Love / romantic

80’s Romantic Ballad

Although this stock music track was inspired by the 1980s, it's always in style so use this very light romantic ballad for your b-roll, montages, footage or clilps involving romantic love scenes, emotional or sentimental scenes, family gatherings, random acts of kindness, or any kind of visual or subject matter that entails deep feelings, caring, heart-warming topics or actions, thoughtfulness, benevolent gestures and generally well-meaning ideas. Use for radio, web, film, DVDs, television and on-hold music. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, cheesy, pop music, teen pop, bubblegum, dance, electro pop, power pop, pop rock, sunshine pop,

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A Child

This is a slow, flowing tune with a soft choir background. It makes use of both acoustic and synthetic piano with a harp and full orchestral strings to evoke romantic and soothing effects. Uses: romantic film, television, games, promos. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Synth Harp Orchestra Strings Love

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A Good Day

The flowing yet heavy piano music piece with light string accompaniment along with some whimsical winds is serious yet romantic and peaceful, which will be ideal in soap operas and other visuals related to drama mixed in with romance. Imagine a serious conversation between a couple seen from afar, receiving serious results from a doctor, the moment before delivering bad news, wondering if there will be light at the end of the tunnel. Uses: montages, b-roll, interstitials, more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, strings, peacefull, calm, loving, soft, delicate, emotional

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The dedicated and romantic piano along with light string accompaniment and soft oboe melody creates a thoughtful, loving, sentimental and emotional ambiance. This royalty free stock music is ideal for love scenes, bittersweet or pensive moments, hoping for something perhaps not within arm's reach, taking care of a loved one, a doomed wedding ceremony, etc. Uses: b-roll, montages, interstitials, music over credits, more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: romance, love, sadness, longing, thoughtful, pensive, piano, strings, oboe, orchestral, flowing, pur

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Anything For You

An upbeat pop tune to make visuals softer and calmer perhaps for a better life in the future or hopeful new beginning brings a happy feeling. This soothing ballad uses piano, oboe, guitar, strings and a solid beat to create a pleasant and easygoing atmosphere. Uses: films, television, videogames, radio, promos, presentations, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: love, romance, sadness, calm, Pop, ballad, love, emotional, romance, pop, full band, sweet, pensive

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Soft and pretty, this stock music track is an ethereal orchestral theme that feels emotional, sentimental and loving with a touch of sadness. It will be suitable audio content for use in romance dramas, love stories, touching moments, regrets, fond memories, friendship segments, love and loss, family sacrifices, and anything that requires an emotional edge in the sound bed. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A pretty, soft, Ethereal orchestral theme.

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Away From Her

This tune conveys a lonely remote feeling in an isolated location but it can also represent the morning sunrise. Some people awake energetically but most rise slowly like this piano piece. Picture the sun rising slowly over the horizon to a new and brilliant day. Slow symphonic orchestra rounds out the music. Uses: film, television, promos. Mood setting. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Sad Love

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Beautiful Classical Piano Lovers Theme

A bright and sentimental classical piece created with acoustic piano. It's full of awe-inspiring harmonies and melodies, an exceptional background music for all your romantic, loving, positive and happy visuals that will create a sense of belonging, goodness, togetherness and reassurance for a great future. This track will support visuals where there will be no more need for anxiety or worries; you can practically feel the beginning of something good, a certain goal or mission was achieved with flying colors, triumph, winning when it was against all odds. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Classical, orchestral, 20th Century, Baroque, Romantic, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Contempora

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Beautiful Rose

Piano, strings and oboe present a flowing, beautiful music score. Its tranquil feel is soothing for romantic films, television shows, montages and b-rolls. Love Story comes to mind when they first fall in love. Other uses: videogames, promos, radio, presentations, documentaries, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Oboe Love

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This is a very free-flowing, romantic and uplifting yet slightly melancholy piece of royalty free stock music. There's a modern, urban feel about it and features synth textures, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and smooth-ended percussion sounds. Place this track with love stories, sentimental scenes, romances, series, soap operas, dramas and many sorts of emotional footage. Use: film, radio, cable, satellite, television, podcasts, DVDs, youtube videos, audiobooks, atmospheric music, background music in nature stores. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Guitar Synth Percussion Love

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Bond Girl

A soothing and placid solo flute supported by orchestral accompaniments to create a peaceful and tranquil mood for romantic encounters or even an undisturbed moment between 2 people or alone. Uses: films, TV, promos, ads, websites, video games, animations, documentaries and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Calm Acoustic Flute Violin Strings Peaceful Quiet Romantic

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Boy Band Ballad

Here's a boy band pop ballad theme that will work with a variety of visuals, particularly family programming for television and shows that take place in high school or college, or just with a young demographic i.e., Glee, Community, soap operas, etc. The music track has a young, optimistic feel with upbeat rhythm, keyboards, organ, guitars and bass, which producers can use with sitcoms, comedies, romantic comedies, etc. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, cheesy, pop music, teen pop, bubblegum, dance, electro pop, power pop, pop rock, sunshine pop,

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Can't Comeback

Thought provoking, gentle, peaceful and subtly emotional, this is a beautiful copyright free music tune that will serve as background music for several things. Because it's so tender and sentimental, it will work well with romances, love stories, emotional moments, heart-breaking scenes, heartfelt situations, reflections of the past, regrets of decisions made, no turning back, love and loss, death and dying and a variety of footage that describes something rather serious and even tear-jerking. The piece is composed with electric Rhodes piano and strings. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Love, Peaceful/Calm, Relaxing, Hopeful, Gentle/Tender.

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Changing Places

A melodramatic tune with piano and strings will bring an emotional visual to mind. Any love story will benefit with this smooth, melancholy sound track. Uses: films, television, promos, commercials, presentations, web pages and videogames. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: orchestral, flowing, spacious, pure, emotional, piano, strings, open, relaxing, love, happy, caring,

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Children Grown Up

This sugary sweet, innocent Disney-like stock music soundtrack, with orchestral strings, piano, flute, oboe and glockenspiel is filled with gobs of tender, loving care! It's a romantic, bordering-on-cheesy piece and will work ideally with family-friendly programming in scenes of young optimism, idealism, carefree frolicking in the meadows, a couple in love, a mother deer taking care of her fawn in the untouched pristine danger-free forest, glorious memories of the past, a child dreaming and hoping for their future perfect life. Uses: in television and film for b-roll, montages, music over credit, animation, etc. [ by Ilya Kaplan ]

Tags: Acoustic Love Cheesy Piano Strings Glockenspiele Oboe Magic Kids

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Child's Dream

A slow, soothing lovely tune with piano and orchestra strings. Perfect for any tender love scene, a fond remembrance of a loved one or watching children play in filtered light streaming through a window. Will fill the scene with peaceful and serene ambience. Uses: films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, montages, b-rolls, websites, waiting room/elevator/call waiting, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Oboe Love

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Coming Back

Easy and relaxed beat conveys a reflective and uncolored palate to be used in a variety of settings. Piano, Rhodes piano and synth pad add texture and interest to the sound track. Use it in a drama, romantic films or TV shows. Perfect for nature, travel or informational documentaries, presentations, promos. The soothing tune can be a good fit for videogames, montages, credits and b-rolls. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Easy Listening. Nostalgic, Neutral, Easy, Friendly. Piano, Electric Piano/Rhodes, Synth Pad.

