Mysterious jingles

Cow Abduction

Featuring orchestra, creeping synths and theremin, this music open/jingle will take you to a sci-fi flavored planet suggestive of beloved 60's shows. Delivered as a pair, a long and a short version, use these music tracks for any retro related science fiction visuals. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Synthetic Orchestra Synth Mysterious Pack

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I Want In

If there was a love story inside a horror movie this stock music tune would be the perfect soundtrack because it's sentimental yet has scary ringing chord progressions. It's an unusual yet intriguing ballad that varies it's style along the way. Although it can easily be used with horror, thrillers, mysteries, crime and dramas, try it on other types of visuals because it will also work with different subjects for your projects whether it's for film, television, radio or web. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: flowing, emotional, romance, building, atmospheric, grand, mysterious

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Into The Night

This music track has a retro feel about it and sounds dark, mysterious and a little sexy. Made with grungy electric guitar, synths and vocal samples, it's a cool hip hop stock music groove that will have several uses: adult entertainment, dramas, science fiction, technology programs, travel and nature shows, reality television shows and more to be heard/seen on radio, podcasts, audiobooks, cable, satellite, film, television, games, web series, documentaries, independent film, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, sexy, cool, mysterious, flowing, dark, spooky, tense, dark, suspense, horror, gripping, flo

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Modern Samurai

2 very short pieces with an Asian flavor. These can be used separately or together for introductions or emphasis. The sounds imply an atmosphere of mysterious eastern cultures with its drum and chimes sounds. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Orchestra Percussion Oriental Pack

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Rush Hour

Fast and furious sound with synths and percussions will lead you down the dark and troubled track. Perfect for any chase scenes from cars to running. Imagine Tom Cruise and his hijinks in Mission Impossible movies. Uses: movies, TV shows, promos, presentations, radio, montages, school projects and videogames. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: synths, wacky, solid beat, groovy, strange, mystery, suspense, franetic, spooky, tense, dark, suspen

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Spooky Fatty

A short jazz fusion sound using Rhodes keyboard, bass and drums for a steady walking motion. Can be used in making an entrance, strutting down the street or hanging out with your pals. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, credits, ads, videogames. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Bass Beat Rhodes Mysterious

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Strange Funk

Synth sounds create a curious sliding noise layered with electric guitar and drums for mechanical, factory-like visuals. Perfect for funny cartoon, animation, a piece on how things are made or a new dance step. Uses: documentaries, cartoons, animation, montages, b-rolls, radio, websites, promos, ads, dances, films and television. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Funky. Strange/Odd. Electric Guitars, Drum Grooves.

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Strangers On The Train

Here's a versatile piece of ambient stock music that's pulsating, pensive and calmly intense with a hint of suspense. Place this background music in clips, footage, montages, b-roll, documentaries and more in television, film, web, radio and games for the following subjects and themes: drama, mysteries, thrillers, crime and law, lab forensics, science, technology, science fiction, nature, travel, space, discovery, history, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Suspenseful, pensive and pulsating underscore for film, drama, documentary, crime & law, forensics,

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Sunrise To Success

Here's an airy stock music piece that starts out quiet and slowly builds up a crescendo until it hits a driving rock beat with an intense guitar solo. As a motivational and inspirational tune, it would work nicely in television annual programming reels (UPFRONT) from serious to hard-hitting action content - or will make scenes as well as spots/promos/movie trailers feel more uplifting and heartwarming. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: inspirational, power, rock, inspiration, driving, subtle, guitar, solo, intense, soft, subtle, sunri

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Urban Digital

Reverse synths, saturated guitars and digitally processed drums fused together create a mysterious and modern sound in this stock music piece, which will be ideal for many uses in television, film, radio, games and the internet. It's a cool, moderate tempo tune that will fit nicely in dramas, police, detective, scientific shows or topics as montages, b-roll footage, promos. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Electronic Drums Guitar Bass Synth Mysterious Loud

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The dark hip hop groove is mixed with mysterious, haunting harpsichord, piano and strings. Intensity builds to a dramatic finish. Builds into dramatic chorus section. It will seem ideal for a horror film inside some sort of castle, mansion or cathedral. Other Uses: thriller, suspense, drama, cartoons, games, podcasts. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dark, mysterious, Hip Hop, flowing, suspense, piano, bass, strings, harpsichord, spooky, tense, dark

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