Fast-paced / agressive

80’s Style Cop Film

In the style of an 80s cop film like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, Dirty Harry or Beverly Hills Cop with a hard-working acid bass line, this stock music track is ideal to pair with the following kinds of visuals: action, thrillers, mysteries, crime, crime-comedies, comedic cop films like Police Academy or sitcoms, comedies, documentaries or any other kind of content that aims to convey the feeling of the 80s. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Electronic, electronica, space, new age, dance, techno, trance, synths, synthesizer, progressive, sp

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Amazon Hunt 1

Filled with excitement, energy and adventure with a hint of agression, this cinematic music score couldn't be more fitting for action films that take place in the jungle or somewhere wild and dangerous, or for a high action scene like a chase or dangerous mission, battle or risk-filled adventure. Recorded with world percussion instruments and flutes, it gives off the feeling of suspense, anxiety and lots of movement. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic

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With drums tuned dark and low and metallic and the off-time, atonal almost glitchy sound effects over the harsh drum beat, you immediately imagine a gritty, futuristic industrial and abandoned city filled with renegade crime, anarchy, confusion and doom. Perhaps something like the film Blade Runner or in television, Firefly, but this stock music will also work well in games, radio shows, podcasts, more. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Atonal, Electronic, Glitch, Industrial, Drums, Driving, Heavy

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Direct Attack

Forceful and loud this powerful track gives you the big picture with its sounds. Percussions and synths give the image of a huge factory with complicated machinery working and manufacturing. Use it for a frightening chase scene or the workings of an alien ship/planet. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Aggressive, Dynamic, Powerful, Dark. Drum Grooves, Big Drums. Action.

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Edgy Pumped Up Breakbeat Rock

A pumped up, energetic breakbeat rock track is full-on power, which will be perfect for all your highly charged action scenes and to get your buying public's attention. Hard hitting drums and dynamic synth lines is definitely a call to action for your audience. Think car chases, deodorant ads, motorcycle racing, all sorts of sports action (basketball, baseball, snow sports, racing and more) especially to perk up your promos and get people to watch certain events or programs on television or film. This is also excellent movie trailer music and game music. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: breakbeat, energetic, pumped up rock, power rock, power breakbeat, power energetic, synth power, pow

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A soundtrack that will get your adrenaline pumping, your energy level working, your mind turning and your muscle tensing, it will correspond nicely with fast-paced, dramatic, suspenseful action scenes filling in the audio background with deep strings, a driving drum beat and spooky synths. Perfectly fitted for an intense chase scene. Uses: television/film promos/spots, opens, IDs, interstitials, montages, action-packed commercials, radio with intense content and anything related to concentrated power and tension. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Fast, tense, driving, hard, chase, powerful, intense, action

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This is a drum loop with a recurring melody made with synth, percussion and electronic effects. The main harmony is introduced first, then it makes a transition with drums and other melodies. It's frenetic. You'll find that this piece is relatively intense and dramatic with a bit of insanity thrown into the mix. You might imagine a scene with someone very disturbed going nuts or having a crisis or manic attack. Or maybe someone working on a busy assembly line day after day. Uses: television/radio/film promos, intense scenes, b-roll, spots. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Drums, Electronic, Synth,insanity,intense,drum loop

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Fast Times

Hard rocking thrasher, perfect for frenetic action scenes. Starts with a bang and doesn’t let up, careening non-stop. If you need a fast moving piece for anything involving speed this is it; let’s go moshing! Uses: action films or television, promos, websites, videogames, documentaries, presentations and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Rock, fast, edgy, crazy, weird,

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Powerful and dramatic, this piece will take you to a dark, dangerous place. Can be used in any war scene from futuristic (aliens), present to medieval (knights or samurais). Drums and synth sounds demonstrate the aggression and tension in this tune. Uses: cinematic filmscores, television, apocalyptic promos, documentaries and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Aggressive, Angry, Tense, Powerful, Dark, Disturbed, Terrible/Scary. World perc

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Green Trance

This stock music piece is a lively dance track and will be excellent to use with a motivational video, enthusiastic corporate presentation of a new and exciting product or kind of technology. Other uses: exercise music track, instructional classes, commercials for active wear or deodorant, athletic gear, or for action packed or clubbing/bar scene b-roll, montages in television, film or radio. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: upbeat, business, beat, techno, dance, dance, techno, pulse, rave, corporate, synth, lights, flashy,

