Experimental / mystery

Airport Music

This stock music track is an homage to Brian Eno's ambient music called Music for Airports also creating an atmospheric and very light track with the use of natural and raw synth sounds. It's strange and eerie, which makes work, not for airports, but rather, for castles, scientist's laboratories, deep space or even planetariums. Very experimental in nature, this unusual piece will be a wonderful background music for the right subjects and paired well, it could very well enhance your whole project. Uses: web, radio, film, television, art installations, space centers, more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Ambient, ambience, electronic, electronica, space age, new age, chill out, art music, downtempo, org

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Ambient Absynth

Very ambient and a little bit gurgly, this stock music piano track is an unusual but powerful repeating motif that builds into a dynamic lift. It seems ideal for underwater nature footage, travel scenes, dramas, reality television competitions, science fiction, technology shows, etc. on film, radio, television, podcasts, youtube videos, audiobooks, computer, device and console games, DVDs, apps, documentaries and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Ambient, ambience, electronic, electronica, space age, new age, chill out, art music, downtempo, org

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Ambient World

Listen to this airy ambient royalty free stock music piece and you might imagine a brave new world and an other-worldly atmosphere. The track was created with pads, layered synths and arpeggios, which gives it an uplifting air about it yet with a mysterious undertones. It will have a variety of uses: footage in science fiction, dramas, police, crime and investigation shows, forensic lab work sequences, new age content or courses, space, technology and discovery shows - for film, cable, television, radio, web series and more. Other uses: audiobooks, DVDs, games, podcasts, youtube videos, art installations, museum music, background music with public waterfalls, etc. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Ambient, ambience, electronic, electronica, space age, new age, chill out, art music, downtempo, org

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Bad Plan

This sinister tune begins with an ominous sound and quickly becomes tense and anxious. Its mysterious track evokes terror, anxiety, danger and suspense using a symphonic orchestra. Perfect for psychological fear, horror, thriller films and television. Brings to mind entering a haunted castle, mansion or house. Think black and white Frankenstein movies. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Dark and mysterious soundbed, psychological terror, isolated fear, social drama, malevolent and sini

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Candy & Leather

The twisted, creepy melodic synth line playing over a drum beat creates a truly disturbing effect. The addition of atonal, dark electronic harmonies bring on a feeling of suspense and tension. Overall, it's an eery mechanical and electronic sound and will put an audience on edge. Uses: footage/b-roll/montage for television, film, radio, websites, games. Themes: steampunk, science, science-fiction, drama, horror, thriller, action. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Dark, Suspense, Creepy, Erie, Atonal, Ambient, Electronic

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Cash Back

Glitchy percussion fills this experimental music piece. It uses low and high drum filters with a drone synth, which overall creates a feeling of chaos and randomness. It's sporadic and would be ideal in psychotic/psychological thrillers, horror movies but also would fit well inside an art installation or be used as sound textures. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Minimal, Droning, Glitchy, Electronic, Drums

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Cool bass tune and atmospheric synth arpeggios transform into a post apocalyptic cyberpunk soundtrack, which is a fitting piece for visuals related to futuristic, science, paranormal, technology, science fiction, drama, action sequences. It could also possibly be used with sports, thrillers, mysteries, nature & travel as well as for commercials/ads promoting a number of products including health and beauty products, technology, travel, books, etc. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Effects Synth Beat Mysterious Introduction Lift Powerful Crescendo

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Robotic and futuristic sounds come out of this copyright free stock music made with swooshing pads, twisted and dirty electronica and machine drum programming, which will be ideal to use as a music backdrop for any scenes in science fiction, science, futuristic and cyberpunk technology subjects, steampunk designs, space/discovery/exploration programs, games, podcasts, art exhibitions, museums and websites. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Effects Synth Beat Noise Random Anxious Pad Powerful

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The sound effects evokes walking cautiously though a haunted house or cursed castle with creaking doors, banging shutters and the cold night wind blowing through the deserted, (or is it?) location. The spooky sounds are made to scare anyone in a movie scene or video game. It brings to mind the many vampire shows and hidden object games. Uses: films, television, video game, radio. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Electronic Synth Bass Oppressive Mysterious

