Happy jingles

Boom Boxed

Versatile hip-hop background music that can be used in a karaoke setting to see what kind of rap people can come up with in their own words. Unusual synths are used in a jolting manner to create an edgy, fun beat. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, karaoke, dances, montages, b-rolls, credits, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: hip hop, rap, old school, fun, cool, upbeat, jumpy, catchy, hip hop, bass, upbeat, pop, carefree

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Bugs Infomercial

Cheesy, very happy and upbeat, this stock music jingle will fit into any commercial that's promoting fun things, products for teenagers or kids, innocent lifestyle, family-friendly themes, toys and computer or console games, or it can be great background music for cartoons, spots, b-roll or other footage in comedies, sitcoms, cartoons, comedy sketches. It's also perky enough for motivational videos, exercise DVDs and other media featuring lively activities. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Cartoon Short Synth Wave Bass Beat Effects Xylophone Funny Cheesy

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Centre Mall

Full of multiple parts with acoustic and electronic guitar and beats, percussions, synths strings, bass and horns this upbeat tune is perfect for a 30 second commercial. The lively sound track will add to any promo, presentation, dance scene for films, television, videogames and montages. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Bass Horns Guitar Choirs Happy

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Cheerful Scooter

This nice, happy-go-lucky, groovy, sunny and absolutely positive acoustic jingle will cheer up anyone who hears it. It will have many uses as a background music in teenager television shows (like Glee, Pretty Little Liars), other family-friendly content (like Disney movies) and for high school demographic advertising/commercials. It will also be excellent content in a game (for menus and activity between playing levels), motivational presentations, company brand reels and more. [ by Rudy Pusateri ]

Tags: Cool, Easy, Friendly, Funny, Good, Groovy, Happy, Light, Playful, Serene, Festive, Cheerful, Rhythmi

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Cool Motivational Pop

This is a lively, motivational pop music track that is filled with uplifting tunes and mood boosting musical themes, which will support a big range of visuals and subjects: sports promos/spots and segments, corporate and stock holder presentations and videos, commercials, technology reports, sitcoms, comedies, travel, nature and cooking shows, and other kinds of visuals requiring a boost or injection of energy. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: pop, pop rock, indie pop, chart pop, singer songwriter pop,pop tracks, pop rock tracks, indie pop mu

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Denmark National Anthem Dance Remix

If you listen to this version of the national anthem of Denmark, you'd think this nordic country is a land of party animals! It's an energetic, pumped up dance remix replete with synths, acid bass lines and a thumping drum track. Use it for appropriate visuals or themes taking place in Denmark but since it's not a very well known anthem, feel free to make other uses of it as an electronic, upbeat dance mix. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: national anthems, traditional, public domain, classics, patriotic, dance national anthems, house nat

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Disco Evening

Horns announce the entrance of the king and queen of the prom or other important people in this fun disco beat tune. This short jingle can be used in a variety of scenes needing a jubilant announcement like royalty or popular star. Uses: theme for a game show, dance scene, web pages, video games, animations. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Horns Bass Funny

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Disco Flair

Great for comedy, opening nights, and any media needing some excitement, this fun and lively stock music will perk up your viewers. Its retro-style is vibrant and explosive reminiscent of jazzy disco funk times back in the day (late 70's early 80s). The track is replete with jazz influences and is very soloistic and virtuosic, with a brass section featured. Uses: commercials, promos, opens, IDs, bumpers, dance games, montages, interstitials, advertisements, websites. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: exciting, happy, fun, joy, joyful, celebration, party, fiesta, disco, studio 54, seventies, 70s, bee

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High-spirited vocals with guitars, percussions, cello and piano bring life to this energetic, pop tune. Reminds you of the late 60’s early 70’s TV show Laugh-In with young, fun dancers swaying and jumping to the beat. Use it in a lively, colorful time management videogame or background music for animation. Uses: films, television, promos, presentation, documentaries, cartoons, animation and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Lively, Pop, acoustic, fast, energetic, vocals

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End Of A Summers Day Pop

This happy, moderate beat pop tune is versatile enough to cover a wide range of situations for films and television. Reminds you of Mary Tyler Moore show theme music. It gives you the same uplifted feeling and great mood atmosphere you need for a light comedy. Perfect for any feel good moment in cinema, videogames, credits, and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: pop, pop rock, indie pop, chart pop, singer songwriter pop,pop tracks, pop rock tracks, indie pop mu

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Flying So High

Easy going, light, happy, uptempo pop tune can uplift and boost a carefree, fun scene. The guitars, drums and piano focus the attention to the subtle cello melody. Use it in montages, b-rolls, promos, presentations, credits, videogames and films/television for energetic and positive addition to any feel good setting. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: lively, positive, energetic, fun, upbeat