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Count On Me

Here's a very mellow, soft and beautiful orchestral stock music theme, which will be suitable for use in television, radio, web series/movies, documentaries, film, audiobooks for dramas, romance dramas, love stories, tender moments, subdued family meetings, serious subjects, dreaming, resting, death, dying, funerals, wakes, space/discovery topics, broken hearts and relationships, difficult decisions, regretful actions, pensive scenes, untouched nature scenes, meditation, yoga, tai chi, massage, poignant footage, self-improvement, new age subjects, instructional videos/DVDs. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A pretty, soft, orchestral theme. Suitable for use in film/dramapoignant/loving messages. Love/roman

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Dances With Barry

Flute, chorus, harp and orchestra parts romanticize this beautiful piece with soaring strings giving it a distant and soothing feel to it. Picture an otherworldly plain of grass flowing with the sounds of this tune or a magical forest full of happy animals, mystical fairies and wizards. Use it in b-rolls, montages, videogames, web pages, promos, presentations and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Love Theme Flute Harp Strings Quiet

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Day After The End Of War

The combination of piano, strings, oboe, along with carefully crafted sound design creates a sentimenal mood. With a moderately slow tempo, it derives the feeling of pride, gentleness and relief, perhaps after a stormy relationship or other kind of conflict. There's sadness but it seems like something in the past. It feels like it resolves here and from this point on, there's hope, calm, positive emotion, romance, peace and restoration. Uses: film/television, spots, b-roll, montages. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Proud, Gentle, emotional,film music,television movie stock musi

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Delicate Offerings

Composed with solo piano only, this is an upbeat and sentimental stock music track, which is perfect for the following kinds of visuals or subject matter: family gatherings, touching and emotional scenes, frolicking in nature, sharing quality time with close friends, random acts of kindness, caring for someone, lending a helping hand to a stranger, pride for family and other nostalgic moments in scenes, promos, commercials, ads, stories, presentations on television, film, web and radio. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: wedding, piano, love, cherish, sentimental, melody, harmony, warm, friendly, beautiful, friends, fam

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Don't Say

This is a modern rhythm and blues pop ballad stock music track, which feels very laid back and romantic. It's slow and deliberate, full of emotion and nostalgia, which is an excellent background music for love scenes, afterschool specials, romance dramas, soap operas, adult entertainment, comedies, sitcoms, sketches, re-enactments and more that your audience would find on television, web series or originals, movies, podcasts, radio stories, documentaries, games, apps, youtube videos, DVDs, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: slow, ballad, catchy, pop, r&b, cool, flowing, spacious, guitar, synths, solid groove, solid beat, o

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Take a relaxing, floating journey through your melancholy dreams with this ultra calm, modern and reflective stock music soundtrack, arranged synth textures, piano, harp, horns, orchestra and a variety of cinematic sound effects. It's sentimental and heartfelt, making it useful with visuals or subject related to love stories, romances, break ups, regrets, death, bad decisions made, fond or sad memories, dreams and illness, as well as with space and discovery topics, meditation, self-improvement, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Horns Harp Effects Love

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Piano and cello pair together to produce a beautiful and loving piece for a variety of visuals. Can be used for a reflective, sad or romantic background to evoke emotion. Perfect for a cinematic movie, TV show, radio, videogame, animation, wedding montage, b-roll and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: llove, emotion, elegant, peaceful, romance, sadness, longing, flowing, pure, emotional, innocent, ro

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Falling Leaves

Moments of solitude, regrets, long-lost love, past memories fading, broken get the picture; this royalty-free stock music piece is filled with sad emotions! Producers looking for a music backdrop that pulls at the heart strings have come to the right place. This piece, made with piano and strings is peaceful but extremely heart-wrenching, romantic and melodramatic. Use it in romantic dramas, dramas, love stories that didn't end very well, the death of a loved one, a terminal illness, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Beautiful underscore for moments of solitude. Past memories, warm and very sad. Filmscore/Cinematic.

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Feelings Of Hope

A very sentimental and soft piece awaits your beautiful span shots on-screen. It gives you a feeling of calm and warmth using sustained string section with a delicate melodic piano line. Starts out gentle and slow and ends triumphantly. Thoughts of noble actions, solid emotions, peace, death, beauty in nature. It's also filled with hope but is melancoly and serene. Uses: film, television spots, ads, promos, commercials, IDs, montages, interstitials, opens, etc. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: soft, delicate, warm, strings, happy, bold, strong, noble, warm, hope, strength, family, tragedy, am

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Few Regrets

Here's a romantic, smooth acoustic soundtrack, which features solo violin, folk guitar, fretless bass as well as hand percussion. The mellow background music is soothing, a bit bittersweet, calm and will nicely complement scenes of the countryside, sentimental subjects, travel/nature shows, radio podcasts/story telling, documentaries, websites, more (television, film, radio, web). [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Romantic Smooth Guitar Fretless Bass Violin Percussion

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Solo cello, percussion, piano and acoustic guitar produce this eclectic music track that begins softly and gradually builds up into faster section. It conveys many things, which makes it a versatile piece for various media. Use it for thrillers, drama, love stories/romances, action, soap operas and more for b-roll, clips, scenes and more on film, radio, web series and television. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: passion, emotion, acoustic, love, sadness, thoughtfull

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French Lovers

Romance is in the air anytime in Paris, but more so when the lights come out walking along the Seine with the Eiffel Tower looming in the background. This tune takes you directly to this site with its accordions, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and piano beautifully describing the bewitching city. Use this classic sound track in films, TV, videogames, animation, promos, travel ads, spots for anything Paris. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Accordion Guitar Glockenspiel Love

