Dramatic jingles

Bound For The Promise Land

A short but full choir is used in this powerful sound track. Perfect for religious movies like the Bible or any similar movies with Charlton Heston as a biblical character. Can be used in a dramatic musical, documentary, travel promo or animation. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: choir, building, short, stinger, public domain, powerful, epic, big, grand

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Cosmic News Main

This piece brings drama and expectation to any news reporting on the radio or television. It can also be used in documentaries for emphasis or excitement with its heavy beat and textured sounds. This also can be applied to film scenes where the action can bring about an adrenaline rush in anticipation to what is to come. Uses: television or radio news reporting, documentaries, promos, ads, films. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Synthetic News TV Drama Important

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Dark Alley

Lots of power, mystery and upbeat sounds in this dramatic tune with drums, bass, strings and synths to give this track a strong mood. Imagine a spy thriller chase scene or the Paso Doble dance steps in the Dancing with the Stars. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance club, powerful, upbeat, energetic, dark, mysterious

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Driving Dream

A dramatic yet uplifting and driving royalty free stock music piece made with muted guitars, filtered percussion instruments, piano and drums. It easily can be used with tension, challenges, dangerous missions or rescues, dramatic scenes, determined and focused activities or characters, sports action and more in television, film, radio, games and web. It can also be very effect corporate video background music, instructional DVDs, courses, audiobooks. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Short Drums Piano Synth Percussions Guitar Serious

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A sweeping, melodramatic and emotional copyright free stock music piece like this one brings out the grand gothic feel and will be nicely paired with horror movies, animated content, thrillers, comedies, sitcoms, Halloween related material, haunted mansions or fun houses. Other uses: audiobooks, games, youtube videos, DVDs, sitcoms, sketches, radio stories, film, web originals. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: gothic, epic, grand, tense, powerful, dramatic, mystery, triumphant, tense, gripping, orchestral, fl

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Gothic Victory

A modern orchestral track evokes a grand entrance with horns, strings and percussion. Imagine it playing in the Phantom of the Opera or an opening halftime number at a football game. Perfect for the Paso Doble dance in Dancing with the Stars TV reality show. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: orchestral, gripping, tense, suspense, epic, dynamic, dramatic, tense, dark, suspense, gripping, orc

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Hickory Dickory Dock

Nearly most people in the U.S. will recognize this traditional, children's nursery rhyme. It's rather heavy and beautiful versus a more playful and light-hearted rendition that people are accustomed to hearing. Use it in dramas and other serious content involving kids' or baby's scenes or themes on television or film. Other uses: radio stories or podcasts, web series or shows, presentations, toys, DVDs, toy stores, children's clothing stores, commercials, infomercials. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: children, kids, teens, babies, youngsters, nursery rhymes, kids songs, childrens music, kids music

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Military Landscape

Image of marching soldiers whether a nation’s military or a group of Imperial Stormtroopers comes to mind when listening to the strong, downbeat drums and orchestra in this copyright free track. Use it for visuals featuring powerful armed forces invading a foreign country, alien planet or any other unknown area. Uses: films, television, montages, promos, video games, documentaries, parades and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Orchestra Heroic

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My Mercedes

Here's a music track that was created with the automobile industry in mind. It's a perfect soundtrack for a commercial featuring products like Mercedes Benze, BMW, Volvo, Alfa Romeo or any other car that fits into the luxury category. It's cool and collected and made with synth percussion instrumentation, bass, orchestra, different kinds of effects and supported by a hip hop beat. Use it also with other luxury items: beauty products, perfume, resort travel, gourmet foods, high-end real estate. For television, radio, film, podcasts, stories, audiobooks, games and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Short Beat Bass Synth Percussion Effects Serious

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Outburst Of A Man

Composed with piano, strings, groovy and mellow drums with electric bass, this laid back stock music track will have several uses. For example, in an open for an early morning news show, infomercial, sentimental movie scenes, high end perfume or make-up commercials, theater intermissions, adult entertainment. Other uses: music over credits, montages and interstitials in television and film. [ by Rudy Pusateri ]

Tags: Action Adventure, Fashion Show, Infomercial, 1960\'s (Sixties), Comedy, Hollywood, Adult Entertainme

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Perk up your projects with this empowering and energetic copyright free stock music piece. Very optimistic and supportive, this tune will boost your audience's mood a thousand times over, so match it with visuals showing encouragement and positive events in television, film, websites, games, radio and it might just be the right amount of sparkle your production was looking for to make it just right. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: upbeat, funk, rock, cool, smooth, funk, beat, guitar, corporate, business, bass, slap, piano, synth,

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Sexy Luxury

This pretty stock music audio track was composed using organ, muted trumpet, opera voices, piano, guitars, electronic beats, synthetic effects and orchestra. Consider it a jingle made of gold, silver, chrome and diamonds. It's exotic, exciting and sparkly if that's possible, and will have a large range of uses. Place it with action shots, adventure scenes, travel and nature footage, science fiction, drama and more on a variety of media. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Short Beat Bass Synth Percussion Effects Serious

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Sports Showdown

Heavy on excitement and intensity, here's an action-packed driving electronic music cut to be used with high action/intrigue/missions in film footage or movie trailers/television promos/spots. It will complement visuals showing athletic ability/tasks, so producers might want to use this music with their sports promos and reality TV competitions. This royalty free music track comes in multiple versions, including a stinger. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: action, sports, athletic, reality show, intense, fight, competition, athlete, film, military, strugg

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Time is Money

Sometimes you feel like you're running out of time for certain things in life and if a music clip can capture that feeling, this is it. Time is Money has a no-nonsense message and oppressive jingle and features a ticking clock, which adds tension to the whole ambiance. The serious synthetic melody is short, efficient and loopable. Uses: film scenes, news reports, b-roll, intense games, television promos, dramas, to name just a few. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Short Synthetic Clock Serious drama

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