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Starting with synthesized string sections playing minor scales and featuring a predominantly acoustic sound, this piece launches simply at first then other instruments along with drums kick in and it begins to take on a more electronic identity. The drum beat is straightforward rock-n-roll and the pace and feel is moderately fast and edgy. It could be ideal for a chase scene, a filler montage of tasks being done, for example, CSI working in the forensics lab on a case, or even for a series of shots with an aimlessly wandering person or group of people. It's dramatic and repetitive but has a little breath of lightness in the melody. Uses: television, film, promos, spots, a signature for a scientific show, IDs, games. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Dark, Rock, Dance, Minor, Ambient, Action, Strings

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Natural Disaster And Rescue

Recorded with a live philharmonic symphony orchestra and juxtaposed with industrial and electronic drum tracks, this is the antithesis of easy listening. It's tense, ominous, serious and foreboding and develops into a conflict filled, intense resolution. Suitable for strained action scenes, being under pressure, conflict, warfare, chase scenes, sports, games, trials and tribulations, physical challenges, and extreme sports. It's a music piece that is not for the timid! [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Serious, tense and ominous, orchestral film soundtrack track that develops in to dark, mean, conflic

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Power Electronic Synth Explosion

Pumped up with energy and action-packed, this break beat rock stock music track is powerful and will prepare your audience to expect highly charged activity. Synths and hard hitting drums will get the attention of your viewers during your promo, movie trailer, commercial or other footage/media that requires a music bed filled with spirit and force. Uses: television dramas, action scenes, races, chases, workouts, sports, etc. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: breakbeat, energetic, pumped up rock, power rock, power breakbeat, power energetic, synth power, pow

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Shad Hardstep

Beginning with a short down tempo intro this music track then becomes something more tense. Its a wired fury with very loud, hard and deliberate drums, which then finishes with a hardcore blow! It has a modern science fiction vibe and will work not just for sci-fi but also for action scenes or science experiments in films or for movie trailers/promos/spots and for action games for Xbox, Playstation, computers. It can also be used in b-roll, montages, interstitials, IDs, bumpers. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Bass Beat Synth Fast Agressive Loud

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Shoulders Of De Niro

Dance along with this catchy dance tune with steady drums and bass line but don't try to imagine Robert De Niro dancing to this. Everything about it makes it sound like music for an exercise or aerobics video, but it will also fit with video games, cartoons, radio podcasts. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Dancy, Techno, Drums, Catchy

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Snow Patrol

The electronic rock tune here is modern and ideal for sport news and snow-oriented sports (skiing, slalom, sled racing, hockey) programming including spots/promos/movie trailers. With a fast, hard beat, bass, synth pads, guitar along with some distortion effects, it gives even more edge to visuals needing that something extra to pull it all together. It will also work with chase scenes or any kind of serious action scenes, even for animal survival and travel subjects in film or television. Uses: commercials, promos, spots, adverts, opens, bumpers, IDs, interstitials, b-roll, more. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Beat Bass Synth Pads Agressive Fast Guitar Distorsion rock

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This modern and melodic electronica copyright free music uses a rolling piano theme sprinkled with bell hits and a tight trip hop beat over a low bass line. It will have many different uses in areas like scientific, cultural, corporate films, current affairs programming and television advertising. Uses: promos, branding projects, presentations, nature and healthcare commercials, b-roll, montages, interstitials, IDs and more. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Fast Synth Piano Beat Pads Bass Neutral

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Surf's Up

Here's an inspiring surf rock piece with electric guitar, toms and a driving drum track. There's no doubt that it would correspond well with surfing scenes with its upbeat, sunny and active sounds. It can work with promos, spots, opens, IDs, montages, interstitials, music under VO, music under credits and more - matching with active shots, b-roll, sequences and anything related to the ocean: surfing, active sports (skiing and skateboarding for example), sailing, dolphins swimming, California, Hawaii beach scenes. Very positive vibes. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: surf, rock, upbeat, mission, drive, driving, hope, achievement, ambition, anticipation, ambitious, e

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X-Ray Turbo

Do you need background music that goes with a bank heist a la Ocean's Eleven or Mission Impossible, or Cirque du Soleil-like frenzied acrobats, or maybe a hectic and messy car chase? This energetic, fast and furious electronic beat will get you to where you need to go especially if it involves action, spies and intrigue. It starts out with sampled music having a slight flavor of India, but soon segues to fast-paced breakbeats with intense synths and heated bass lines. It's very Pendulum/Prodigy-like. Uses in television and film: montages, promos, spots, commercials/adverts, opens, interstitials, bumpers and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Bass Beat Fast Loud Agressive

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