Folk / calm

A child's Laughter

This sound track is perfect for your down home country scenes. Picture having a cup of coffee looking out your kitchen window watching the sunrise over the barn. A peaceful and warm rendition by acoustic guitar, harmonica and fretless bass. Great for a nature setting where the yellow waves of wheat greets the golden sun while this tune plays in the background. Uses: films, TV, montages, promos, video games, documentaries, presentations, credits (opening and closing) projects. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Harmonica Fretless Bass Reverb Smooth Positive Fade

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Don't Believe Me

With just the acoustic guitar, this tune sounds very much like Harry Nilsson’s Without Her from the early 70’s, but add the hand percussion and violin, you get something deep and textured. This copyright free folk track can be used in many types of visuals from country to a romantic comedy. Uses: films, television, promos, documentaries, presentations, ads, spots, credits and more. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Smooth Guitar Percussion Violin Reverb Positive

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Easy Rider

With beautiful, folky acoustic guitars, light shaker percussion and a free flowing, peaceful yet melancholy vibe this royalty free music takes you on a road trip or on some sort of soul searching journey. It would work with smooth pan shots from above or next to a moving vehicle or motorcycle. It also applies to nature, travel and documentary programming. Available in 3 lengths. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Rock Percussion Smooth Authentic Landscape

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Feast For The Family

Here's a pleasant and carefree guitar and piano track for any happy, and lighthearted occasion. It can be used for a wide variety of content that is positively optimistic or needs a mood booster. It will be ideal in scenes you'd find on shows like Glee, Smash or other programs that are a bit theatrical in nature, but will do very well for footage in sitcoms and comedies, or even scenes in dramas with clips of upbeat family gatherings, happy events, etc. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: soft, rock, upbeat, uptempo, christian, soft, light rock, upbeat, show, cooking, uptempo, corporate

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Finding That Place

Composed with synth chords, choir and acoustic guitars, this sentimental and romantic instrumental folk music track is mellow and flowing. It's best used in conjunction with themes of romance and tender, touching moments in dramas, love stories, romantic dramas, soap operas and other types of content with love scenes - or for pensive footage, beautiful nature scenery and moving pan shots of lovely meadows, mountain tops, oceans, sailing, romantic drives through the forest, gliding in the sky, swimming in the sea, overall carefree movement and flow in film, web series/movies, podcasts, radio content and television. This selection comes in 3 different lengths. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Smooth Acoustic Guitar Choirs Synth Melancholic Quiet

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Footsteps Of Time

This gentle and relaxing acoustic guitar tune will ease any scene into a mellow mood. The folk music transcends the country atmosphere and can be used in metropolitan settings as well. Use it in a reflective sequence in a movie or TV show. Other uses: credits, montages, b-rolls, videogames, waiting rooms, elevator, call on hold, presentations, promos and documentaries. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Solo Folk Sad Reverb

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Forgotten Pleasure

Rich pad sounds and ethnic percussion instruments paired with fresh ambient acoustic guitars create this mellow royalty free music soundscape. It's pleasant, relaxing and overall enjoyable and will work well as background music for several kinds of visuals or subjects. Use it in television or film dramas, cooking, travel and nature shows and morning show segments, sentimental scenes, footage of planning or thinking about the future, relaxation techniques, on-hold music,independent projects, radio stories and podcasts. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Folk Effects Synth Soft Melancholic Peaceful Percussions

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This piece evokes images of beautiful pastoral scenes with medieval costumed farmers wandering happily across the wheat waving in the wind. It begins with a strong flute easing into a chorus of strings. Eventually the strings dominate the harmonica playing to create a peaceful and serene feeling. Can be used in the beginning or for credits in movies. Uses: period piece in films/television, radio, video games, promos, b-rolls. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Smooth Fretless Bass Guitar Harmonica Peaceful

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Grassy Banks

A soothing and flowing folk sound track with percussion, guitars and Rhodes keyboard with or without vocals. A beautiful addition to any visuals to give it texture and balance. Uses: romantic films, television, videogames, credits, promos, presentations, documentaries, montages, and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Ethnic Guitar Percussions Bass Vocals Exotic Effects

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Happy Trails

If you're looking for a carefree folk/country music inspired piece of stock music this down-to-earth and mellow tune made with acoustic guitars, relaxed drums and walking bass will fit very well with your projects. The music track creates a positive and unwound atmosphere, which can be used in sitcoms, dramas, soap operas, comedies and other kinds of series for television. Other uses: radio, film, web, more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Flowing, happy, carefree, flowing, folk, country, mellow, happy, fun, carefree, positive, flowing