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Funny Funk

It would be very difficult to find anything much more funky than this stock music track. It will transport your audience back to the 70s and early 80s when the wah-wah pedal was pressed to the metal and life was not taken too seriously. Composed with bass, chucking guitar and drums, it's comical, fun and quirky, best suited for sitcoms, comedies, romantic comedies, cartoons/animated content, radio, games, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: funky, comical, humerous, silly, fun, carefree, bouncy, solid groove, groovy, solid, happy

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Game Show Jingle

Use this short, upbeat and quirky piece as an ID, interstitial piece or bumper-in or bumper-out for a television game show or other light-themed program on cable or broadcast TV. It's something that fits perfectly right before going to commercials or coming out of commercials, or just before presenting the prizes that contestants are pining for or about to win. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: TV, radio, sound tracks, backing music, music beds, idents, stingers, trailers, tv music, radio mus

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Going Commando

Driven by silly and fun, this instrumental stock music track is an excellent complement to comedies, jingles, romantic comedies, light-hearted and humorous advertisements/commercials and funny promos/spots/movie trailers. Featuring free-flowing funk guitar, brass, bass and drums, it's positive, energetic and all around happy. Other Uses: opens, interstitials, bumpers, games, websites, presentations, b-roll, montages and more. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: funny, exciting, happy, carefree, joyful, hilarious, cool, silly, clumsy, joke

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Heroic Knight

Triumphant celebration for any occasion is resonated in this short music segment. Trumpets blaring and drums pounding prominently in this piece with orchestral sounds enhance the track. Can be coordinated with fireworks bursting in the night sky or a parade passing through the gates of a castle. Uses: film/television scenes, promos, b-roll, video games. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Horns Orchestra Heroic

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Home Sweet Home

If you're looking for a clean, short, and calm jingle with an ensemble of synth strings, acoustic guitar, brushed drum, fretless bass guitar and different percussion instruments, use this joyous piece for a variety of subjects. It will fit nicely with corporate presentations, announcements, infomercials, IDs, interstitials and footage in content for film, television, web and radio. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Fretless Bass Guitar Strings Percussions Light

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Keepin It Real

This modern stop and go tune creates a happy but quirky setting to be used in many instances. A fun dancing scene, teen cartoons, moving settings in a film or TV show, game show, credits, inventive promos, dances, montages and b-rolls. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, r&b, catchy, young, teen, cool, solid, modern, quirky, edgy, percussion, solid groove, groovy,

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Driven by piano, guitars, voices, cello and percussion, this is a lively, joyous acoustic music cut that's youthful and energetic, which will make it a good match with light-hearted visuals. For example, use it with television series or specials for the teenage demographic. It can equally be paired with other themes like drama, sitcoms, comedies on television, but as a perky track will also fit well with commercials promoting products for kids or teens, travel, family-oriented items, business presentations, corporate videos and on-hold music. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Energetic, lively, positive, fun, uplifting

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 19

This stock music sound track makes one think of innocent, warm and traditional family gatherings, "After School Specials" (branded blocks of programming on television aimed toward the teenager demographic), cheesy sitcoms, nature shows and infomercials and commercials for home products, DIY, cleaning products, baby products, insurance, banking and investment and garden products. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Beat Pizzicato Piano Bass Glockenspiele Warm Relax

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Life's Good

This solo piano can put you in your happy place with its jazzy, vivacious tune. Its energetic and full of life sound can uplift any scene. Use it for a fun get together, zesty, full of pep settings or a musical comedy. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, solo, jazzy, fun, lively, flowing, piano, solo, swing, jazz, happy, carefree, upbeat, lively,

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Mellow Piano Ballad

This is a beautiful solo piano ballad full of charm and comfort. Its relaxed and reflective sounds make it perfect for a variety of scenes. Imagine a meditative or contemplative moment in a film or a romantic and loving scene involving 2 youths or an elderly couple. Uses: films, promos, television, presentations, documentaries, credits and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Classical, orchestral, 20th Century, Baroque, Romantic, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Contempora

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My Dream Bike

Electric bass, funky drums and a clean rhythm guitar kick off this cool jingle that is fun, perky and energetic. It's ideal for a one minute promo or commercial whether it's for television or radio. It can also be used for a variety of subjects and media: sitcoms, comedies, sketches, dramas, crime investigation montages, podcasts, games, audiobooks, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Bass Guitar Funk Light

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My Jag

This cool, funky jazz piece oscillates in volume from mellow to loud and back to quiet. Guitars, Rhodes, trumpet, and electronic beats and effects create a modern, hip, happening environment. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, montages and b-rolls. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Slap Bass Rhodes Trumpet Percussions Guitar

