Smooth jingles

Air Studio

A pop sound with a rock and roll beat accented with a clear piano tune and synthetic effects. This short intro can be used in many places for a fast, upbeat entrance. It has the old time rock background with modern nuances. Uses: promos, ads, games, b-rolls, spots and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Piano Drums Bass Synth Neutral

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Bully Buddy

A loud, short introduction with a heavy beat created with bold synthetic sounds, drums and bass. It makes a confident entrance for a fearless person or animal. Uses: film/TV montage, b-roll, cartoons and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Funky Drums Bass Synth

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Business Logo1

An updated “newsflash” soundtrack to be used for announcements and headlines. Also perfect as an unique ringtone or doorbell. Anything to do with introductions or any callout purposes. Uses: newscasts, ringtones, public addresses, beginnings, doorbells and more. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Synthetic Short Jingle Ident

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Chillin Out

Get the coolness factor into films, animation, montages, radio, b-rolls, credits, promos, documentaries, presentations, projects and TV shows with this laid back tune. It uses quirky synths and a steady beat to capture the urban and youthful atmosphere. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, pop, urban, modern, teen, cool, groove, spooky, dark, chilling, gripping, flowing, edgy, ac

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Flute Ballad

This stock music piece with a flute carrying the main melody, is an eighties style love ballad that is reminiscent of a Bonnie Tyler love song. It's uplifting with a tinge of bittersweet sentiment, which makes it an ideal candidate for a farewell scene where lovers must part and go their separate ways but so that each of them can go on to do great things. Use it for television b-roll, promos or other footage, romantic dramas, comedy sketches (i.e., SNL), radio, audiobooks, games and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, cheesy, pop music, teen pop, bubblegum, dance, electro pop, power pop, pop rock, sunshine pop,

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Fresh Play

A happy, fun jingle with quirky synths can be used in cartoons, animation, comedies, children’s films and television. It also can be an upbeat background for promos, montages and presentations. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, R&B, catchy, young, teen, cool, solid, flowing, unusual, synths, solid groove, solid beat, hip

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Funky Delight

Put some cool funk into your project with this clean funk jingle, which includes acoustic drums, Rhodes keyboards and slap bass. While it has a retro sound, it certainly shouldn't be limited to just visuals relating to the funk era. It can easily fit as a soundtrack for contemporary promos, commercials, websites, games and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Rhodes Drums Bass Smooth

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Ident Piano Intro 1

This stock music piano piece is melodic, short and sweet, perfect for an ID, interstitial piece or bumper-in/bumper-out or introduction of an expected scene or specific character. It has a more serious feel to it but it's touching and heartfelt. It can also be used in a short clip in a drama, soap opera, love story, romance - for television, film, radio, web content such as series, movies, shorts or sites, game story intros or explaining the storyline in a video game. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: TV, radio, sound tracks, backing music, music beds, idents, stingers, trailers, tv music, radio mus

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Jazzy Mood

This soundtrack is a cool jazzy short with fantastic drums, piano and bass. Starts with strong, clear cymbals as the piano takes over, they recede and become the smooth background beat. Picture being in a modern nightclub in a high rise overlooking New York City. Uses: in club settings for film/television, theme for a cool animated cat, promos, ads, radio. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Piano Drums Bass Smooth

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 12

Although this light-hearted and smooth stock music piece can be used with various corporate materials and presentations, it can easily be used with more fun content like games (Think Donkey Kong Country), comedies, sitcoms, romantic dramas and anything rather light subject mattered, i.e., nothing too serious and even with hints of humor. Other uses: infomercials, commercials for security, health care, health products, cleaning products and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Smooth Percussion Drums Rhodes Marimba Bass

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Love Me Ballad

Replete with mellotron flutes and acoustic guitar, this soundtrack will remind some of you of traditional nineties’ style love ballad music. Because it's part cheese and part rhythmic chord sequences producers will rejoice at its versatility. So without further ado, please feel free to use it with soap operas, dramas, love and romance stories, nature shots and many other scenes. There's a dynamic lift in the chorus and a nice resolution, which makes it easy to use it with a brand reel or presentation. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, cheesy, pop music, teen pop, bubblegum, dance, electro pop, power pop, pop rock, sunshine pop,