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Here I Come

Guitars and percussions give this uptempo pop piece a flowing untroubled air to it. The generic nature of this sound track can be interpreted as pop, rock or even country. Can be used in traveling, moving film sequences or television shows, travel or nature documentaries, upbeat presentations, credits, happy video games, office music, call on hold and montages. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Lively, flowing, carfree, folk, pop, country, southern

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A lovely, serene tune using flute and acoustic guitar to create an intimate feel as if transported to a farmhouse porch overlooking the fields, silo and barn. A happy gathering of family as twilight sets in the background. The flute gives it a more modern feel to the gentle guitar. This sound track is available in 3 durations. Use it in films, television, credits, montages, b-rolls, promos, documentaries, presentations, web pages, videogames, radio, waiting rooms, elevators, restaurants and call waiting. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Flute Reverb Peace Smooth

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Looking for a music track that is relaxing, quiet, positively introspective yet invigorating? This stock music looped guitar tune features a picking electric bass, bluesy electric guitar, reverbed steel pedal and soft percussions. It's transcendental, motivational, life changing and triumphant in a low key way, which is ideal background music for any of the above mentioned subjects in film, television, radio, web and games. [ by William Lamy ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Bass Percussion Reverb Quiet

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Jazz On The Joanna

Neat, slow tempo folk, pop melody reminiscent of an old Elton John tune. Good for any film or television show needing a pensive mood to characterize or add to the scene with this solo piano playing. Uses: film, television, promos, presentation, documentaries, websites, games especially visual novels, waiting room music, and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Jazz, swing, trad, ragtime, dancehall, blues, ska, reggae, rock and roll, soul, acid jazz, jazz fusi

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Journey's End

A calm and untroubled acoustic guitar solo for pleasant, laidback uses in scenes for television shows or motion pictures. Brings to mind a family gathering after dinner sitting around the porch listening to someone softly playing a tune. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Solo Smooth Quiet Reverb Peaceful Folk

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Just Imagine

A peaceful, easygoing folk music track with bass guitar, solo blues violin, stereo acoustic guitars and piano for use with lovely natural scenery like in the countryside, mountains, desert, as well as for travel and nature shows and documentaries, radio content (stories, reports, podcasts), websites. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Peaceful Guitar Folk Violin Bass Piano Fade

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Long Ride

Here's a unique fusion of folksy acoustic sounds with classical undertones played with electric bass, folk guitar, solo violin and light percussion. It has a melancholy yet earthy feel to it, which makes it great as background music for nature/ecological and travel shows, documentaries, b-roll, montages for television and film footage. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Violin Bass Folk Percussion Melancholic

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Matter of Fact

A solo violin, electric bass, folk guitar and hand percussion together create this blissful, smooth yet lively piece of acoustic stock music. It's mood boosting in a mellow way and is versatile in the sense that it will be able to work with a variety of media: television, film, radio, internet, telephone - for dramas, country or nature theme content, sitcoms, fantasy adventure films, commercials, infomercials, and many different projects and subjects. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Violin Bass Folk Percussion Peaceful Smooth

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Medium Paced Balled With Bass Solo

Recorded on a G series Takamine acoustic guitar using several microphones to create the fullest sound possible and to create a certain ambience, this is a mellow acoustic ballad track that uses pleasant chord inversions. It can be used for a variety of subject matter and visuals. For example, it will work perfectly with certain scenes in television dramas and other series. Imagine this sound track with clips from Parenthood, Happy Endings, New Girl, Glee or any number of shows. Other uses: radio, web content. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, Indie, indie pop, Indie rock, rock, guitar bands, punk, emo, brit pop, brit rock, pop rock

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Movin Along The Road

This upbeat, airy country rock tune features metal string guitar and a keyboard and will match a variety of visuals for television and film or for radio content (stories, podcasts, on-going series). Anything related to the countryside, country living, nature or travel will correspond to this stock music track. Other uses: commercials, infomercials, internet. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: country, rock, uptempo, upbeat, guitar, simple, driving, motion, travel, country, drums, folk, lively

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Open Field

Kick back and take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery filled with open meadows, swaying grasses, majestic mountains and fields of corn as far as the eye can see. This country folk music track with flowing guitars and a mellow beat bring out the feeling of being in the countryside, in nature and free from the stresses and pollution of city dwelling and the complications of every day life. Uses: film, television, web series/movies, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, games. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: folk, country, southern, emotional, peaceful

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Outer Rim

A soothing medley of piano, drums, electric bass and strings brings about a serene piece. This tune can be used in many instances where a calm and tranquil atmosphere is needed. Can be used in mood setting scenes in motion pictures and video games. Other uses: television/film montages, radio, games, nature scenes, documentaries. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Soft Slow Ballad Reverb Sad Piano Rhodes Drums Brush Bass Electric