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Open Country Theme

Yeeeeee haw, y'all! You couldn't get more country blues sounding than this happy jingle with a rocking country theme and arranged with banjo, bottleneck guitar, harmonica, pedal steel and violin over electric bass guitar and drums. Ideal to use with commercials, web, radio and television spots/promos, IDs, opens, interstitials and other footage in comedies, sitcoms, romantic comedies, cartoons and animated material. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Electric Bass Guitar Banjo Violin Harmonica Pedal Steel

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Party Season

Percussion, bells, synths and a happy-go-lucky beat give this piece a festive and lively feel, which will fit ideally with holiday images in video and film. Whether it's a happy family moment opening up Christmas presents under the tree or a sleigh ride in the snow, this copyright free music tune is very versatile in its use. Not only will it work for a holiday spirit but it will also complement any images that need an upbeat background music. Uses: spots, promos, commercials, IDs, opens, bumpers, montages, b-roll, games, websites and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: christmas, festive, happy, innocent, fun, pure, catchy, original, solid groove, pure, emotional, inn

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Retro Hip Hop

This bouncy, quirky tune is an old time jazz piece with synth effects accenting the jolly mood. Picture a retro black cat cartoon character wearing a derby hat walking down the street filled with jalopies. Use it in fun films, TV shows, cartoons, animations, promos and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Jazz Orchestra Happy Bouncy

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Russian Fun

Happy and bright with lots and lots of cheesy organ riffs, here's an instrumental stock music track that is very typical sound fodder in Russian restaurants and on the streets especially in Moscow. It's meant to create a fun and lively atmosphere so feel to use this royalty free music with festive party scenes and even for comedies, sitcoms and sketches looking to liven up the visuals or audio content. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Instrumental music track with all of the bells and whistles to create atmosphere of typically Russia

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Shopping Spree

Light-hearted, Christmasy tune will uplift your mood any time of the year. This energetic piece can be used in the quick step dance on Dancing with the Stars or as background for a busy holiday street scene in NYC in the snow. Uses: films, TV, cartoons, animation, promos, presentations, documentaries, credits and office/restaurant music. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: holidays, christmas, playfull, childish, happy, upbeat, energetic, lively

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This jazzy tune is a feet tapping, uptempo fun piano and harmonica piece to use in dance sequences, happy times and more. Think the cartoon Happy Feet. Uses: comedy shows, intros, cartoons, animation, montages, promos, documentaries and silent films. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: solo piano, swingy, harmonica, blues, upbeat, carefree, happy, solo piano, swingy, harmonica, blues,

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Ska Family

If you can listen to this stock music piece without smiling or feeling perked up, then we'd say you were deaf...or a zombie. This royalty free, fun and energetic Ska jingle with organ, drums and bass guitar, will liven any visuals and give an audience a mood boost. Uses: games, promos/spots, interstitials, commercials, ads, opens, IDs. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Organ Bass Loud

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Piano, strings, percussion instruments and bells create this original whimsical kids' tune perfect for children's television shows or movies whether using it for scenes or b-roll. Place it as background music for babies' or toddlers' toys, small kids' computer games, video games, console games, animated content/cartoons. It can also be used as a winter theme or holiday/Christmas theme. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, calm, peaceful, romance, love, emotional, kind, childish, christmas

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A good time, jolly, upbeat tune to be used during the holiday season or any time where fun is needed. Perfect for Christmas themed match 3 games or for bubbly cartoon characters. Full of festive fun with its light bells and uptempo beat. Use it in your cartoons, animation, films/TV, presentations, promos, videogames, credits, documentaries and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Fun, carefree, upbeat, lively, Christmassy, festive, childish

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Something Jewish

It's Klezmer music colliding with the cartoon world, so when yelling voices, violins, clarinets, tubas and strings get together, the result is a lively, happy, polka-like festive and somewhat chaotic music track. It can be paired with comedic scenes for television, independent film and cinema, but it will equally work well with cartoons featuring goofy and crazy action and antics, chase scenes, parties and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Klezmer.cartoons, Funny, Lively, Joyful, Happy, Dancing, Festive, Uplifting. Strings, Vocal/Vox, Vio

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Straight Spring

This short stock music is perfect for a :15 promo or open, or maybe for an infomercial show. For the spot, imagine promoting products such as knives, other kitchen tools, products and aids, travel agencies, gymnastic and fitness equipment. A wide range of possibilities work with this royalty-free music, for example, radio jingles, commercial advertising and presentations, upbeat promos, anything that needs an easy-going audio backdrop. [ by Rudy Pusateri ]

Tags: Easy, Friendly, Happy, Joyful, Light, Lively, Sincere, Soft, Uplifting, Cheerful, Motivational, Opti

