Explosive jingles

Be Aggressive

This is a tough hip hop royalty free stock music track with an edgy electric guitar, strings and a cool beat and builds into chorus section. It feels urban and hard, which means it will fit well with street scenes, action shots, promos, commercials, dramas, thrillers, mysteries, crime and investigation footage, forensics lab work b-roll and more - to be used on television series or movies, film, podcasts, youtube videos, web movies, web series, games, audiobooks, DVDs, corporate videos, editors' or producers' reels, radio segments and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: modern, hip hop, groovy, mysterious, catchy, edgy, tense, dark, suspense, gripping, edgy, powerful,

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Best in Town

This explosive, short piece is full of uptempo gusto. Synth bass, piano, synth horns and vocals give it a happy, ecstatic feel to this brief but full of everything jingle. Use it to introduce an over-the-top character to the scene, a quirky animated person/thing/object or a surprise at a party. Uses: films, TV, montages, b-rolls, videogames, promos, cartoons and animation. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Synth Bass Horns Voice Happy

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Big Band Suspense

An upbeat, big band sound comes through loud and clear in this positive stock music piece made with flute, slap bass, vibraphone, horns and percussions. This explosive piece of jazz fusion music is so festive it'll make your audience want to get up and dance! Perfectly suited for sitcom, comedy, comedy-sketch use or for light drama and theatrical content, or simply anything that could use a little sun and punch. Other uses besides television, radio, film web would be to place it in podcasts and games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Jazz Latin Percussion Horns Slap Bass Vibraphone Flute bigband Positive

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Bizarre World

An insanely fast paced piece full of life and vitality. This tune makes you want to move up and down to the frenetic beat full of percussions, horns, guitar and voices all coming together in one speedy experience. Uses: cartoons, films, televisions, video games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Bass Horns Guitar Choirs Voice Party Happy

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Colors Fade

Here's an old school hip hop stock music groovy track made with synths, funky guitar riffs, samples and, of course, a cool and collected solid beat. It feels fun and upbeat but with a slightly dark and mysterious vibe to it. Use it as background music for urban themes, action shots, missions, heists, errands, walking with your friends down the street, retro subjects, and a variety of other visual and non-visual content that you would find on movies, television series/specials and more, radio, DVDs, corporate videos or presentations, podcasts, web films or originals, apps, youtube videos. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, rap, cool, groovy, samples, laid back, flowing, edgy, mystery, percussion, guitar, synths,

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Here's an upbeat, lively and full of energy dance music track made with synths and a solid, confident beat. It's the sort of music tune that gets your audience up and moving. Use it for music to go along with aerobic classes or other exercise classes like spinning and other active recreation. Also, place it with adult entertainment, club scenes, travel and nature series, action shots and more for television footage, film segments, radio stories, podcasts, audiobook novels, lively games, DVDs, instructional videos, corporate materials such as employee motivational content. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, pop, groovy, upbeat, catchy, energetic, teen, modern, flowing, solid beat, groovy, solid, upbeat

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Come And Get My Breakbeat

With a classical string intro followed by a break beat hip hop segment, this stock music piece feels modern, alive and moving, which will be a great background music for promos, commercials, infomercials, sports segments, promotional reels for television/cable/satellite channels, UPFRONT presentations for ad time buyers, a fashion show catwalk audio backdrop. The tune is filled with lots of electronic and synth elements with multi-layered drum parts. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: catwalk, fashion show, reels, hip hop, promos, sports, commercials, reels, background music

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Crime Buster

Created with sound effects and dark, mysterious synth textures, here's a solid and retro-fun, groovy hip hop beat. It has a very suspenseful feel about it and will work well with thrillers, mysteries, action shots, chase scenes, impossible missions, challenging competitions and more in television, film, radio, podcasts, web originals, audiobooks, games and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, urban, dark, tense, mysterious, suspense, spooky, tense, dark, suspense, chilling, gripping

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Crossing Over

This track will take listeners to old school hip hop or back to times during the 80s when funk, hip hop and grooves blended so well together, it gave people a happy-go-lucky feeling and walking down the street was exciting and fun. It evokes youth, pride and movement with its edgy, catchy and quirky synths. And it transports you to the crowded city with all its activities. Uses: television/film/radio promos/spots/commercials and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: energetic, old school, powerful, groovy, carefree, dark, suspense, edgy, powerful, action, mystery,

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Soothing piano playing alternates with explosive bass, rock guitars and synth parts. Would be good for a variety of modern scenes as background music or on a ying/yang website. Uses: films, television, promos, websites, videogames, montages, b-rolls. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, cool, modern, guitar, solid groove, electric, hard, powerful, spooky, tense, dark, suspense