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Fresh Happy Summer Pop

This energetic pop piano tune can be used as background music for many scenes. Any upbeat, sunny setting, driving down the highway in a convertible, a happy gathering like a birthday party, teen dance in a comedy, jovial cartoon/animation, cheerful promo/presentation, feel good documentary and credits. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: pop, pop rock, indie pop, chart pop, singer songwriter pop,pop tracks, pop rock tracks, indie pop mu

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Gentle Touch

This beautiful track with a symphonic orchestra, piano and light percussions brings about a soothing and mystical mood. Perfect for a magical, uplifting scene like ones in the TV show Once Upon a Time. Other uses: fairy themed videogames like Jewel Match or Pixie, romantic cinematic scores, stunning promos or presentations and magnificent credits. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Rhodes Symphonic Orchestra Love Smooth

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Good Ending

To create a calming effect this piece uses tranquil orchestral sounds featuring piano and flute. Perfect for any understated scenes of triumph, romance, sadness, personal drama, satisfied/reflective feeling or old age. Use it for ending credits, montages, b-rolls, documentaries, promos, videogames and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: An emotional reflective film/drama underscore. Orchestra, flute , piano. Great for drama, personal s

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A beautiful piano tune evokes satisfaction, happiness and a little love. Its flowing nature gives any visual a pleasant and enjoyable sound track to be used in a lovely hotel lobby, films, television, radio, promos, documentaries, school projects, montages and videogames. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, love, emotion, passion, longing, flowing, pure, innocent, romance, piano, relaxing, love, hap

Grand (2:44) Play / MP3 $29.95


This beautiful piano and strings tune conveys emotion, longing, happiness, sadness all rolled up in one track. Perfect for modern dance sequence, romantic movie, piano recital, credits, radio, videogames, promos, presentations, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: romance, love, emotion, soft, sad, longing

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Here Comes The Bride

This iconic tune is done in the classical manner with the church organ so ubiquitous in almost every religious center around the nation. Perfect for wedding scenes in a church setting or elsewhere. Picture the lovely bride at the beginning of the aisle dressed in white moving to the music toward her groom at the altar while the guests stand at attention. Uses: wedding montages, b-rolls, films, TV, videogames, cartoons, animations, promos, presentations and documentaries. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Richard Wagner, Here Comes The Bride, Bridal Chorus, organ, class, romance, love, wedding, wedding,

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Hold On

Imagine Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey dancing to this 80�s type pop tune. A full band sound will engulf the entire screen with this powerful track. Use it in a dramatic dance sequence, a romantic promo/commercial, hidden object adventure video game, serious documentary, beginning and ending credits, montages and b-rolls. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Romance, love, powerfull, full band, emotional, grand, big

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I Couldn't Find You

A very disheartening, subdued yet thoughtful, reflective and contemplative copyright free stock music track that begins with a sad solo piano, which is later on joined by the strings section and finally the full orchestra. It's forlorn and heart-wrenching in its calm, slow pace with drawn out piano melody. This piece will work nicely with sorrowful, regretful, preoccupying, suppressed emotional scenes and sequences in dramas, romance dramas, love stories, game intros with dire premises and situations - use in podcasts, radio, television, film, audiobooks, games and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A reflective, thoughtful and contemplative track that starts with solo piano and is later joined by

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Image in the Mirror

This slow, melodic tune evokes love, memories and satisfaction. Remembering the past brings many different feelings and moods in this reflective piece with piano, symphonic orchestra, oboe and harp. Its beautiful sound is good for romantic films, television, videogames, promos, radio and montages. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Symphonic Orchestra Harp Oboe Sad

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Journey of a Lifetime

Featuring symphonic orchestra along with a solo piano and discrete percussion, here's a steady, slow and sentimental stock music piece, which is perfect to use with a number of themes and content for television, film, radio and web. For example, it's a nice fit with soap operas, Lifetime movies, romantic films on USA Network, period pieces. Use it with love scenes, happy family memories, watching children grow up, a new family member, a carefree drive though the countryside, nature themes and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Symphonic Orchestra Oboe sentimental cheesy

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Just A Day

This modern pop tune encapsulates the essence of love with piano, strings and synths. Its rousing spirit will texture visuals for romantic, comedic, happy films or television shows. Perfect background for fun videogames of life or nature movies. It is a good fit for uplifting presentations, promos, wedding montages and projects. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, modern, solid groove, piano, strings, uplifting, flowing, loving, emotional, flowing, spacious

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Last Goodbye

This ambient music with piano, symphonic orchestra, oboe and harp will enhance any mood for a scene. Can be used in a romantic setting or even a forlorn, pensive atmosphere. Lost in thought, reflecting on a fond memory or absorbed in one’s thought comes to mind listening to this soothing melody. Uses: mood setting films, television, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, web pages and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Symphonic Orchestra Oboe Harp Sad

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Life Path

This piece creates a pensive and anxious feel in the beginning with a light piano beat leading into symphonic orchestral strings soothing the path and ending with a clear and strong guitar. Uses: in any beautiful scene where mood music will be appropriate in films, televisions, games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Symphonic Orchestra Guitar Sad

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Light Comedy

Pizzicato with bells, oboe, clavinet is used in a fun, light way to make this short tune delightful and buoyant. Can be used in a happy children’s scene, a Marie Antoinette inspired dance or a toy shop full of animated toys. Uses: film score, television, promos, presentation, documentaries, videogames, cartoons, animation, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Classical/Contemporary. Regal/Aristocratic, Unhurried. Bells, Pizzicato, Oboe, Clavinet. Epic/Historical

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Light Comedy 2 (0:54) Play / MP3 $19.95

Little Star

A short piano solo with soothing orchestral sounds to add to the romantic and calming mood of this beautiful piece. Brings to mind a reflective moment in time by oneself. Uses: film and TV montages, b-rolls, promos, ads, mood setting, documentary. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Symphonic Orchestra Love

Little Star (1:06) Play / MP3 $14.95

Lonely Cloud

This short, luminous track evokes a soothing, happy moment using strings, harp and oboe. Its simple but pleasant sound can be used in a variety of films, television, videogames, promos, presentations, radio, montages and credits. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Harp Orchestra Strings Oboe Melancholic

Lonely Cloud (1:08) Play / MP3 $14.95

Look of Innocence

There's something very innocent and naive about this sad, slow, sentimental copyright free stock music track. It feels like it's full of love, and it's pouring with emotion. Composed with synth pads, Rhodes keyboard and symphonic orchestra, place it with nostalgic scenes, heartfelt moments and anything that requires even more pathos built into it. Uses: film, podcasts, DVDs, radio, cable, satellite, television, audiobooks, games, web series, youtube videos. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: sad,heartbreaking,tender,tragic,slow,soft