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Stupid Opening

Don�t let the title fool you. This is a fast paced, upbeat disco or 90�s dance tune. It has high energy from the beginning to end of this short, happy jingle. It�s layered with synth piano, bass, and organ interspersed with voices, clapping and more. Uses: retro dance scenes, fun promos, games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Synth Bass Organ Voice Happy

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Take me to the Zoo

A fast uptempo short sound track with whimsical percussions, acoustic guitar, horns, whistling and electric bass will create a fun atmosphere for jungle animals, pets or at the zoo. Perfect for animation dealing with dancing elephants, monkeys playing the bongos, flying toucans and energetic zebras. This tune will make any scene happy and bright. Uses: comedies, light-hearted films, television, credits, documentaries, cartoons, animation, promos, ads, spots, videogames and webpages. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Bass Guitar Horns Percussions Happy Festive

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Tender Love Theme

Made with a full band of strings, guitars, drums and bass, this is a slow, peaceful yet somehow upbeat piece of stock music. It's a very typical mid nineties� love theme but can work for today's content. Use it for dramas, soap operas, sitcoms, comedies, sketches and more on television, podcasts, radio, film, web series, web movies, youtube videos and film. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Classical, orchestral, 20th Century, Baroque, Romantic, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Contempora

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That's Life

With an upbeat, indie rock band style beat arranged with cello, piano, acoustic guitars and percussion, this stock music piece feels carefree, laid-back and airy. It's something to be placed with shots/scenes/footage of every day life: casual get togethers with friends, family outings and activities that are commonplace but set in a very positive environment. Use in television (i.e., Friends, Happy Endings, New Girl), web series, radio, film, podcasts, games, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: happy, positive, lively, upbeat, Pop, Folk, acoustic

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The Beat

Get happy with this old school groove that is hip hopping and catchy with its upbeat, quirky synths and fun vibes. As a carefree bouncy stock music track, it's ideal to place with sitcoms, comedies, comedy romances, musical dramas, light drama and overall playful and cheerful visuals or subject matter on film, television, web series, radio, podcasts, audiobooks. Other uses: games. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: upbeat, hip hop, urban, fun, comical, quirky, unusual, zany, unusual, weird, synths, solid groove, s

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The Open Highway

This cheerful, upbeat tune is perfect for light-hearted hidden object videogames like Route 66 or sim time management game Tourist Trap. It can also be used in country films, car travel, nature shows, fun cartoons/animation, credits, promos and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: country, hillbilly, fun, comical, uplifting, funny, lively, silly, upbeat, happy, positive, light, u

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Here's a happy and light acid jazz jingle, which is very uplifting and positive, best to work with all sorts of subjects and media. Created with upright bass, Rhodes, marimba, sax, piano, guitar, flute and drums along with filtered breaks, use this stock music piece for a variety of content for web, radio, film and television or for commercials, infomercials or corporate materials such as videos, DVDs and presentations. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Drums Bass Rhodes Jazz Light

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Uptempo Kids Theme

Happy, quirky and cheerful, this stock music piece will easily fit into the lineup of children's programming and become engraved in kids minds. The ideal uses for this tune is, for example, during Saturday morning kids shows, week day morning blocks of cartoons and especially as an "after school" franchise for television specials. It's a catchy ID theme for the young demographic audience. Other uses: commercials for childrens products (toys, clothes, snacks, cereals, etc.) [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: TV, radio, sound tracks, backing music, music beds, idents, stingers, trailers, tv music, radio mus

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Visit to the Zoo

This short happy piece evokes animated images of zoo animals having a good time doing what creatures do like swinging from vines, splashing wear with their trunks, dancing around. The melody is whistled with vocal, horn and even bottle sound effects for an upbeat, merry time. Uses: cartoons, documentaries, promos, ads, video games, game shows and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Electronic Beat Bass Horns Percussions Wristle Happy Festive

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Walking In Paradise

This simple, mellow paced and carefree soundtrack can accompany family programming. Bells begin the tune and slowly more instruments join in. Imagine a walk through a fairytale forest, happy tasks, comedy romances, family sitcoms. It's a pleasant experience and will work well as music for montages, b-roll shots, spots, bumpers, credits, opens, interstitials, promos, ads, commercials, kids shows, food shows and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Mellow, pleasant, peacefull, relaxing, calm

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Wonderland Funk

A tight brass section, drums and percussion come together for this funky music track that is groovy, fun and based on the style of Stevie Wonder's early works of funk and soul. The visuals that will work best with this track are: game shows, promos/spots, retro shows, sitcoms, comedies, video games, presentations, stand/booth music at expos, commercials and infomercials. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Funk, funky, funky house, jazz, soul, blues, hip hop, disco, disco trop, disco funk, funky house,

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