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Hip hop meets The Munsters inside this laid back and quirky copyright free stock music track made with a variety of synth sounds. It will match nicely with horror content, mysteries, thrillers, dramas, even comedies, sitcoms, science fiction and more that you would find on the radio, podcasts, cable, film, web series, television, audiobooks, DVDs, games, youtube videos, apps, amusement parks, etc. Other uses: on-hold music, youth-oriented commercials or infomercials, recreated dramatizations, reality television. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: cool, hip hop, dark, mysterious, laid back, lurking, spooky, tense, chilling, mean, gripping

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End Risk

Get your rock and roll on with prominent drums, distorted bass and Hammond organ. You can see the drummer with long hair and tee shirt taking it to another level in a wild concert. This piece can be used in a retro music scene in the 70’s. Other uses: promos, commercials, video games and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Organ Bass Loud

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This fast, quirky piece evokes action and movement. Its unusual sounds come from voices, guitar and synths to create a head bopping, happy track. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, credits, montages and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: teen pop, upbeat, happy, lively, energetic, flowing, edgy, action, guitar, synths, dynamic, solid gr

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First Strike

This stock music track first starts out with a lively, funky uptempo beat, then it's followed by a more gripping, exciting yet serious hip hop drum groove with dark synths and guitars. It will match well with modern mysteries, thrillers, horror movies, Halloween segments, science fiction, fashion catwalks, sitcoms, dramas, comedies, sketches and other themes for television, cable, film, satellite, radio, podcasts, corporate material, DVDs, audiobooks, games, youtube videos and web content. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, pop, R&B, catchy, powerful, edgy, dark, sexy, tense, dark, suspense, edgy, powerful, action

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Uptempo, energetic sound with stop and go action is made for traveling sequences and dance scenes. Using a solid beat, synths and guitar this tune will give you the forceful vitality needed in variety of settings. Perfect also for spy thriller films, dramatic film scores, videogames, animations and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, happy, energetic, powerfull, fast, action

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Getting Stronger

With horn stabs, sliding synths and chorus section this stock music composition sounds energetic, unusual and otherworldly with a catchy hip hop beat. Suggested uses would be to place it in a quirky science fiction environment, something similar to Dr. Who, Firefly, Misfits, Red Dwarf. However, it can also fit with drama, mysteries, thrillers and light horror content. Other uses: radio, web series, apps, games, audiobooks, more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, urban, action, adventure, solid, powerful, dramatic, mysterious, tense, dark, gripping, flo

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Made with catchy sounding synths along with a solid groove, this stock music royalty free track sounds quirky, funky, fun and cool. It's a blend of pop music with funk and will fit in with a variety of footage. Use it with urban street scenes, action scenes, missions, heists, walking down the street with your gang, cruising in your car on on the weekend, etc. Media to use this with: radio, film, DVDs, television, podcasts, cable, audiobooks, console games, computer games, youtube videos and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: urban, cool, hip hop, pop, teen, modern, bouncy, quirky, powerful, action, synths, solid beat, hip h

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Got The Power

Modern day disco sound with energetic dance beat. Perfect for retro or futuristic background track. Imagine John Travolta in a space suit dancing to the beat. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, pop, happy, upbeat, energetic, positive, powerful

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Hot Shot

Catchy, retro sounding synths paired with a powerful and upbeat drum groove make this copyright free stock music sound track sound like it's meant to be with a crime fighting team. Think Spiderman meets Starsky and Hutch. It's cheery and a bit humorous yet at the same time it's serious with a hint of mystery and suspense. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, pop, modern,catchy, upbeat, spooky, tense, dark, suspense, eratic, horror, chilling, mean,

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Im Ready

This robust, uptempo dance sound track mystifies the tune with its dark synths and piano hook to create an unusual piece. Use it in edgy party scenes, funky videogames, quirky animation or dramatic chase scenes. Eye catching, young promos/commercials, metropolitan documentaries and youth oriented presentations will all benefit from this flowing and mysterious track. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: solid, flowing, upbeat, quirky, catchy, dark, mystery, action, tense, spooky, tense, dark, suspense

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In Your Face Powerful Dirty Breakbeat

From beginning to end, this stock music piece is full-on power, mixed in with rock and break beat elements. It's excellent background music for all your energy driven, highly charged action scenes. Meant to pump up the viewers' adrenaline levels, it will definitely get the public's attention. Packed with hard hitting drums and lively synth lines, this track will perk up action-packed visuals. Uses in film and television: trailers, commercials, opens, promos, end credit music, interstitials, b-roll, IDs, brand reels. Also ideal for video games. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: breakbeat, energetic, pumped up rock, power rock, power breakbeat, power energetic, synth power, pow