Look of Innocence (1:07) Play / MP3 $14.95

Looking Back On Summer Pop

Composed with the end of summer in mind, producers looking for background music with a feeling of nostalgia, for example, looking back on an amazing summer spent with a loved one, driving by the beach as the sun sets in an orange sky, remembering the gorgeous summer days hanging out with friends with no worries in the near future, good times spent in the past etc. Use this with shows involving high school life, for an After School Special (branded programming block for teenagers), infomercials, commercials, radio and podcasts. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: pop, pop rock, indie pop, chart pop, singer songwriter pop,pop tracks, pop rock tracks, indie pop mu

Looking Back On Summer Pop (3:05) Play / MP3 $29.95

Lost and Found

An awakening or a revelation of love is created with Rhodes piano, strings and oboe. This slow, short, simple tune gradually brings out the magic in any setting. Imagine lovers� first realization of their connection in a film or fairies slowly rising to the morning sun in an animation or videogame. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Rhodes Symphonic Orchestra Oboe Smooth

Lost and Found (1:23) Play / MP3 $14.95

Love Of My Life

This is a very sweet stock music track that is sentimental and beautiful. It's meant to tug a little at the heart strings and will be useful with love scenes, romantic passages, tender moments and anything that is emotional and touching. Uses: film, radio, web originals, television, cable, satellite channels, as well as for commercials promoting intimate or private products. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Very beautiful underscore for sentimental moments with passionate orchestration and gorgeous melody.

Love Of My Life (3:59) Play / MP3 $34.95

Lovers Theme

The traditional and subdued lover’s theme solo piano piece has influences of pop and classical styles and was meant to be paired with love scenes, romance visuals, emotional moments or heartbreaking scenes where someone is lost, a breakup, a caring moment and an assortment of scenes that are sentimental and poignant. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Classical, orchestral, 20th Century, Baroque, Romantic, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Contempora

Lovers Theme (2:35) Play / MP3 $29.95

Making Decision

The full arrangement of this epic sounding film score is something you'd hear in thrillers like Silence of the Lambs, The Walking Dead, The Sixth Sense, The Ring and other big scale films. Made with a complete symphony orchestra, the score focuses on drama, excitement, horror, thrill, suspense, dread and approaching danger followed by a softer section that sounds more calm, hopeful and perhaps will make the audience believe that things are going to return to normal. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Exciting, Dramatic, Suspense, Hopeful. Strings, Symphony Orchestra. Drama.

Making Decision (3:27) Play / MP3 $34.95

Meant To Be

A full band arrangement expresses an emotional, romantic sound track. Perfect for a finale in a long and arduous journey to the end. Use it in a romantic comedy or drama, radio, television, cinema, videogame, wedding montage, documentary, promo and credits. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: love, ballad, building, flowing, passionate, longing, caring, emotional, flowing, dynamic, solid gro

Meant To Be (1:43) Play / MP3 $24.95


This sentimental and emotional piano piece backed by soft string accompaniment is thoughtful, reflective and peaceful. A perfect background music for a soap opera scene, music over end credits on a film or movie for TV, or music for a wedding website. Additionally, it would be ideal for visuals of wedding preparation, wedding ceremonies and scenes depicting pensive moments. It's a slow, soft and mellow track but at the same time positive, joyful and heartfelt. Uses: b-roll, montages, web music, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: love, romance, spacious, peaceful, calm, soft, emotional, piano, strings

Memories (2:15) Play / MP3 $24.95

Memories of the Past

A pretty, romantic stock music soundtrack such as this one was made with orchestral strings, piano, french horn, gong and a gentle Rhodes. It's definitely the type of piece to be paired with sentimental, emotional, heartfelt footage, whether it's for visual content or non-visual audio material. Uses: radio stories, love stories, romances, tender moments, poignant pieces, serious dramas, soap operas, nature footage, television segments, film footage, podcasts, DVDs, game intros or story lines, youtube videos, audiobooks, web originals such as movies, series, specials or sites. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Rhodes Symphonic Orchestra Piano Love

Memories of the Past (2:34) Play / MP3 $14.95

Memories Of The Past

Slow, emotional and thought-provoking, here's a stock music film score that is ideal for a made for television love story movie or any other movie or show with scenes that are sad and heart-wrenching. Words that can describe this music: sentimental, heart-breaking, depressing, regretful, pensive, tearful. It's arranged with piano and strings and is meant to touch the hearts of your audience members. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Sad, Pensive/Thoughtful, Emotional. Strings, Piano. Drama.

Memories Of The Past (1:13) Play / MP3 $19.95

Moonlight Sonata

This copyright free music features a Beethoven piece that nearly everyone will recognize. It's a more modern version of Moonlight Sonata created with timpani, drums, chimes, piano and dramatic low strings. Suitable to accompany love scenes, pensive moments, romantic montages, trying times, serious images and maybe even sad events. Also is ideal for any documentaries or specials related to the composer himself, Ludwig van Beethoven. Uses: promos, b-roll, montages, opens, IDs, spots, commercials and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: beethoven, moonlight sonata, public domain, original version, powerful, dark, dark, suspense, grippi

Moonlight Sonata (1:10) Play / MP3 $19.95

Morning Breeze

Here's an emotional and sentimental musical piece that was arranged with oboe, piano and strings. It's mellow, sad yet with a hint of hope in the distance. It's the sort of audio track that will work well inside soap operas, romance novel audiobooks, love stories, dramas, fantasy segments, adult entertainment. It can also be used as something completely more kitsch and comical in sketches much like the content found on shows like SNL and 2nd City. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: gentle, romance, love, emotional, caring, flowing, piano, oboe, flowing, pure, emotional, innocent

Morning Breeze (2:26) Play / MP3 $24.95

My Best Friend

Here's a pretty tune produced with piano, orchestral strings, synth pads, acoustic guitar, flute and chorus. With flowing melodies and light, airy and uplifting accompaniment, it's very sentimental, positive and loving, which will make it useful for television dramas, love stories, romantic episodes, emotional scenes, caring family memories or moments and anything that is confident yet heartfelt. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Orchestra Strings Guitar Flute Choirs Relief