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Empty Journey

Piano, synths and various sound effects fill this royalty free stock music piece that builds up into a spacious yet suspenseful track, which will work nicely with a variety of content: crime/police/investigation/forensics series, action sequences, mysteries, thrillers, horror movies, dramas, science fiction, nature and travel shows, biographies, historical pieces and more on film, television, cable, radio, podcasts, satellite, mobile devices, apps, DVDs, youtube videos, games, corporate material, instructional video and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: action, tense, gripping, upbeat, solid, powerful, suspense, thriller, franetic, thriller, spooky, te

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A dark and a little weird dance beat stock music track arranged with a variety of synths. The vibe is more on the spooky and mysterious side, so use this royalty free track with mysteries, thrillers, dramas, science fiction, horror movies, soap operas and Halloween themed or scary subject matter. Uses: podcasts, youtube videos, apps, games, television, movies, audiobooks, DVDs, web series, web games, web sites, web movies, amusement parks, art installations, museums, arcades. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, mystery, flowing, electronic, quirky, catchy, upbeat, spooky, dark, gripping, flowing, edgy,

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Frantic Keys

Nervous energy with passion describes this fast moving piano piece. It is full of mystery, thrills and suspense with strings. Use it in dramatic, classical settings in films, television, videogames, promos, presentations, radio, montages, b-rolls and credits. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: flowing, suspense, piano, strings, classical, dramatic, emotional, spooky, tense, dark, suspense, fl

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Mixing spooky, experimental sound effects with dark tympani and synths creates s mysterious, dramatic and serious stock music track to accompany a number of visuals: horror, thriller, mystery, drama, science fiction, paranormal themes, avant guard films, documentaries, etc. It could be a grand entrance for a robot that was once friendly and helpful but has been transformed into something sinister but will fit with all sorts of subject matter. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: space, open, calm, sci fi, spooky, synths, weird, mystery, spooky, tense, dark, suspense, horror

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Here's a very subtle orchestral film score that is soft yet nervous sounding as if someone or something is sneaky about, creeping around or following you. Meant to add a hint of suspicion and fear, it's the kind of track where a character has to investigate strange noises somewhere dark like a basement or haunted castle, and the place is haunted or something evil is hiding there just waiting to attack! The track should be used with horror, thriller and terror, danger, evil and drama in mind. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A subtle orchestral film soundtrack underscore, nervous and dark with a feeling of mystery and hidde

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Industry Collapse

This edgy, powerful and driving loop is ideal for games (first person shooters, action, adventure, racing) but will also fit nicely inside horror, drama, science fiction and action films as well in expo presentations and promos / spots for sports showing hard action and rough game play (NASCAR, Formula 1 racing, football, basketball, water sports. [ by Rudy Pusateri ]

Tags: Action Adventure, Game Show, High Tech, Horror / Thriller, Sci-Fi / Futuristic, Military, Sci-Fi / C

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Steady, spacious and hypnotic guitars and synth drive this royalty free music and offers a sense of mystery, calm and thoughtful reflection. The minimalist nature of the piece creates a specific atmosphere: mellow, pensive and existential. This type of background music can be used for nature programming, science themes, space travel, healing and self realization and more - in television, radio, film (including independent film projects) and video games. Other uses for this copyright free music: spots, promos, trailers, montages, b-roll, art installations, experimental projects. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Deep Reverb Effects Pluked Strings Harp Ambient Atmospheric

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Intense Vibe

Building in tension slowly but maintaining a steady ticking pattern throughout, this music soundtrack is dark, disturbing and unsettling with its nervous repetitive rhythms and faint screeching metallic noises. It's appropriate for dramas, horror films, criminal forensics and lab work, mysteries, crime scene investigations, tense moments in a reality show, evil settings or actions (murders, devious planning), paranormal activity, and anything that requires a feeling of fear, uncertainty and the unknown for television, film, radio, web and games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: This very dark film or TV drama underscore cue builds slowly in tension, but keeps a steady ticking

