urban edge. The best use will be as background music in visuals related to the city: hanging out or playing games with friends outside on the stoop, light-themed games, b-roll, montages, footage for television, film - or radio. This also might work for certain kinds of presentations and websites. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Hip-hop, Groovy, Drums, Catchy, Upbeat, Positive, Uplifting, Light, Simple, Minimal

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Drip Drop

A relaxing tune to take your shoes off, put your feet up and just chill. Imagine someone sipping a drink in his loft apartment in the city overlooking a large window with the lights of the metropolis below. Another take on this jazzy music would be a couple dancing a slow cha-cha. It utilizes a synthetic beat with bass and pads. Uses: mood setting scenes, radio, promos, video games, low key programming, montages. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Beat Jazz Relaxing

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Fairy Forest

If there's a music clip that's going to make you feel good and provide a sort of calm and peaceful vibe, it's Fairy Forest. It's an uplifting, completely positive and magical experience and will give you an atmosphere of lightness, happiness and calm, if those things can all be assembled in one place at the same time. Light percussions and quirky flute melody make you reach the land of a whimsical forest during a full moon. Uses: games, promos, a mood setting, web pages, radio and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Synth Flute Percussions Quiet Mysterious

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Fairy Ghost

Listen to this slightly spooky yet light-hearted simple music piece with ghost choir, bass, synth strings and percussions, which can be a simple reminder that we are not alone in this cold, damp castle or that help is on its way to likely get you out of trouble, or a bumbling scientist working on his human experiment. It's mysterious with a hint of humor in it, ideal for cartoons, animation, comedies, spoofs on horror, light playful subjects. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Synth Strings Percussions Quiet Mysterious

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Fairy Night

Light, beautiful harp music with a rhythmic beat that evokes a slow walk through an airy forest on a starry, clear night. It brings to mind a tranquil, peaceful scene where one would go to do some serious thinking. It’s soothing melody is relaxing and calming with optimistic chimes of bells. Can be used in films, television, video games like visual novels and commercials. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Harp Bells Slow Quiet Mysterious Relaxing

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Fairy Secret

A laid back, easy going ambient sound with a soothing piano melody accompanied by percussions and bass that can be used in a variety of ways as background music in nature scenes. Would be a calming tune in a waiting room or holding on a telephone line. Uses: TV, film, montages, b-rolls, promos, commercials, video games, credits, intros, call waiting, documentaries and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Piano Synth Percussions Bass Quiet Relaxing

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Fairy Surprise

A bouncy, happy tune with an upbeat feeling to be used in light, carefree moments in video games or short clips. Imagine a walking sequence in animation or a television show. This cheery piece uses electronic bass, drums and synth melody to create this airy sensation. Uses: film, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, video games and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Drums Quiet Mysterious

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Feel The Track

This smooth groove loop is made with synths and acoustic guitar and has a very faint Asian influence. It's inspirational and motivational and gives the impression of having a fair amount of confidence and pride. It would be a nice background music for a variety of footage in dramas, police shows, soap operas and other kinds of programming found on television. It will also work well with corporate presentations, audio books and games. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: laid back, flowing, spacious, open, ambient, ambient, relaxing, spooky, dark, flowing, mystery, spac

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Figure A Way

Light, funky and cool and describe this copyright free stock music track that is a laid back hip hop groove with soft synths and spacious distorted guitar. It has a smooth sound with a hint of retro old school sentiments. Uses: sitcoms, comedies, light series, travel, nature, DIY, technology and cooking shows, and other non-serious footage on television, film, radio, podcasts, Youtube videos, games, DVDs, audiobooks, web shows, web films, web sites and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: cool, modern, teen, hip hop, edgy, guitars, solid beat, edgy, action, percussion, unusual, guitar, s