My Best Friend (2:24) Play / MP3 $14.95

My Father

Bring out the kleenex because this stock music piece is genuinely woeful. Created with soft and gentle piano and strings, it brings out heartfelt emotions and while it's very sad and tender sounding as well as regretful, you manage to get a feeling that there's a light at the end of the tunnel and that at some point in time, things will simply become easier. It's soulful, sorrowful, romantic and nostalgic making it a good fit with dramas, love stories, scenes with death or departing, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Easy Listening, Filmscore/Cinematic. Love, Sad, Nostalgic, Soft/Smooth, Peaceful/Calm, Pleasant/Nice

My Father (3:16) Play / MP3 $29.95

My Life

This reflective, soothing piano piece with orchestral strings and oboe can bring nostalgic, sentimental feeling to a scene without weighing the mood down. Life has been good and this beautiful tune portrays that with the lightness and airy atmosphere. Uses: films, montages, b-rolls, television shows, promos, presentations, visual novels, games, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Oboe Nostalgic

My Life (3:33) Play / MP3 $29.95

Never Know

Chill out with this sentimental and melancholy stock music piece played by acoustic guitar and accompanied by a fretless bass guitar. It's excellent background music for the following themes: love and romance, travel, nature, drama to be used in footage, b-roll, montages, interstitial material on television, on the radio and for film. It's an earthy sound that will fit particularly well with nature programming found on channels such as Discovery, PBS, BBC, CBC, Discovery Planet, Travel Channel and other similar stations all over the world. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Fretless Electric Bass Chorus Melancholic

Never Know (3:18) Play / MP3 $29.95

Never Too Late

As a sentimental and hopeful sounding stock music track made with piano, solo oboe, orchestral strings and Rhodes arpeggios, this is ideal background music that will work well with romances, love stories, dramas, regretful moments, missed opportunities, travel and nature scenes, tender and/or emotional scenes, poignant moments. Uses with radio, DVDs, film, cable, satellite, web series, television, audiobooks, game intros, youtube videos and other heart-felt pieces on various media. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Oboe Rhodes

Never Too Late (2:23) Play / MP3 $14.95

On And On

This solo piano piece evokes melodramatic feelings with soothing strings. It begins with tender loving melody, continues in a passionate path and ends in a calmer, soothing tune. Uses: films, television, promos, videogames, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, loving, emotional, longing, passionate, grand, lonely, sad, strings, flowing, pure, emotional

On And On (2:45) Play / MP3 $24.95

One Together

This is a sentimental yet inspiring love ballad arranged with a full band. It makes a bold statement or declaration of love or conviction and will fit very well inside footage on soap operas, adult entertainment, dramas, science fiction, and even in the right places in comedies, sitcoms, sketches and more. Place this stock music track with content from the radio, audiobooks, apps, games, films, DVDs, satellite, cable and digital television, web content such as sites, originals, series and movies. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: ballad, pop, love, romance, emotional, longing, feelings, flowing, dynamic, solid groove, pure, emot

One Together (2:03) Play / MP3 $24.95

Open Country

An easy listening piece with piano and strings will bring about a pleasant, undisturbed moment in time. Its versatility can highlight romantic, peaceful and reflective settings in films, television, radio, promos, presentations and montages. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, strings, peaceful, soft, reflective, thoughtful, sad, romance, spacious, romance, piano

Open Country (2:41) Play / MP3 $24.95

Passionate Memories

This is a stock music piano piece composed with cello accompaniment. It's serious and sentimental with a slightly bittersweet feel. It also has a ceremonial vibe, which can be used in formal ceremony scenes. Uses: soap operas, adult entertainment, dramas, travel shows, biographies, historical pieces, fantasy features, emotional scenes and more on film, television, radio, podcasts, youtube videos, DVDs, audiobooks, web originals such as series, documentaries and movies, pc and mac computer games or console games like wii, xbox and playstation, apps. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, cello, love, sadness, romance, longing, emotional, peaceful, emotional, romance, piano, strin

Passionate Memories (2:28) Play / MP3 $24.95


Arranged with synth arpeggiator, violins and other strings, this positive royalty free music screams motivation, inspiration, enthusiasm, encouragement and all around general glee. It'll be a great match for television, web, film, radio for positive b-roll and happy footage, theatrical themes, company presentations and reels. Different versions are available. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Pop,Happy, Funny, Broadcasting,Inspiration,Presentation,Electro Pop,Radio,TV,Motion,Global Business,

Primavera Full (1:03) Play / MP3 $19.95
Primavera 30 (0:30) Play / MP3 $14.95
Primavera Logo (0:07) Play / MP3 $14.95
Primavera Loop A (0:15) Play / MP3 $14.95
Primavera Loop B (0:15) Play / MP3 $14.95
Primavera Nointro (0:55) Play / MP3 $19.95


Rhodes, synths, orchestral strings and piano create a soothing, relaxing mood. Imagine a shimmering pool of water where one can go to gather thoughts or watch one�s own reflection as the water swirls. Perfect for a mysterious fairy videogame or a sad, dramatic cinematic scene. Other uses: television, radio, promos, presentations, documentaries, montages and credits. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Oboe Rhodes Wind Melancholic

Reflections (4:56) Play / MP3 $29.95

Reflections Of The Past

Sentimental and very bittersweet can best describe this beautiful royalty free stock music piece. It's the type of music score that will work well with the following themes/ideas/subjects/topics: solitude, lost love, forgotten dreams, war memories, war aftermath, life's regrets, bad decisions, irrevocable differences, separations, giving up something very dear, tender moments, past memories, heart break, break ups, etc. The piece is made with piano and strings and is a very emotional sound bed for footage and non-visual content for television, radio, podcasts, games, youtube videos, DVDs, film, audiobooks, and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Beautiful underscore for moments of solitude. Past memories, warm and sad. Filmscore/Cinematic. Soft

Reflections Of The Past (1:34) Play / MP3 $24.95

Romance Of Old Generations

Romantic and slightly leaning toward cheesy, this royalty free stock music piano with strings piece is a soft and sentimental piece that will complement the following visual and non-visual themes: love stories, young romances, soap operas, friendships, loyalty, emotional dramas, loving scenes, shots with animals doing poignant gestures, gentle moments, etc. Uses: television, radio, youtube videos, audiobooks, podcasts, film, web movies, made-for-television movies, direct-to-DVD movies. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: love stories, romances, Love, Smooth, soft, Peaceful,Calm, Romantic,cheesy

Romance Of Old Generations 1 (0:55) Play / MP3 $19.95
Romance Of Old Generations 2 (0:55) Play / MP3 $19.95

