Latino / festive

Carnival In Rio

Brazilian style Samba with happy-go-lucky piano, trumpets, percussion instruments and fast rhythms will inspire viewers to get up and dance. Or not. If anything, it's a positive, energetic stock music piece that will accompany lively content for television, film, radio, games and the web in shots, montages, b-roll, opens, interstitials, IDs, websites and more. Visuals do not necessarily have to take place in Brazil but can also apply to other South American countries or even tropical islands. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Latino, Latin, Samba, Success, Media, Web Page, Dance, Spain

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Cha cha

The stock music with one of your favorite sensual dance styles, the Cha Cha is made with muted trumpets, woodwinds, Latin percussion, drums (including steel drums) and bass. It'll fit with dance scenes, cruises, party scenes or other light action in comedy romances, sitcoms, comedies, themed stories for radio or podcasts. It's festive, which will be uplifting for your audience. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Drums Bass Horns Steel Latin,dance,cha cha

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Cruisin La Barrio

This sophisticated track uses acoustic guitar and percussions to bring about an authentic Spanish atmosphere, whether in Spain or Argentina. It sets the mood for a laidback but cool scene in a spy movie or a dramatic meeting in a flamenco club. Uses: films, television, promos/commercials, presentations, documentaries, credits, videogames, restaurants and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: spanish, latin, cool, groovy, laid back, flowing, spacious, percussion, guitar, solid groove

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Modern twist to a Moroccan, Middle Eastern jingle with electronic percussions and piano comes in 3 versions. Picture a night at the Casbah sitting on colorful pillows while watching exotic dancers swaying around the guests with their thin veils. Uses: James Bond-like thriller film/TV, travel promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Percussion Piano Samples Beat Energy

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Está Forrao

A laid back, jazzy guitar and percussion tune with a hint of Latin flavor. Its mild and mellow track is versatile for many different kinds of settings. Perfect for a nice sunny beach scene to a traveling documentary. Other uses: films, promos, television, presentations, montages, credits and b-rolls. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: spanish, cool, mellow, relaxed, authentic, flowing, spacious, percussion, guitar, solid groove

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Fairy Tribe

Easy, fun beat with bass and percussions makes this simple, happy flute jingle perfect for video games (Pixie), presentations, promos, ads, spots, montages, animations, radio, and more. The Caribbean accent gives it an exotic island feel for many uses in adventure, vacation, nature and seafaring scenes. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Loop Electronic Bass Synth Percussions Flute Quiet Enthusiastic

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A lively ensemble of brass and percussion sections, violin and jazz guitar come together for a fun and funky Latin and overall Cuban style music piece, which can be used with a variety of visuals or themes: life in Havana or any other colorful and active Latin American city, or scenes taking place in Latin American themed restaurants where ever they may be. This stock music piece is available in 3 versions. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Bass Horns Organ Percussion Piano Festive Strings Cuba

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Latin America

With the use of the ukulele this Latin tune can transport you to the islands (Hawaiian and Caribbean) as well as South and Central America. This complex, relaxing piece uses acoustic guitar, drums, percussions, electric bass and flute in addition to create its ubiquitous appeal. Perfect for festivals, gatherings, club scenes, dances and other settings with a flair. Uses: films, televisions, promos, montages, b-rolls, video games, documentaries, presentations, projects, call on hold and office waiting room music. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Latin Guitar Ukulele Electric Bass Percussion Flute Drums

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Latin Disco Fever

More disco dance funk than pop salsa, this music retro 70s and 80s inspired music track with Latin brass influences is both virtuosic and collectively celebratory. It takes you back to a time where life was a carefree and energetic celebration, when people were completely oblivious to the harms and evils of what surrounded them, kids' favorite bands performed on Soul Train, Starsky and Hutch was the "go-to" show! [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: Sensuous, Brassy, Moving, Fun, Happy, Celebration, Party, Fiesta, Mariachi, Disco, Seventies, 70s

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Latino Hip Hop

Here's an easy listening, laid back beat with trumpets and a very slight fanfare-like Spanish flair. It's to be used for a wide range of visuals in drama, action, police/detective, scientific shows for b-roll footage, and montages in film and television. Other uses: radio podcasts, game menus/intros, commercials, sketches. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: hip hop, spanish, beat, rap, beats, vinyl, radio, club, easy, life, latin, latino, trumpet, guitar

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Lazy Day At Beach

Light, medium paced rhythm with a definite Latin flair using percussions, flute, electric piano, fretless bass and marimba. This laidback tune can be background track for scenes at a café, along the beach, walking on sandy shores and anything to do with a sunshiny day. Uses: films, TV, montages, promos, ads for vacation spots, radio, office music, video games, presentations, documentaries and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Sunny bossa nova with elements of little smile . Good for vacation times .

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The Argentine

A jazzy, virtuosic and soloistic latin tango perks up any scene and features flute, trumpet, piano and brass along with a upright bass with cool walking bass line and jazz drums. It's compelling and energetic and will make anyone with a pulse want to get up and dance. The Latin festive stock music is completely suited for many production uses such as promos, commercials, IDs, interstitials, b-roll, montages, radio spots, travel websites and more. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: sensual, seductive, exciting, intense, virtuosic, soloistic, fun, dancing, solo, tango, samba

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The Latinos

A beautiful, refined Latin piece using acoustic guitar, percussions, piano, bass and Rhodes keyboard. This tune brings together the tropical, romantic feel needed in films to make a scene complete. Sophistication is part of the equation in this sound track for movies, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, waiting rooms/elevators/call waiting and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Piano Drums Percussions Latin Rhodes Strings Guitar Soft

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