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Ghetto Time

This fast paced quirky track is a fun, foot-tapping tune. Brings to mind cartoon characters moving or talking to the beat of this piece like the Peanuts’ adults or Snoopy in a more modern twist. Modernize zany, unconventional visuals with this sound track. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, cool, modern, pop, teen, catchy, dark, powerful, action, mystery, spacious, weird, synths,

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Hypnotic Synapse

This electronic loop will mesmerize your audience into concentrating on the visuals or drive them crazy with its tenacious rhythm. Using synth pads it creates a melodic sound to almost numb your senses. Can be used in an insane asylum, futuristic spaceship, someone’s mind. Uses: montages, b-rolls, videogames and other unusual settings. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Percussions Synth Smooth Melancholic

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Ice City

Made with synth bells, icy synth pads and a relaxed hip-hop beat, this cool and collected loop has an upbeat yet reserved vibe with a slight winter approach. Its ideal use will be for wintery and even holiday themed scenes/visuals for footage, montages, b-roll, interstitials, podcasts, games, bumpers, IDs. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Beat

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Composed with synths and edgy sounding electric guitar, here's a laid back hip hop beat that's more on the dark and tense side of things. Use this stock music track with crime/investigation/police shows, thrillers, mysteries, dramas, fantasy, science fiction and more that's presented on film, radio, podcasts, cable, television, satellite, DVDs, audiobooks, youtube videos, computer games, console games, Halloween-related segments, amusement parks, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, dark, mysterious, synths, solid, groovy, dark, chilling, gripping, powerful, mystery, spaci

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Let's Deal

An easygoing tune with a relaxed jazz beat using Rhodes, drums and electric bass to create a club like feel. Can be used with a cool, hip cartoon character or even with a detective type person. This short loop can create a calm, modern mood. Uses: films, television, promos, cartoons, video games. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Acoustic Rhodes Bass Jazz Loop Quiet Short

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Lie On Me

Feel the trippy, mysterious vibe with this mood changing loop made with glitch percussions, strange synth pads and a chorused bass sound. The stock music track will match images or shots or subjects having underwater or nature wildlife, hypnotic or hallucinagenic scenes, new age themes, dream/sleep sequences, more - or will fit well inside puzzle games that need music enhancement but not be distracted by it. Uses: games, television b-roll and montages, radio, podcasts, story telling background music, websites. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Percussions Synth Smooth Melancholic

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Here's a spacy loop with industrial noises as percussion sounds, atmospheric synth pads and a big round bass that plays during the second half of the piece. This copyright free music will fit nicely with these themes: space, meditation, healing, floating, under the influence of drugs, dreams, being lost, depression - inside television, radio, film, internet - spots/promos, commercials, podcasts, story telling, montages, b-roll, websites, games. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Percussions Synth Smooth Melancholic

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My Place

Put your audience in a easy going mood with this smooth, cool, old school hip hop groove track. Made with quirky synths and a solid beat it's bound to sit well with your visuals: in montages, scenes, b-roll and more in sitcoms, comedies, dramas, sketches, web series and web movies Other uses: games and with non-visual content in radio, audiobooks and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, old school beat, dark, quirky, offbeat, wacky, dark, solid groove, solid beat, organ, hip h

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Mystery Remains

Made with a trip hope beat, reverse piano, synthetic bass and synth pads this is a mellow and mysterious electronic loop, which will fit well with various kinds of visuals for television, independent film, radio and games in the following themes: urban, science fiction, science, drama, mystery, thriller and will also work in games, radio podcasts, stories and reports. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Beat Piano

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New Hope

An explosive beginning introduces this short, clashing loop with polished sound track using drums, bass and an uplifting Rhodes keyboard. Use it in beginnings of sequences leading into scenes or where a short transition is needed. Uses: montages, b-rolls, introductions, credits, videogames, promos and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Acoustic Rhodes Drums Synth Bass Loop Loud Melancholic