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Luxury and Style

Light percussion instruments and orchestral elements together with a low-fi beat create this very short and smooth jingle. It's cool and collected lounge music but there's something insipidly sinister in there somewhere, which makes it a good match for mysteries, dramas, soap operas and other shows or topics needing something and little enigmatic to complement complicated relationships or scenes in a show or movie. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Bass Orchestra Scratch Synth Lounge

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Park Avenue

This piece is in 2 sections with the first part creating a buoyant mood with fun bongos and flowing into a smooth, soothing orchestral strings with clear beautiful piano tones. It can be used in many lively and happy street scenes, any city views, party get together and even club locales. The tune reminds me of the Peanut theme song. Other uses: film, television, radio, ads, promos, video games. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Piano Contrabass Drums Strings Smooth

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Positive Movement

Lively synth sounds plus a mellow drum beat tempo creates this groovy copyright free music track. It's the type of stock music piece that will work nicely with corporate materials such as videos and presentations, instructional videos and DVDs, b-roll and generic footage for dramas, sitcoms and other series for television, toys, games for Wii, Xbox and Playstation, games for PCs, iPhone apps, technology shows, cooking segments, travel series. Other uses: podcasts, audiobooks, film, web originals (movies and series), web sites. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: electronic, catchy, flowing, cool, groovy, quirky, fun, flowing, mystery, spacious, percussion, scif

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Smooth Disco Nights

Slide yourself into this smooth, cool jazz music track based on disco funk and enter the "Me Decade, aka the 70s. The tune features virtuosic brass (trumpet in particular) solos and will pair harmoniously with comedies, retro 70s subjects and could also be used in promos, interstitials, bumpers, IDs, podcasts, more. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: fun, exciting, smooth, happy, joyful, disco, dancing, sleazy, sexy, sultry, enticing, saxophone, tru

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Street Cred

Use this west coast trip-hop flavored jingle for any youth or funky city scene-related visuals. Imagine the community around the Venice Beach area of Southern California, with its colorful graffiti, large moving crowds, dancers on rollerblades, bikers along the beach, weight-lifting at Muscle Beach. But also, this stock music piece can be paired with all sorts of upbeat, lively footage in the city. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Urban Beat Bass Synth Loud

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Sun Blue Sky

Two short introductory vamps using synth orchestra, piano, and percussion to use at the beginning of a scene, to announce a presence or to produce something magical or amazing. Someone or something making a mystical entrance with these tracks will get noticed. Picture a wizard or fairy using pixie dust sparkling in the air or in a revelatory circumstances. Uses: films, television, animation, promos, magic acts, introductions and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Synthetic Orchestra Piano Percussion Smooth Pack

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Things I Remember

Here's a down-to-earth, smooth and peaceful new wave rock tune made with solo electric guitar, an electronic percussion loop, electric bass and synth pads. With a sentimental, almost loving vibe, this stock music piece will be a nice sound track for television or film drama, moderately serious action, soap operas, love/romance stories and it will also fit with some independent online shows and films. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Short Jingle Rock New Wave Synth Pads Percussion Electric Guitar Bass

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To The Bedroom

When a composer names his music track "To the Bedroom" you will probably guess that it's meant to sound sexy! While this laid back, smooth blues piece featuring solo guitar, bass, organ and drums can be used as a backdrop for provocative scenes, it doesn't necessarily have to be limited to the bedroom. Use it for visuals in bars, lounges, clubs or any location that could benefit from having some cool bluesy sounds. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: sexy, sleazy, sleak, blues, slow, sexy, flowing, electric guitar, organ, drums, bass, flowing, edgy,

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Uptempo Love Ballad

Here's a very laid back piece of royalty free stock music that will remind some of your listeners/audience of Jack Johnson meets classic driving tunes. Uplifting and light, it's perfect background music for a summer feel, carefree day, en route to a romantic date, travel content, nature programs and in general, happy things for sitcoms, light dramas, comedies and more for television, film, radio, games, podcasts, audiobooks, web series. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, cheesy, pop music, teen pop, bubblegum, dance, electro pop, power pop, pop rock, sunshine pop,

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World Tribe

Mixing up hip hop and world music with marimba and ethnic choirs will produce this relaxing crossover jingle with a cool and friendly beat. It will be best paired with travel and nature programming and documentaries, b-roll footage and montages, interstitials, bumpers, IDs you might see on Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, PBS, BBC etc. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short World Acoustic Choirs Marimba Beat Relaxing

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