Romantic Wish

Composed with lush strings and soft bells, this a a romantic piece of copyright free stock music, which borders on cheesy. However, it's sweet, gentle and full of loving emotion even if there's a slight hint of nostalgia. Place it as background music for romance dramas, love stories, Disney movies, family-friendly material, emotional content, romance comedies, sketches and more on podcasts, television, film, DVDs, audiobooks, radio, youtube videos, audiobooks, web originals and kids' games. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: innocent, christmas, holidays, pure, holidays, flowing, emotional, romance, flowing, spacious, percu

Romantic Wish (2:18) Play / MP3 $24.95

Second Chance

An ambient and lingering intro starts off this music soundtrack followed by sentimental melodies and sounds with synth textures, reverb piano and a more full sound with orchestra, acoustic guitar, strings, harp and oboe. This track can be matched with the following themes: love/romance, emotional family histories, trials and tribulations, a failed endeavor and sad endings in dramas and other serious tone content for film, television, radio, web and books. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Oboe Synth Pad Sad

Second Chance (2:21) Play / MP3 $14.95

Secret Garden

Here's a beautiful and modern copyright free stock music track that is a romantic tune with a subtle hint of mystery, a slight beat, piano, suspense synth lines, orchestra strings and bold horns, solo oboe and various cinematic effects. It will work nicely with fantasy, mystery, love and romance, some nature and travel and loads of other types of themes and genres for film, on television, radio, podcasts, youtube videos, audiobooks, hidden object games for story lines and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Symphonic Orchestra Oboe Synth Beat

Secret Garden (1:35) Play / MP3 $14.95

Sentimental Journeys

This beautiful tune is captured with just a solo piano to create optimism and hopefulness. Perfect for romantic visual novels without being too syrupy. Use it in cinematic scenes, lighthearted promos/commercials, presentations, documentaries, waiting room music, montages, b-rolls and credits. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: piano, love, wedding, lovely, beautiful, precious, inspire, tender, delicate, soft, special, family,

Sentimental Journeys (2:30) Play / MP3 $24.95

Sexy Sax

This smooth sax jazz piece is sophisticated, romantic and laidback. Picture a modern Manhattan high-rise apartment overlooking the lights of the city, a cool nightclub, two people in love or a quiet drink at a hotel bar. Uses: films, television, promos, presentation, documentaries, videogames, montages, b-rolls and credits. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Soft/Smooth Jazz. Erotic/Sexy, Soft/Smooth, Stylish, Romantic, Charmed. Saxophone, Jazz Band. Romantic

Sexy Sax (0:50) Play / MP3 $19.95

She is

A flowing, beautiful piece with acoustic guitar, piano and orchestral strings bring about memories of a loved one in happier times. This lovely, romantic track can be used in beginning and ending credits, films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, radio, montages and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Acoustic Guitar Orchestra Strings Love

She is (2:29) Play / MP3 $14.95

Silent Romance

A gentle, loving piece is portrayed by orchestral strings, acoustic guitar, piano and synth choirs. Perfect for creating a restful and beautiful mood in films or TV shows. Imagine wedding pictures scrolling through with this romantic track playing in the background. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Acoustic Guitar Orchestra Strings Choirs Pads Love

Silent Romance (2:02) Play / MP3 $14.95

Sitcom Pop

This stock music has a family-friendly theme and would go well with a sitcom or any visuals related to a popular, fun, light environment: entertainment programs, comedies, sitcoms, family programming. It will provide a musical identity and theme for your credit roles or titles. As an uplifting and happy tune it evokes a sense of joy and sends a positive message. Uses: television spots, credits, promos, programming, IDs, interstitials, montages, b-roll, opens, closes, bumpers, 80s shows. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: pop, pop rock, indie pop, chart pop, singer songwriter pop,pop tracks, pop rock tracks, indie pop mu

Sitcom Pop (2:18) Play / MP3 $24.95

Soft Piano Tinkling

Arranged with a quiet, sentimental sounding piano, this excellent minimalistic stock music piece features a descending piano line with a light right hand tinkling around. Use this piece for a wide variety of love and romantic scenes - for television, radio stories, podcasts, youtube videos, film, web movies, audiobooks and even games. Other uses: commercials, corporate material, DVDs, instructional videos, etc. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Classical, orchestral, 20th Century, Baroque, Romantic, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Contempora

Soft Piano Tinkling (3:12) Play / MP3 $29.95

Soldiers Heart

Flowing, beautiful tune with harp, acoustic piano, bass, oboe, horns and strings. An emotional and heartfelt sound track for those wonderful moments when 2 people connect for the first time, a birth of child, watching from afar or reminiscing days past. Uses: films, television, promos, commercials, presentations, documentaries, videogames, beginning credits, office music, call on hold, web pages and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Emotional , loving , positive , thoughtful

Soldiers Heart (0:47) Play / MP3 $19.95


This retro sounding romantic track brings a flood of emotions to any setting. Love, happiness, and reflection all are present with this simple piano and strings piece. Perfect for drama or comedy. Use it in b-rolls, wedding montages, credits, promos, presentations, projects and cinema. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: love, emotional, flowing, caring, happy, relaxing, soft, gentle, flowing, spacious, emotional, piano

Solitude (2:39) Play / MP3 $29.95

Solved Mystery

This is a very sedate, mellow, thought-provoking, reflective and contemplative stock music track that begins with melancholy solo piano and is later followed with the addition of strings and eventually a full orchestra. It sounds both hopeful and sorrowful perhaps filled with regrets and bad decisions that are too late to reverse. Uses: television, film, radio, podcasts, audiobooks and more for television, radio, film, cable and satellite channel programming, as well as for youtube videos and DVDs. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A reflective, thoughtful and contemplative track that starts with solo piano and is later joined by

Solved Mystery (1:22) Play / MP3 $19.95

Sophies Song

This light and soothing piano tune can be used in a variety of settings. Perfect for when the bridesmaids and other participants walk down the center aisle of a church just before the main event or a sweet first romantic meeting. Use it in love stories in films/TV, relationships, promos, presentations, office music, calls on hold, credits, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Classical, orchestral, 20th Century, Baroque, Romantic, Medieval, Renaissance, Classical, Contempora

Sophies Song (2:58) Play / MP3 $29.95

Sounds of Soul

Orchestral strings and a reverbed piano produce this melancholy, somewhat sad and introspective piece of stock music. It could be romantic, regretful, reflective and even tragic with its sustaining string sound and lonely piano melodies. Uses: film, television, web shows, radio for themes of love, loss, shame, regret, tragedy, death, dying, failure. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Melancholic Sad