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Mambo Opening Theme

This short, lively piece is full of life and colors of the rainbow. All the musical instruments horns, Latin percussions, marimba, flutes, muted trumpet and electric bass guitar are featured prominently in this celebratory track. Perfect for a 30 second commercial with a Latin flair. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Bass Guitar Horns Latin Percussions Festive

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Man Turns Animal

This wild and crazy piece with heavy metal guitars and drums mixes the Also Sprach Zarathustra by Richard Strauss used in the 2001, A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick movie. Use this modern, jazzed up version for any grand opening or entrance to films, television, credits, marches, parades, videogames, b-rolls and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Guitars Classical Metal Agressive

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Must Groove On

Old time rock and roll beat with drums and guitars to get the audience rocking to the beat. Use it for any rock concerts, dances or anything needing an energetic and vibrant sound with an edge. It�s full of action and fun. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, radio, videogames and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Rock, dark, edgy, action, powerfull, fun, lively

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Need You Now

This charged, upbeat tune is full of movement and fun. It will texture any happy scene with its quirky synths. Use it in car rides, dance parties, lively film scores, Miami Vice-like settings, music in an office, dynamic presentations, energetic promos, spirited documentaries, exuberant video games, call on hold and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Upbeat, happy, quirky, flowing, moving, fast, groovy

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New Car Model

This lively jingle is full of life and fun from the get go. Its uptempo, jazzy effects all done with orchestral parts, trumpet, synths and guitar will bring to center stage any interesting activity. There will be lots of action and movement with this unusual stop-and-go and surging sound track. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Synth Bass Guitar Orchestral

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Pachelbel Canon

Whether or not Bach would have appreciated this piece of stock music it's still an honorable tribute to the talented composer. This rendition of Pachelbel's Canon is turned up a notch and given an edgy, raw hard rock flavor. The arrangement is powerful, dynamic and energetic and we like to think that it would get Johann rocking in his grave! Hear the bending sounds of an electric guitar and rock band. Uses: promos/spots/ads/commercials, opens, IDs for television, film, radio, perhaps for romantic comedies and other light subjects. This has a wide variety of possibilities. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pachelbel canon, upbeat, raw, rock, fun, dynamic, flowing, edgy, powerful, action

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Possible Mission

Catchy synths lines, solid dance beats and loads of energy fill this powerful stock music track. Place this piece with action-packed footage with a mysterious edge. Examples: chases, fights, dangerous, missions, sneaky heists, reality television challenges, sports promos, active pan shots, etc. in television, film, web content, podcasts, radio and games. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: electronic, powerful, energetic, gripping, futuristic, flowing, solid beat, synths, gripping, flowin

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Powerful Chasing Synth Explosion

Get pumped up with this energetic Rock track! It's packed with powerful synth lines and hard, aggressive hitting drums that screams full-on power, great for action scenes like an approaching attack of enemy aliens, fighters counterattacking, fight scenes and other highly charged action shots. If it doesn't grab the attention of your audience, they are hard of hearing! [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: breakbeat, energetic, pumped up rock, power rock, power breakbeat, power energetic, synth power, pow

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Rocking Chairman

A short rock and roll beat with your typical heavy drumbeats, Hammond organ and bass guitar will introduce or announce the arrival of a star like Mick Jagger or Ozzy Osborne. Use it at the start of a huge concert, talk show or festival. Uses: montages, b-rolls, rock and roll scenes in motion pictures or television, promos, ads, games, game shows and more. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Organ Bass Agressive

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Space Jam

Groove in space and in style with this 80's inspired jingle created with wah-wah bass guitar, reverbed drums and synths. It's cheerful, confident and fun with a slight feel of science fiction, for example, something you might hear in Dr. Who, Life on Mars, Torchwood, Dr. Horrible's. It could also be used in space, science-fiction or science-related cartoons like Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, etc. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Synth Bass Loud

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Sport Fans

A short, fun piece with a lively chorus to wake you up and get going to the beat. Drums, horns guitar, bass, saxophone blend together in a jump, blues, jazz, happy feet sound track to be used in any high spirited situation. Perfect for a dance scene or animation segment full of life. Uses: montages, b-rolls, promos, commercials, presentations to get people�s attention, videogames, cartoons and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Guitar Blues Jazz Horns Choirs Happy