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Keep Coming Back For More

If you've been looking for an ominous, foreboding film soundtrack score or stock music underscore, you've come to the right place here at Audiobank.fm. With its atmospheric swirls, drones, deep drums and a creepy ticking noise, a certain scary atmosphere is created. That is, it's a dark yet thrilling vibe, which is ideal background music for thrillers, especially psychological thrillers, mysteries, horror movies, twisted dramas. Other uses: science fiction, investigative, crime, law programs, serious web series, radio podcasts, more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A foreboding and ominous film soundtrack underscore. Deep drums, atmospheric swirls and drones creat

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Long Road

Here's a dramatic and eerie hip hop beat with dark strings arrangements, harpsichord and piano. It's the type of stock music track that will work for a variety of content, for example, with horror, thriller, mystery content, as well as soap opera, science fiction, drama and action sequences. There's a clear feeling that there's a mission involved and someone is determined to complete it. Place this track with content for radio, film, television, audiobooks, podcasts, games, DVDs, youtube videos. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dark, tense, groovy, mystical, dramatic, solid, suspense

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With a minimal drumbeat having a slight delay, the soundtrack sounds much more syncopated than it actually is, and creates a unique effect. It progresses with added percussion, effects and dissonant, bending harmonies. If you are looking for music to go with your independent film project, this will hit the nail on the head particularly if your indie film is quirky and unusual (like David Lynch films, cult movies, etc.) . Other uses for this royalty free music: trailers, spots, promos, animation, montages, b-roll, experimental projects, art installations. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Electronic, Delay, Ambient, Dissonant, Spacey

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Moon Visions

Travel to another world, dimension or frame of mind with this ominous and mysterious soundscape. This stock music sets a certain mood and will send viewers directly to outer space, another planet, a slow motion trip on acid, a haunted, abandoned house, an evil, dark and damp castle or cathedral, a monastery, watching someone slowly lose their mind. You get the picture. Uses: for television, film, websites or video games: montages, b-roll, game scenes, haunted mansions, etc. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: dark, odd, weird, strange, hallucinate, mars, moon, planet, solar, system, open, earth, venus, trip,

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Mounted With Sour Forcepts

With no melodic instruments and a really glitchy, fast-paced vibe driven completely by percussion, this twitchy, neurotic, wired and strung out soundtrack will sit fittingly inside footage describing dementia, science fiction action, thrillers and horror. It might be describing a people or robots. Feel free to add your own melody or song over it and it could be transformed into something entirely different. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Glitchy, Fast, Drums, Percussion, Electronic

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Drums and synths make up this zany and kooky sound track that can be used in many different ways. Think wacky, madcap scientist creating a bizarre cocktail of chemicals bursting into a cloud of unknown substance and results in a uncontrollable, freaky circumstance. Use it in weird, outlandish cartoons, animation, videogames, film, television, promos, presentations, sci-fi, documentaries, and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: mystery, spooky, suspense, spacious, solid, groovy, zany, weird

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This royalty free stock music track is quiet yet pensive, calm yet mysterious and suspenseful, uneasy yet hopeful. It's the type of piece that will match well with the following visual and non-visual media: television, radio, youtube videos, film, audiobooks, games, web originals and more in the following subjects/topics/themes: underwater nature activity, mysteries, thrillers, crime/investigation/police/forensics examinations, documentaries, science programs, reality shows, horror movies, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Underwater mysterious , quiet suspense , mystery , suspense , beyond

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Mystery In The Air

Here's a new age, ambient and atmospheric piece of copyright free stock music. It sounds reflective, dreamy, relaxing, smooth and mysterious, which makes it a great piece for all sorts of material. Place this track with science fiction, technology, space, discovery and travel shows, instructional DVDs and videos for meditation, tai chi, yoga, massage, pilates and more, planetarium music, art installations, historical segments of time, space and future possibilities, segments that depict drug induced hallucinations and experiences, surreal dreams, etc. Other uses: radio, podcasts, youtube videos, web movies, audiobooks and games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Ambient/New Age. Dreamy/Reflective, Soft/Smooth, Spatial, Peaceful/Calm, Relaxing. Piano, Ambient te

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If a music sound track can be described as both jolly and mystical, this would be it. It's serious yet comical all at once with wide open sounds, percussion, mystical bells and synths. It can be used with animations much like the Tim Burton films. It's spooky but light so you can fit it with Christmas theme content, for example, the Grinch, which is holiday themed with a bit of a scary element. This is a very special kind of jingle and fitted with the perfect visuals, would be magical. Uses: television/film/radio spots, promos, opens, IDs, interstitials, bumpers, websites. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dark, mysterious, ominous, christmas, bells, synths, spooky, dark, flowing, mystery, spacious, percu

