Comedy / dance

70's Party After School

A mellow, laidback rock tune that does not overwhelm in order to get an upbeat, fun vibe for visuals using guitars, bass, drums. Use it for youth related beach scenes, school fun, after school mischief and more. Reminiscent of Beach Boys' songs and movies. Uses: promos, presentations, documentaries, websites, videogames, movies and more. [ by Ilya Kaplan ]

Tags: contemporary drums guitars, bass school upbeat rock

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This is a bouncy, upbeat tune to use in background settings for a happy, busy scene. Someone jauntily walking down a crowded street or a videogame going from one avenue to another looking for fun hidden objects come to mind listening to this exuberant piece. Uses: videogames, TV, film, promos, presentations, ads, documentaries and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, pop, club, teen, modern, driving, energetic, action, synths, solid groove, bass, groovy, soli

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Cocky Guy

This is a light-hearted, metallic sounding, somewhat funky and dynamic copyright free music tune, somewhere between comedy and action. The arrangement uses electric bass, percussion instruments, human voice effects, Rhodes and beats. It's a little retro but altogether rather fun and will work for a medley of uses in television, film, radio, internet, games. [ by Ilya Kaplan ]

Tags: Electronic Dynamic Rhodes Beat Bass Samples Voices Fun

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Comedic Tale

Here's an extremely fun, comedic stock music track featuring a tuba, strings and orchestra. It sounds sneaky, suspenseful and even at times circus-like yet overall light-hearted, which will match well with comedies, sitcoms, cartoons and animated series or features. You could imagine this music with movies like Elf, The Grinch, Home Alone, The Addams Family and other content with similar types of humor. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Comedy. Funny, Suspense, Wary. Strings, Tuba. Comedy/Humour/Sitcom, Cartoons.

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Comedy Central 2

A retro, funkalicious stock music piece of band music made of electric guitars, drum grooves and horns creates lots of energy and positive vibes and is very well suited for television series (sitcoms, comedies, comedy sketches) to use in promos, montages, interstitials, opens and IDs as well as for web series and web films, games. The enthusiasm it conveys also makes it ideal to use as background music in commercials for fun products or activities. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Funky band music with positive energy. TV and Web friendly. Funky. Lively, Optimistic, Successful, B

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Drunk Saxophone

Making very little sense, this Audiobank stock music piece is the perfect background music for comedies, sitcoms, absurd sketches (similar to SNL and the like) and basically anything silly in need of a short jazz track that showcases a crazy, drunken saxophone player. It will also work well in cartoons with characters gone goofy or wacky antics, etc. It ends with a drumroll and a bang. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Cartoon Short Jazz Orchestra Saxophone Crazy Funny

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Freak Fly

Imagine sinister laughing from the likes of Vincent Price or Boris Carloff mixed with a Monster Mash party theme. This piece was created in the theme of Halloween but can be more versatile in a haunted house or something fun but spooky. It's a comedic, funky drum and synth-bass jam with SFX breaks of ghouls, ghosts, vampires and barking dogs. It's perfect for promos/spots/commercials revolving around November, Holiday and Halloween themes, it can also possibly be used for movie spots like Men in Black or otherworldly kinds of media. Perfectly fun and creepy for radio, television, film and b-roll, montages, etc. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Comedic, Horror, Halloween, Drums, Bass, Erie, Creepy, Scary

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Kids On Tv

This copyright free music and theme is so ideal for kids content with its upbeat, lively, funky and ultimately cheerful vibe. It has hints of hip hop, cartoon music and high school sounds that producers can happily use with kids sports video games or other kids games, kids shows or movies for children, television shows taking place in high school or junior high (Glee, Hanna Montana, etc.) or a branded block of television programming for the teen demographic. It can also fit well with commercials that promote children's products like cereal, toys, games and snacks. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Funky, upbeat, cheerful opening theme for all sorts of media. Vocal phrases, hip hop flavor. Childre

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 1

Perfect for modern sitcoms, comedies and any humorous scenes for television series or movies this is a light and perky music soundtrack that lifts the mood and adds a bit of levity. Other uses: radio, games, web shows and commercials for house and home, garden and every day products like cleaners, accessories and tools or any family oriented subjects including pets, DIY projects and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Rhodes Beat Bass Vibraphone Percussions Organ Piano Positive

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 17

A relaxed and funky piece of stock music like this one sounds smooth, positive and a bit quirky and will make an excellent open or ID for a sitcom, comedy, romantic comedy or light drama. It will also work nicely for footage/b-roll/interstitials in many different kinds of shows. Other uses: commercials that are family oriented, i.e., health care, home and garden, DIY and home improvement from Home Depot or Lowes, finance issues or for corporate presentations, stock holder videos or employee motivation videos. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Jazz Percussion Drums Marimba Piano Bass Guitar Smooth