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Sports Opening Theme 1

This is for production companies looking for a branded open for a television show or other televised program requiring high energy and an upbeat sound. It'll be great with visuals showing vigorous activity like sports or for a breaking news segment audio track. This stock music piece is very lively and animated. It's played with hard hitting staccato synths and guitar. It's exciting, optimistic and very dynamic mixing orchestral sounds with rock and techno elements. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A high energy track with elements of both rock , techno and orchestral. Flamin\' guitar chops and ha

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Sports Opening Theme 2

Bursting with high energy, power and movement, this stock music track blends techno, rock and symphonic elements with hard staccato synths and flamin' guitar. It's ideal for an open in a sports show or sports event special on television but it will also make a great music bed for sports promos or commercial looking for a dynamic, bold and get-up-and-go feel for example, power bars, breakfast cereals, energy drinks and power foods. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A high energy track with elements of both rock , techno and orchestral. Flamin\' guitar chops and ha

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Step It Up

Forget the standard stock music track to go with your footage and use this unusual piece that can be described as American Indian chant music meets psychodelic and twisted hip hop. It's filled with synths and sounds dark and mysterious yet with some hope at the end of the tunnel. Take a listen and see if this works with your material and you will not regret your bold choice. Ideas: promos, movie trailers, science fiction, dramas, nature and travel shows on television, film, radio, web series, web movies and more. Other uses: audiobooks, youtube videos, podcasts, DVDs, computer games, xbox games, playstation games, wii games, corporate videos and presentations. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, groovy, guitar, mysterious, dark, cool, solid, quirky, catchy, gripping, dark, gripping, fl

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Stepping Up

Here's an upbeat hip hop groove that's bold and confident. Made with synths and a repetitive motif, this track with work well with a variety of b-roll, montages and other generic footage on television, film, web series and more. Other uses: dramas, crime/police/forensics/investigation, mysteries, thrillers, dramas, audiobooks, youtube videos, DVDs, corporate presentations, web sites, podcasts, radio stories and specials, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, r&b, modern, synths, drums, bass, upbeat, driving beat, flowing, action, percussion, guitar

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Tell Me

This versatile sound track can be used in any cool, modern setting or a Latin, fun sequence. Its upbeat guitar and synths sound will energize any scene you may need to give that extra umph. Uses: films/television/radio, videogames, promos, presentations, documentaries, credits and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, upbeat, lively, driving, cool, samples, solid beat, groovy, funky, tense, dark, gripping, f

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Bop to the lively pop beat with guitars and synths to give it a carefree feel to the day. Use it for traveling settings whether walking or in a cool car. This upbeat tune will add a happy, 70’s vibe to visuals. Other uses: animations, promos, documentaries, credits and montages. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, dance, upbeat, groovy, carefree, quirky, catchy, fun, lively, edgy, percussion, guitar, synths,

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This modern pop tune with its mysterious strings brings Bollywood to mind with many dancers in their ethnic clothing. This appealing and melodious piece can be versatile enough to use in many background scenes with its strong beat and rhythmic sound track. Perfect for travel films, television, promos, radio, videogames, presentations and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, modern catchy, quirky, powerful, upbeat, teen, powerful, mystery, guitar, synths, solid groove

True (1:16) Play / MP3 $19.95

Underground Hero

An aggressive and strong tune uses synths and strings to evoke a proud and haute disposition. Imagine a larger than life type of person parading through a factory while the machinery turns and churns out products. This edgy sound track creates tension and mystery at the same time. Uses: animation, cartoons, films, television, videogame, promos, presentations and montages. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dark, solid, powerful, mean, solid beat, strings, synths, heavy, suspense, action, thriller, spooky,

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We Go

A high energy pop tune using drums, bass and synths for dance scenes, lively presentations, fun animation or videogames. Will strengthen and bring vitality and lightheartedness to any setting. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentation, documentaries, credits, videogames, b-rolls, montages and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, pop, energetic, fun, dynamic, solid, happy, dance, pop, lively, upbeat, happy, fun, energetic

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Without Limits

Created to inspire a winning attitude and ultimate achievement, this empowering and awe-inspiring rock track with choir and epic orchestra will give viewers the positive feeling of success. A stock music on a mission, it feels ambitious, focused and driving, which will lend well to UPFRONT reels, Channel program and brand reels, movie trailers, sports spots/promos, commercials, corporate and educational presentations, games and more. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: power, inspire, rock, hopeful, hope, progress, corporate, corporation, epic, strong, stunning, inten

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You're There

The retro sounding solid groove with bouncy synths sounds perky and energetic but also with a twist of darkness and mystique. It's an upbeat pop dance track that would fit in programming much like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Walking Dead, Dexter, True Blood or any modern horror/suspense/thriller programming on television. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, dance, upbeat, groovy, carefree, quirky, catchy, fun, lively

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