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Listen carefully to the dark terror that starts quietly and builds to a tense and sinister track. Play mind games with the audience with the mysterious and scary sound effects. Uses: horror, thriller, psychological, detective, crime films and TV shows, montages, b-rolls and videogames. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Dark and mysterious soundbed, psychological terror, isolated fear, social drama, malevolent and sini

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Not Sure

Get your audience to squirm with uneasiness with this pulsating, pensive and suspenseful royalty free stock music track for science fiction, horror movies/shows, thrillers, mysteries, dramas, fantasy dramas, crime/detective/law/investigation/forensics content in documentaries, television, film, radio, podcasts, audiobooks and web series/movies. The track is spacey, anxiety-inducing and is interspersed with creepy sound effects, which gives it an even more dark note and vibe. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Suspenseful, pensive and pulsating underscore for film, drama, documentary, crime & law, forensics,

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Now What

Are you looking for a psychological, haunting and very dramatic stock music cut that eventually works it way under your skin? This dangerous and sexy music piece will be the ticket for you if you're looking for a subdued, dark, melancholy yet slightly perilous sound bed to go with your project. Made with strings, piano, ambient textures and effects, this soundtrack will pair very nicely with footage for dramas, mysteries, thrillers for television, film, radio podcasts, web series/movies and games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A hip psychological dramatic cue underscoring contemporary night life with sexy & dangerous underton

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On The Loose

A funky guitar with a variety of synth sounds create this energetic yet dark hip hop loop that sounds perfect for action shots such as a chase scene. It can also be used with promos for action movies or sports, or for dramas, science fiction, travel, cooking and nature programming on satellite, cable and digital television. Use this piece for other content: AAA games, computer games, audiobooks, DVDs, apps and a whole host of other content whether it's for mobile devices, other consumer products, TV, film, radio, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: mystery, suspense, action, electronic, synths, Hip Hop beat, groovy, franetic, thriller, spooky, ten

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Optimum Chaos

Using various synthetic bass sounds this track captures a dark, mysterious and empty sensation. Images that come to mind are the vast open areas of the solar system, passages in an alien spacecraft, underwater scene and an unknown, foreign planet. Uses: science fiction, classroom videos, documentaries, intense games. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Electronic Synth Bass Mysterious Oppressive

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Pal Secam Theme

This electronic experimental stock music track including many dirty sounds will fit nicely with visuals in science fiction shows or movies, science programs, futuristic, space and discovery themes, trippy experiences. It will also work with instructional/educational material and presentations, radio podcasts, games and websites. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Synth Pads Sound Fx Drone Piano Anxious

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Picked Up

An atmospheric hip-hop track blended with otherworldly loops and echoey and overlapping voices, will be great for use in visuals from science fiction, paranormal/horror/thriller/detective/police television shows or movies, storytelling radio podcasts (Radiolab, Unfictional, This American Life), games, websites. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Electronic Bass Beat Synth Melancholic Loud

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Just like riding a hovercraft, which is what poduszkowiec means in Polish, this copyright free music takes you on a floating, chillout and relaxing ride at first, but when there's a little turbulence thrown into the mix, you'll then find yourself gliding into a more uncomfortable, slightly queasy place. It then becomes more gritty, street life, weighed down and industrial, something you might hear in tough shows like The Wire, which takes place in the dangerous crime ladened boroughs and backstreets of Baltimore. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Backgrounds,Cool,Nostalgia,Instrumental,Underscore,Cinematic,Modern,Drama,Sad,Slow

Poduszkowiec (3:59) Play / MP3 $29.95
Poduszkowiec 30 (0:31) Play / MP3 $14.95


Filled with oboe, brooding strings and deeply mournful electric piano, here's a melancholy, dark and minimalistic piece of stock music that can go well with space and discovery themes, science fiction, dramas, technology shows, etc. for television, radio, podcasts, videos, games, web originals and more. It will also work well in planetariums, museums, amusement parks and other places that need a slightly eerie piece of music. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A dark, melancholic piece of space music, full of brooding strings, oboe and deeply mournful electric