Sounds of Soul (2:29) Play / MP3 $14.95


Strong, emotional piano piece accented with strings, horns and percussion awakens deep feelings. Its winning and successful mood brings an upbeat and good feel to a variety of settings. Use it in cinema, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, radio, montages, b-rolls, credits (beginnings or endings) and school projects. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, strings, horns, percussion, love, emotional, romance

Success (2:06) Play / MP3 $24.95

Summer Britpop

Fun in the sun rock track with guitars, Hammond organ and rhythmic drums with a medium, steady beat you can use in many different backgrounds. A happy tune full of life and activities for a crowded California beach scene or out of school for the summer feel. Uses: films, television, promos, websites, presentations, documentaries, montages, b-rolls, ads. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, cheesy, pop music, teen pop, bubblegum, dance, electro pop, power pop, pop rock, sunshine pop,

Summer Britpop (4:49) Play / MP3 $39.95

Sunrise On 9Th Of May

Soulful and touching, this peaceful copyright free stock music piece instills a certain ambience with just a small ensemble of piano and strings. It's so calm and relaxing it would fit perfectly with the following subjects: yoga, meditation, tai chi, hypnosis, relaxation techniques, massage, sauna music, funeral music, death and dying, lost love, regrets, new age philosophies, illness, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Ambient/New Age. Peaceful/Calm, Relaxing, Pensive/Thoughtful, Soulful, Hopeful. Strings, Piano.

Sunrise (1:04) Play / MP3 $19.95

Sweet Memories

A romantic, slightly corny pop ballad features strings, piano, flute and oboe, which then builds up into a chorus section with drums and bass. Picture a romantic comedy scene or family friendly movie with positive images, sweet and innocent visuals of young love, high school antics (think "Glee"), puppies playing, kittens throwing around a ball of yarn, or even a comedy spoof (SNL, Teamcoco) on any of those kinds of shots. Uses: montages, b-roll, websites, interstitials, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, oboe, romance, love, emotion, pop, ballad, gentle, flowing

Sweet Memories (1:42) Play / MP3 $24.95


This light and tranquil piece evokes romance and happiness through harp, orchestra strings and Rhodes. Picture a young or old couple first realizing that there’s more to it than their friendship. Filtered lighting and pleasant surroundings can round out the visual for this calm, retrospective sound track. Uses: films, TV, montages, b-roll, promos, presentation, documentaries, videogames and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Orchestra Strings Harp Rhodes Melancholic

Sympathy (2:14) Play / MP3 $14.95


Using 2 acoustic guitars this beautiful tune evokes different emotions. Its diaphanous sound can bring about romance, sadness, loneliness, reflection, regret, tenderness and longing. Uses: dramatic and romantic movies, television, videogames, promos, documentaries, montages and b-rolls. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Tender and delicate, fragile, with two acoustic guitar. Regretful, sad, longing, sorrowful. Loneline

Syriana 1 (3:07) Play / MP3 $29.95
Syriana 2 (1:48) Play / MP3 $24.95
Syriana 3 (2:49) Play / MP3 $29.95
Syriana 4 (1:49) Play / MP3 $24.95

Things Happen

This is a tranquil, lovely piano tune with orchestra strings to soothe the melody. Sit back and relax in this piece that can be used in a romantic dinner setting, a period piece parlor or a leisurely walk through the park. This sound track will slowly bring a smile to your face. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, credits, documentaries, waiting room/call waiting/elevator, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Love

Things Happen (0:55) Play / MP3 $14.95

Thinking Of You

Arranged with piano, cello and a steady playing background string section, this melodic musical piece creates an intimate, emotional and romantic setting and one might imagine a pianist at a grand piano, candelabra sitting atop the piano and all set in a marble floored, gold-embellished elaborate mansion with spiraling staircase in utter opulence. Of course, with a perfectly matched couple completely in love with each other and dancing and twirling as if there are no cares left on earth. Although it feels like a match made in heaven there are hints of melancholy and sadness in the atmosphere. Uses: film, television, promos, spots, pieces set in the early 1900s, websites featuring nostalgic items, spots for luxury apparel for a certain age. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: romance, light, peaceful, love, emotional, caring, sad, thoughtful, pensive, flowing, emotional, inn

Thinking Of You (2:51) Play / MP3 $29.95

Those Were The Day

Piano orchestra strings, drums, harp, oboe and percussions combine to bring together the days gone by. Sounding like waves crashing the rocky shores the percussion effects climax the hard days of youth but returns to the calm present at the end. Perfect for any reminiscent scenes, contemplating the hopeful future or decisive present. Uses: films, television, montages, b-rolls, videogames, promos, documentaries, presentations, office music, radio, web pages and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Oboe Harp Beat Effects Nostalgic

Those Were The Day (1:49) Play / MP3 $14.95

Thoughtful Friend

With beautiful orchestral strings supporting a reverberated piano, this excellent copyright free stock music track is perfect for romantic interludes and footage with emotional and sentimental content. Whether it's for background music with love stories/sequences or a tribute to friendship this track will work also with other kinds of themes: dramas, nature, travel, commercials and more on television, film, podcasts, radio, audiobooks, youtube videos, DVDs, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic Piano Orchestra Strings Love

Thoughtful Friend (0:58) Play / MP3 $14.95

Tiger Bay

Cry your eyes out with this moving classical flute piece featuring flutist Susannah Trussler (London School of Music), playing with an orchestral accompaniment. The music will fit perfectly in soap opera shows, sentimental or heart-wrenching visuals for film and television or for tearful or romantic subjects (storytelling podcasts) on the radio. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Flute Acoustic Orchestra Strings Romantic Love Soft Guitar Romance

Tiger Bay (3:33) Play / MP3 $39.95


An old-fashion yet upbeat love ballad with calm R&B beat, strings and piano. The music is flowing and emotional and may well accompany a light romance scene, a first-time dinner date, an older couple dancing together on the dance floor. Will work well for promos of 80s movies/romances, a couple strolling through the park filled with fall leaves or a wide variety of visuals. Uses: television scenes, spots, ads, commercials, IDs, montages. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: flowing, guitar, solid groove, solid beat, pure, emotional, innocent, romance, piano, hip hop, strin

Time (1:35) Play / MP3 $24.95

To The End

Here's a dripping sweet, romantic, emotional and even border lining on cheesy piece royalty free stock music, made with oboe and piano. It builds up into chorus section and introduces with bass, drums and strings. Place this track with soap operas, romantic dramas, love stories, young love, emotional footage, heartfelt shots and scenes and more on television, film, youtube videos, audiobooks, games, web movies, made-for-television movies, direct-to-DVD movies, radio, podcasts. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: light, pop, pleasant, carefree, happy, positive, loving, emotional, flowing, spacious, solid groove,

To The End (1:02) Play / MP3 $19.95

Touch Of The Past

This is a cinematic style royalty free stock music soundtrack made with strings and piano. It sounds perfect for made-for-TV movie dramas that are touching, sad, regretful, emotional, heart-wrenching, peaceful, loving and melancholy, but will have other applications in film, radio, podcasts, web originals, game intros/stories, audiobooks, more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Sad, Dramatic, Peaceful/Calm, Sorrowful, Emotional. Strings, Piano. Drama.