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Night Field

Take this restful loop with synth bass, harp, synth pads and mild percussions and pair it with any visuals that need a peaceful background music that will add ambience to a scene without being distracting - for example, nature and travel footage, game menus, expo stands for health products, commercials or websites promoting relaxing vacations or natural remedies or health foods or natural health products like light therapy, aroma therapy, massage, reflexology, naturopathy, etc. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Beat Synth Melancholic Smooth

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School Ground

Quirky, fun and smooth synth guitar works its magic with this chill, old school hip hop groove. It's an upbeat sort of funky stock music audio track and will work well with a variety of footage/content. Example, urban scenes, action shots, hanging out with friends at an inner city high school, driving and cruising the streets with a car packed with friends on a warm Saturday night, chillin' with the gang, walking down the street with your buddies all ready for weekend action, a cool spy mission in progress. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: solid beat, groovy, old school, synths, flowing, laid-back, flowing, synths, solid groove, solid bea

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An exciting and suspenseful movie-styled loop that's made with electronic percussions, synth bass and synthetic melodies. It's a stock music piece that will integrate well with Mission Impossible or Bourne Identity type movies, for example, preparing for a mission, doing surveillance of suspects, watching criminal activity. It's serious, methodic and excellent background music for film or television dramas, thrillers, mysteries, detective work, etc. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Percussions Beat Mysterious

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This hip hop piece will bring cool to the factor with its beat and synths. Perfect for all the reality shows, dance scenes and youth gatherings. Use it in quirky promos, montages, presentations, documentaries, videogames, cartoons and animations. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, old school, light, fun, quirky, uplifting, upbeat, edgy, unusual, weird, synths, solid groo

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Slow Move

This loop suggests fast movement perhaps through water in an anxious state. There are no percussions but the strings and harp create the dramatic, agitated sounds. Evocative of rapidly flowing water. Uses: mood setting, dramatic scenes in film/TV, promos, games. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Acoustic Strings Harp Mysterious

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This heavy beat created by mixing electronic bass and pads with ethnic percussion sounds can convey elephants walking through the jungle, explorers cutting a path through the thick bush and background track for a variety of uses. Ominous drums echoes. What mysteries do they presage? Uses: films, television, montages, b-rolls, video games. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Percussions Mysterious

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Tapis Vert

Electric bass guitar, Rhodes keyboard, drums and congas bring together a polished, jazz tune for variety of uses in a calm and cool setting. This steady loop is reminiscent of Deodato back in the 70�s. Uses: film, television, website, promos, presentations, videogames, documentaries, call on hold, elevator and waiting room music. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Acoustic Rhodes Drums Bass Loop Smooth Funk

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The mysterious and sci-fi electronic loop was created with high-pitch drums, glitch sounds, strange synth notes and dark erratic bass. This loop track seems like a top match for images and scenes in science fiction television programming, films, websites and video games. It's mesmerizing and hypnotic as if lost in space, floating weightlessly in the universe. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Percussions Mysterious

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Trippy Peecee

If you could take a chill pill, you'd feel like the sounds of this electronic loop with synthetic elements, multiple processed samples and a cool hip-hop beat. Use this loop for laid back action in television and film or for games, websites, expo music and especially for storytelling podcasts (Unfictional, Radiolab) and radio shows. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Short Electronic Beat Bass Synth Loud

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Urban Gods

Raw and edgy short loop with lo-fi beat, deep bass to produce a citified mood. Imagine a cop or private eye searching for clues in an urban setting. Uses: film, television, intense games, dramas. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Short Electronic Beat Bass Synth Mysterious

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Composed with sad Rhodes notes, filtered drums, strings and a contrabass riff, this melancholy loop would be an ideal stock music piece for dramas (think Dexter), paranormal science-fiction (similar to Fringe, X-Files), scientific subject matter (like CSI, Bones), police/detective shows (Sherlock, Mentalist, FBI) as well as for radio/internet podcasts (Radiolab, Unfictional, This American Life), games and more. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Contrabass Strings Rhodes Drums Mysterious

Visiting (0:35, loop) Play / MP3 $9.95