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Roof of the World

This music track comes with a big bass and leisurely heavy beat, along with Asian samples and warm Rhodes keyboards. It comes across as being aloof, low key and a little mysterious. Use this track for dramas, mysteries, thrillers and horror content in film, television or radio. Other uses: games, commercials, infomercials, adult content. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Long Electronic Beat Bass Synth Rhodes Loud Melancholic

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Running Out Of Time

Filled with slowly moving rhythms and pads, deep, dark bass notes and reverberating percussion instruments, this is a wonderful stock music track that overflows with mystery and intrigue. There's a sense that danger is lurking around the corner, that a murder was so intricately planned investigators are stumped as to how it was committed, that someone is following your protagonist but when he turns around to look behind him, no one is there. Tension, impending doom and foreboding describes this music cue so use it with the following: mysteries, psychological thrillers, horror movies, Halloween-oriented content, scary storytelling, dark dramas, science fiction - for television, film, podcasts, web series or movies, radio, games, audiobooks. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Dark thriller underscore. Slowly moving pads and rhythms, reverberant percussion, seriously deep bas

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Imagine a creative person on the verge of a nervous breakdown and this piece will fit in the missing spot on a puzzle. It's a bit experimental sounding in nature and modern classical piano piece. It's serious, mysterious, suspenseful and sort of twisted! It could be used in visuals involving insanity, manic themes, creatively bizarre geniuses, hallucinatory drug-induced scenes gone wrong, the workings of someone's crazy mind (Think of Beethoven and some visual artists like Van Gogh). Uses: film, television, radio spots, promos, opens, bumpers, IDs, montages, interstitials, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, solo, mystery, suspense, strange, weird, piano, solo, strange, offbeat, wacky, tense, mysteri

Skepticism (2:13) Play / MP3 $24.95


Here's a very urban inspired, nonchalant and steady stock music track that is slightly mysterious and dark, and made with synths over an unruffled hip hop beat. It will have many uses as background music for television, radio, web series/movies, documentaries and film. Place it in dramas, action movies, and footage with inner city living, scientific forensics, investigations, crime and law. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: solid groove, synths, ominous, dark, mysterious, spooky, tense, dark, suspense, mystery, unusual, we

Sneaky (1:37) Play / MP3 $24.95

So How Are You Doing?

This is a faint, laid back yet slightly unsettling and uncertain stock music track. It's the type of music cue that will be a great fit with footage or topics of mystery, drama and thrillers, or for more scientific content such as crime lab work, forensics experiments, lab work, science examinations, medical surgeries where an outcome hasn't been established, information dissection, someone looking for clues. A slow heartbeat-like guitar sets the mood for this subdued yet intense sound bed while intricate, melodies and eerie effects surround it. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Mystery, information dissection, ideas, data flow, crime laboratory, science or forensic examination

So How Are You Doing 1 (1:27) Play / MP3 $19.95
So How Are You Doing 2 (1:08) Play / MP3 $19.95

Space Quadrant IV

You'll imagine stepping into a desolate, scary and barren landscape when you listen to this unique and strange sound scape. It creates an atmosphere likened to unknown empty spaces (a void) or stepping onto another planet seemingly absent of life. Maybe you're on Mars? This stock music track is also eery enough to work with a psychological thriller or horror movie. It sends chills down your spine and you're not sure what's going to happen next...the only thing you're very sure about is that something bad is coming your way. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: weird, odd, otherworld, eastern, monastery, bats, temple, tubular, bells, chimes, cave, rocks, space

Space Quadrant Iv (6:01) Play / MP3 $39.95


Special effects with synths, bells and percussion create a mysterious, out of this world atmosphere for sci-fi scenes. Think ET, The Day the Earth Stood Still or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Use it for your own sci-fi films, alien promos and presentations, school projects, documentaries, montages and b-rolls. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: mysterious, flowing, electronic, spacey, synths, ambient, calm, spooky, suspense, flowing, spacious,