Touch Of The Past (3:03) Play / MP3 $29.95

Treasured Moments

This sweet and sentimental piano melody with strings is a perfect background music for creating wholesome and treasured moments. Picture a loving family gathering, the arrival of a spouse or family member after a long absence, spending quality time with loved ones, teaching a child how to ride a bike, a couple snuggling in front of a fireplace, a baby taking his first steps, etc. Uses in soap operas, family friendly movies and shows, corny moments - for montages, b-roll, interstitials, opens/intros. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: treasured, piano, pretty, wholesome, treasure, important, family, piano, melody, health, innocent, n

Treasured Moments (2:13) Play / MP3 $24.95

Uptempo Brit Pop

Taking inspiration from the English pop rock band, Savage Garden, this stock music tune is a track that will help inspire and motivate your audience. Use it as a background music for uplifting scenes, happy events, commercials, spots, promos and more on television, radio and film, but the music will work impeccably as well for corporate materials such as Human Resource videos, presentations to stock holders, employee motivational materials, technology shows and reports. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Pop, Indie, indie pop, Indie rock, rock, guitar bands, punk, emo, brit pop, brit rock, pop rock, tee

Uptempo Brit Pop (2:53) Play / MP3 $29.95


From an emotional beginning this tune builds upon the flowing music with piano, strings and cello. It is full of love, romance and beauty. Uses: drama or love films and television shows, videogames, promos, presentations, documentaries and credits. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, cello, strings, flowing, emotional, love, romance, flowing, pure, emotional, romance, piano,

Victory (1:20) Play / MP3 $19.95


Here's a modern, sentimental piece of romantic music played on solo harmonica, fretless electric bass guitar, acoustic guitar, and hand percussion. It yells love and romance or deep feelings but with a twist of the countryside, so if it's not used with a love story, it can also be used in nature scenery or even travel subjects. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Harmonica Fretless Bass Smooth Love

Wanderings (3:41) Play / MP3 $29.95


Solo violin, fretless electric bass, solo acoustic guitar and hand percussion combined make this modern, gentle romantic piece of copyright free music. It's flowing with positivity, emotions and lightness, which makes it ideal background music for romantic comedies, dramas, soap operas, montages, b-roll, interstitial material, travel and nature programming, commercials for health and beauty products, sentimental radio stories. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Violin Fretless Bass Electric Guitar Percussion Smooth Love

Watersheds (3:10) Play / MP3 $29.95

We Will Meet Again

Sweet, loving and full of hope, this is a romantic stock music soundtrack arranged with orchestral strings, solo oboe, light percussion section, harp and reverberated piano. It's heartfelt and positive and will work with many kinds of family friendly shows or movies or for romantic content, i.e., love stories, fantasy worlds, romantic dramas and more - on television, satellite, radio, DVDs, podcasts, film, games, web movies, youtube videos, audiobooks and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Romantic, love,hopeful,romances,fantasy,cheesy

We Will Meet Again (1:15) Play / MP3 $14.95

World To Know

A full band arrangement accentuates the sax solo to build an intense pop ballad. Perfect for reflective romantic scenes. This beautiful piece intensifies the moment and leaves you in a good place. Uses: films, television, promos, documentaries, videogames (visual novels), montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: pop, ballad, powerful, emotional, intense, full band, passion, powerful, solid beat, pure, emotional

World To Know (1:56) Play / MP3 $24.95

Wrestling With Angels

A long easy-going sound track that evokes a country or western mood with acoustic guitar, violin, fretless bass and hand percussion, perfect for a number of pastoral scenes. Can be used in a love story in films or TV, rural or rustic documentaries, nature or backcountry presentations, credits for opening or closing, promos, travel ads, video games and more. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Violin Fretless Bass Percussion Smooth Love

Wrestling With Angels (4:07) Play / MP3 $29.95


Here's a romantic solo piano stock music piece with light strings accompaniment. It builds up slowly into an uplifting chorus section. Use it with love stories in television drama series (Parenthood, Grey's Anatomy, soap operas, Revenge, Smash and others), particularly for a younger demographic. For example, in shows like Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: love, emotion, peaceful, romance, piano, strings, passion, uplifting, thoughtful, pensive

You (2:24) Play / MP3 $24.95

Yours Forever

A sweeping, flowing sound track with strings, synths and organ produces an expansive, blissful feeling to be used in a variety of scenes for films and television. Perfect for a great feeling promo or commercial. Other uses: nature documentaries, videogames, credits, montages, b-rolls, music on hold, offices and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: love, emotional, flowing, caring, ballad, happy, relaxing, flowing, spacious, percussion, solid groo

Yours Forever (1:16) Play / MP3 $19.95

You're The One

This is a sentimental sounding pop ballad music track that starts out calmly, then builds up momentum into a full orchestrated vocal section. It's filled with lots of TLC! Some might find this music schmaltzy and cheesy. Uses: soap operas, footage in dramas, love stories, emotional montages and more for television films or shows. On the other hand, it can be used for comic relief/spoofs in comedy sketches, something you'd see on SNL. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: ballad, romance, emotion, love, pop, flowing, lush, flowing, spacious, synths, pure, emotional, inno

You're The One (1:58) Play / MP3 $24.95

You’re My Hero

An airy and dreamy like sound track that can be used in a romantic sequence, fairy setting or for a nature film as well as a sad and forlorn scene. Beautifully portrayed by piano, strings and voices creating an almost relaxing atmosphere. Uses: film scores, television, video games, website, documentaries, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Dreamy/Reflective, Peaceful/Calm, Relaxing. Strings, Piano, Choir.

You’re My Hero (1:33) Play / MP3 $24.95