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A fast flamenco-like tune using acoustic guitar, cello, piano and percussion evokes images of Spanish dancers in a dark and mysterious nightclub. It’s full of energy and life to texture your dance, club scenes. Uses: modern, ethnic films, television, documentaries, dances, b-rolls and montages. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: folk, pop, upbeat, emotional, lively, fast, acoustic

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This is a lively acoustic folk track with pop influences made with piano, percussion, guitars and cello. It's earthy, upbeat and positive, which will fit nicely with promos, television spots, movie trailers, corporate presentations, television programming brand reels, b-roll, IDs, montages, interstitials, radio stories, reports, podcasts, games. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: acoustic, pop, folk, positive, fast, upbeat, flowing, moving, cello, acoustic guitar, percussion, pi

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See Ya Later

Use this bluesy, folksy piece of stock music played with harmonica, chorused acoustic guitar and electric bass. The earthy undertones take you to the American Deep South or other parts of the south where blues are as part of the culture as BBQ. Although associated with a certain part of the U.S., this copyright free music piece has other uses with visuals: of gritty urban life, bars/lounge scenes, the countryside, wherever it may be, etc. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Blues Folk Guitar Bass Harmonica Chorus

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Silver Seas

This is a pensive and soft acoustic guitar track accompanied by strings and reverb. The mellow copyright free track will go well with scenes of nature, touching, familial proud moments, images of people in the countryside or sailing and every day life in general. It has more of a serious but gentle tone to it and can work for both television and film. Uses: b-roll, montages, opens, commercials, websites, presentations and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Reverb Strings Solo Melancholic

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Here's a folksy, calm and sentimental piece of acoustic music played on fretless electric bass and folk chorused guitar. It has a feel of being in nature or the countryside, somewhere in the South because of the bending mellow and swaying sounds of the instruments. Other uses: radio podcasts or stories, commercials, infomercials, internet. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Fretless Electric Bass Chorus Calme

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Steps Forward

Warm strings, drums and a supporting acoustic guitar make up this laid back simple and upbeat soft rock stock music piece. It's a mellow background music that will go with mellow visuals, for example: nature and travel scenes or interstitials, b-roll and IDs in television programming or documentaries, or with corporate presentations, video games, and it will also work well with various relaxing scenes and subjects for television content. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: easy, soft, rock, guitar, business, corporate, tambourine, shaker, strings, warm, comforting, upbeat

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Taragh 1

Harmonica and two acoustic guitars play this soothing and peaceful piece of folk music, and it gives off an earthy vibe. Pair this stock music track with visuals of the woods, life in the countryside, forests and life in general that is distanced from the city. It will work well with nature and travel programming, as well as with stories related to natural and healthy living. It can also be used for content in westerns or western themed shows and movies. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Chorus Harmonica Peaceful

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Taragh 2

One fretless electric bass guitar plus two acoustic guitars create this earthy, peaceful and mellow piece of folk music. It's beautiful and slightly woeful, which will emphasize footage (b-roll, montages) of pensive scenes, hard decisions, sad consequences, tragic circumstances, melancholy moments in film, television, radio, web. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Chorus Electric Fretless Bass Guitar Peaceful Fade

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The Dart

A delicate and soothing acoustic guitar tune good for background music in any dreamy sequence creating a spacey atmosphere. Wave –like sounds textures the piece for a layered tactile feel. Can supplement many different media modes and add a subtle mood to any scene. Uses: film/television, montages, b-rolls, credits, call on hold or office music, websites, documentaries, presentations, video games, promos. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Guitar Bass Acoustic Soft Deep Clean Synth Pad Melancholic

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Things We've Said

Electric guitar, folk guitar, harmonica and fretless bass guitar convene in this copyright free music track to offer a smooth, mellow and bluesy tune. It's something you'd hear with scenes taking place in the mountains, forest, meadows with flowing long grass, or any earthy place with healthy living. Other uses: travel and nature shows or documentaries, radio stories or podcasts. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Chorus Electric Fretless Bass Guitar Peaceful Smooth Harmonica

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Time Rests

This is a lovely piece with acoustic guitars textured with soft strings in the background. The track is reflective and wistful invoking a peaceful and beautiful scene. Can be used in introspective mood setting scenes in television, movies, documentaries, and low key programming. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Guitar Duet Clean Romantic Peaceful Soft Strings

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A very folksy, smooth and calm piece of stock music recording made with acoustic guitar and solo violin. It's hopeful and light with a slight twist of country sounds, excellent for mountain scenes, happy life in the countryside, wholesome family living, cornfields and farm life, meadows and wildlife in peaceful, clean nature. Uses: radio, television, film in promos, opens, story telling segments, IDs, interstitials, more. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Violin Peaceful Smooth

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