Spaceship (1:29) Play / MP3 $19.95


Drum loops and peculiar synths make up this kooky sounding track. Perfect for a mad scientist�s lab experiments, wacky factory or zany office. Picture a robotic, futuristic scene in animation. Uses: cinema score, television, promos, presentations, b-rolls, credits, montages, cartoons, animations and documentaries. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: chaotic, spacey, mysterious, weird, unusual, ambient, flowing, dark, suspense, flowing, edgy, action

Spooked (1:48) Play / MP3 $24.95

Strange Thing

An ambient stock music soundtrack cue like this one was created with a very mysterious, foreboding edge. It moves mysteriously and unhurriedly and can work well with visuals of lurking, waiting, hiding, breaking and entering, sneaking and in general, suspicious. As a deep drone and subtle rhythmic section enters into the music about half way through it gives the track an ominous, more dark vibe. This track will be excellent with mysteries, crime thrillers, thrillers, fantasy science fiction, science fiction, investigative documentaries and tense moments in a variety of genres for television, film, web, radio, games and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: An ambient film soundtrack cue with a very mysterious edge. Pensive, slowly moving soundscape, like

Strange Thing (1:19) Play / MP3 $19.95

Super Orgasm

Distorted and acoustic sounds, human voices and electronic effects are all mixed together to create this unusual, downtempo stock music soundtrack. It starts out fairly mellow and gradually increases in speed and ends quietly. It will have a variety of uses whether for dramas, sitcoms, romance dramas, soap operas, science fiction, fantasy adventure, adult movies, etc. in film, radio, television, podcasts, audiobooks, web series. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Distorted Deep Ambient Mysterious

Super Orgasm (1:49) Play / MP3 $14.95

That Voice

Ominous voices and sounds emanate from this music track and brings a sensation of mystery, otherworldly places, foggy memories, confusion, mental disorders, fantasy worlds and hypnotic states. With an ethnic female voice that is haunting, you might think of a female version of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and that certain style of Eastern Indian singing/chanting/wailing. The arrangement of voice, acoustic piano, along with the sound design is mesmerizing and tranquil. Uses: psychological thrillers, mystery and horror films, television, promos, spots, opens, IDs, interstitials. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Mysterious , Unreal , Hypnotic

That Voice (0:34) Play / MP3 $14.95

The Plan

Play this track and you'll hear that it will go perfectly with scenes of someone on a mission to catch a serial killer, or to complete a complicated and dangerous task. The short piece is an ideal sound backdrop for a promo or clip for any number of thrillers, mysteries, crime/police/detective show or movie. It's suspenseful and is an excellent track for a cliff hanger. Uses: television, film, web, games, radio. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: synths, flowing, percussion, spacey, ominous, spacey, ambient, spooky, tense, dark, flowing, mystery

The Plan (1:32) Play / MP3 $24.95

Threatening Proposition

With a full orchestra, soft piano and eery strings this stock music with slow chords creates a serious and ominous environment that will work impeccably as an underscore for visuals depicting these themes: spy, crime, detective, mystery, conspiracy, personal turmoil, psychological conflict and torture, dementia, suspicion, horror, treachery, murder schemes, betrayal, apathy, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Slow chords, ominous and serious, full orchestra. Good as underscore for drama, scifi . Also for cri

Threatening Proposition (3:19) Play / MP3 $29.95


Mellow yet inspirational, here's a new age, ambient royalty free stock music piece. It's relaxing, spatial, hypnotic and has an overall good feeling about it. It's a piano track that will be excellent with self improvement topics: yoga, meditation, massage, tai chi xi gong, pilates and courses to help the body get into shape but in a more gentle way. Other uses: nature and travel shows, space and discovery subjects, commercials, science fiction, dramas and more for television. Also, it will pair well with radio, podcasts, youtube videos, DVDs, audiobooks, documentaries, film. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Ambient/New Age. Spatial, Unreal, Hypnotic. Piano, Ambient textures. Documentary.

Unknown (0:33) Play / MP3 $19.95

Who Am I

This short but effective piece brings to mind movement. Its use of percussions, strings, piano, bass and synth combine to create an active but serene scene. Perfect for mind games, train travel, reflection and contemplation. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Mysterious , moving ,hypnotic

Who Am I (0:53) Play / MP3 $19.95