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 2

Here's a funky, comedic sound bed that is mellow with a twist of mischief. It's modern and fun, which will match with the following visuals: scenes, b-roll and montages in comedies, sketches, sitcoms and some light dramas on television or online series. It can also work well in commercials for luxury products, beds, cars, summer items, evening scenes, as well as for adult content and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Beat Rhodes Piano Flute Guitar Funk Lounge Relax

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 22

For sitcoms, comedies and some cartoons or light-hearted animation, here's an ideal music piece, which is a short mambo soundtrack made with strings, acoustic piano, flute, bass and percussion. It's smooth, light, a little humorous, warm and very positive, something you'd see in shows like, How I Met Your Mother, Community, The Big Bang Theory and other cheery, silly fun programs. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: sitcoms,comedies,cartoons,Acoustic Piano, Strings, Flute Bass Percussion Smooth Dance

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 23

Do you need that perfect soundtrack in a segment for your sitcom? This long, mambo music is warm, positive, light and fun. Think series like Bored to Death with silly main Character Jonathan or NBC's Community, where Troy is planning and implementing something goofy for the rest of the characters. This piece will work in so many different situations in romantic comedies, comedies, particularly for television but will also apply in films for the same genre. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Strings Flute Bass Percussion Smooth Dance

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Life Style Tv Light Comedy 6

Dynamic, positive and very light-hearted, this stock music track couldn't be more perfect for funny sitcoms, comedies, light dramas, cartoons and animated content. It's quirky but fun, and something viewers would hear on b-roll and montages in shows like, Happy Endings, Wilfred, New Girl and Comedy sketches (Conan, SNL, Jimmy Kimmel). Other suggested uses: radio stories, podcasts, games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Drums Guitar Strings Organ Bass Percussions Festive Positive

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Midnight Mischief

This orchestral track is similar to the soundtrack from Home Alone's action scenes and will match holiday themed movies but should not be limited to Christmas time. It will also work very well with family friendly comedy movies in general, during playful, innocent and sneaky antics. The bells, mysterious woodwind solos and especially the pizzicato drive this piece and viewers would not be surprised if they saw bumbling burglars in the night or other silly and funny comedic action. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: orchestra, strings, bells, triangle, violin, viola, cello, clarinet, woodwinds, christmas, holiday,

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Mister Capone

Sounds of the roaring 20s enter your ears as you play this jazzy music track. It's a happy-go-lucky, party tune inviting your audience to become the bee's knees. Starring piano, flute, drums, horns section, upright bass, flute and piano, it is ideal for cartoons, animation, comedies, radio, theme games, more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Jazz Piano Drums Upright Bass Party Horns

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This loud electronic track with synth sounds, distorted beats and effects evokes a factory, mechanical image. Use it for visuals with machinery, sci-fi, action, dances. Other uses: cartoons, animation, promos, presentations, projects, documentaries, montages and b-rolls. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Effects Beat Loud Dance

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Yeehaw! This happy-go-lucky, upbeat country theme takes you to places like Texas or a rodeo with lots of leather boot sporting, cowboy hat wearing whippersnappers. The track shows humour, lightness and fun. This would work well in comedy scenes, happy western bar scenes, road trips in the south, spots for old comedy westerns, dancing in bar scenes, line dance scenes, country fairs, ads for jeans, stetsons and western wear, rodeos. Uses: television/film/radio promos, opens/closes, IDs, interstitials. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: rodeo, comical, country, upbeat, funny, lively, hillbilly, solid groove, bass, groovy, solid, upbeat

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So Happy

Learn to dance with this uplifting track because you will not be able to sit still. Its lively, happy beat will embellish any visuals. Perfect for dance party, youth, energetic scenes. Uses: films, television, promos, web pages, radio, presentations, documentaries, videogames, and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: dance, pop, lively, upbeat, happy, fun, energetic, carefree, flowing, powerful, action, percussion,

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Sweet Water

A bouncy uptempo of guitar, piano piece with a punchy baseline with a percussive attack. Can be used in a variety of settings from modern day, edgy detective stories to beautiful sceneries in nature films. Uses: film and TV montages, promos, ads, spots, video games, presentations, documentaries, relaxed listening, radio and more. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Dance Percussion Electric Guitar Piano Slap Bass Drums Jam

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Vocal Jazz Symphony

A funky take on scat singing sounds in a jazzy form using voices, percussions and bass. Picture the Manhattan Transfer singing this tune in one of their fantastic concerts. Can be used in a jazz nightclub, concert at the Hollywood Bowl or New York city scene. Other uses: film and television montages, b-rolls, animation, promos, ads, spots, documentaries. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Jazz Voice Effects Funny

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