Dynamic Loops

Back, Back, Back

This track can be looped for ambient background music to fill in b-roll scenes. The steady beat with electronic bass and strings is unassuming and makes it a good backdrop to a city scene for video games, promos, ads, commercials and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Beat Strings Loud

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Electrified Motorway

Do you have a car chase scene with no music to go with it? Use this! It's an energetic, abrasive and powerful loop with frenetic drums and chemical synth riffs. Not only can it work with a chase scene, it can also apply to dangerous missions, bank heists, fights, criminal activity, club dance scenes, tough/bad guys, violence in nature, extreme sports and more. Uses: montages, b-roll, trailers, promos/spots, commercials, opens, bumpers. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Drums Agressive

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Fairy Sky

This is a happy-go-lucky tune with synthetic chords and a pleasant melody. It is upbeat but not fast. There is lots of movement implied in the tune that can be looped to make it longer. It can be used in a high stepping walking scene or even a fun dance sequence. Uses: cartoons, animation, films, television, video games, promos. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Synth Drums Bass Bells Fast Enthusiastic

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Fairy Star

How can you go wrong with this happy music track tune with synth bells that are so filled with bright, colorful sparkles and warm, fuzzy hugs that it makes you explode into a rainbow that covers the entire earth? You can't. Uses: games, toys or adverts/commercials for children's / kids products, animation/cartoons, kids programming on television, websites, comedies and sitcoms. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Synth Drums Bass Bells Loud Enthusiastic

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Good Sport

An energetic opening unlocks a steady rhythmic beat of drums, bass and synthetic sounds. Brings to mind a busy intersection of cars, buses and motorcycles streaming down busy streets and around corners. Evokes a lot of movement including people or conjures up a sped up sequence of events. Uses: documentaries, video games, promos, films, television, presentations and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Drums Synth Loud Dynamic

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Jungle Bungle

This short loop is at maximum speed and full of energy using Rhodes pads, sub-bass synth. Good for any motion sequence like running, driving, flying or traveling. Uses: montages, b-rolls, videogames, documentaries, films, TV and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Synth Bass Beat Short Loud

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Last Forward

A heavy drum beat with minor chord synth melodies and a loud bass line make up this modern big beat loop. Use it as background music for a variety of visuals or themes: urban landscapes, city life, b-roll in travel documentaries or television programs, games, radio storytelling, dramas, more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Short Drums Beat Bass Synth Loud Melancholic

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Make It

Upbeat, funky and a little quirky, here's a retro pop groove with synths and a steady beat, which will fit in nicely with light material: footage, b-roll in high school TV content/shows/films, i.e., Glee, Highschool Musical, Degrassi, or for comedies, sitcoms, promos/spots for older television shows, commercials, infomercials, corporate presentations, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, dance, upbeat, groovy, carefree, quirky, catchy, fun, lively, flowing, edgy, percussion, guitar

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More And Less

Take a listen to this crisp, subtle loop with a hint of mystery. With an electric guitar delay, steady bright acoustic drums and electric bass it creates an exotic yet dangerous undertone, which is ideal background music for spy missions, action adventures in faraway lands, the realization you're being followed in the maze-like market places of Morocco, double agents disguised as belly dancers, a provocative scene, etc. This stock music can be used in many ways: montages, commercials, spots/promos, interstitials, b-roll. [ by Tom Spianti ]

Tags: Loop Acoustic Drums Bass Guitar Mysterious

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No Shame

Moderate beat, piano, bass and percussions give this cool, dynamic piece a laidback relaxed feel. Picture a dark, smoky club, group of young hipsters or a walking sequence. Uses: films, television, promos, commercials, animation, videogames, montages and b-rolls. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: myster, dynamic, piano, solid groove

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Open Mouth

Reminiscent of an 80s new wave music piece, this is a dancy, but somewhat subdued loop that consists of various percussion instruments and drums only. Excellent for use in b-roll, montages and action that is repetitive and ongoing, for example, a street scene when a crowd is walking on their way to work, working out on a treadmill or stationary bicycle, tasks being done on an assembly line, etc. This will also work for specific kinds of animation, claymation and independent films. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Glitchy, Dancy, Drums, 80s, New Wave, Loop

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Organ Fury

Very slow and powerful loop made with a deliberate and hard church organ loop along with a heavy hip-hop beat drives this copyright free music. It's mysterious and a little dark, haunted and on the verge of anger. Use it for film, television, games, radio, internet for b-roll, montages, interstitials, IDS, bumpers, podcasts, game menus. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Short Beat Organ Loud Agressive

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Rapid Focus

A familiar, mellow jazz sound track with a rapid beat but soothing tune can be used in a variety of settings. Rhodes keyboard and electric bass smooth out the fast beat to create a relaxing and nonintrusive atmosphere in this short loop. Use it for films, television, promos, presentations, videogames, credits and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Acoustic Rhodes Drums Bass Loop

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Sad Gangsta

If it's possible for a music piece to be both aggressive and melancholy all at once this hip-hop loop with a hard beat, sub-bass and strings samples, achieves those qualities flawlessly. The best uses for this background music will work in conjunction with visuals related to modern city life, street scenes, the day-to-day life of hardworking citizens, cruising/joy riding in cars along the streets of L.A. at night while people watching. Uses: montages, interstitials, b-roll, music over credits, more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Beat Strings Loud

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Street Jive

Created with a low synth ostinato, which is a continuous repeated musical phrase/rhythm - and a very laid back guitar line, this is a cool, suspenseful and mysterious stock music hip hop loop. It's the kind of background music that emphasizes the footage you see on screen or that goes with specific themes in non-visual content. Examples: a bank heist, a carefully planned mission in action, meticulously deactivating a bomb, working in a forensics laboratory, hiding out, the surveillance of a criminal, following someone. Place this audio backdrop in the following media: film, radio, audiobooks, DVDs, podcasts, television movies or series, documentaries, historical footage, biographies, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, edgy, powerful, groovy, dark, suspense, action, gripping, synths, spooky, tense, dark, suspens

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This short, funky and upbeat stock music track is absolutely perfect for a :30 spot, whether it's a sports, series, block or movie promo or a commercial for something perky, possibly sports gear, cars, electronic devices, skateboards, computer games, console games, surf boards and other products that promote active and/or fun items. Other uses: sitcoms, comedies, light dramas, series and more on cable and television, film, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, web series, travel and nature shows, cooking shows. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: jumpy, action, electronic, groovy, solid, bouncy, upbeat, lively, dark, suspense, edgy, action

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Take A Walk

Listen to this fun old school hip hop music track loop with a solid beat along with some quirky synths and it will take you back to the 80s whether you were around then or not! It has a mysterious feel but at the same time, it's zany and lively. This is good background music for games, visuals of city life, kids hanging out at Venice Beach and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, old school beat, weird, dark, catchy, dark, groovy, dark, edgy, unusual, guitar, weird

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