Drama / sadness


This royalty free music embraces a sweeping, epic and sentimental state of mind, which evokes drama, sympathy, nostalgia, tenderness, patriotism and warmth. The full orchestrated piece has many uses for television and film because it brings out so many different kinds of emotions. It will work well with a variety of images corresponding to tender reunions, whether they depict old friends, former soldiers, previous enemies and longtime lost family members. Imagine a proud moment from personal, educational or wartime achievement, a bittersweet nature moment and more. The possibilities are many. Uses: montages, b-roll, promos, presentations, music over credits, interstitials, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Orchestral sad military army tribute

1945 (1:03) Play / MP3 $19.95

A Face In The Crowd

A dark, melancholy theme but underneath there's an inner force, which will make it very versatile in its uses; maybe it's tremendous sacrifice made, an emotional meeting of old friends reacquainted, glory in times long past. This stock music sounds honorable, patriotic and dramatic as well, so it will also work inside war or military themed films. It's very big and cinematic and mysterious which will fit in programming in space. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A soaring, melancholic/nostalgic theme

A Face In The Crowd (3:38) Play / MP3 $29.95


Accompanied by subtle electric guitar, discrete synth and bass, the solo piano walks a fine line between melancholy and outright sadness. The simple melody creates a feeling of regret, shame, heartbreak, gloom, and pity. Use this background stock music for those kinds of sentiments in scenes for film, television, radio, podcasts. This copyright free music is available in 3 versions. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Short Piano Reverb Synth Bass Sad Calm

Aftermath (2:00) Play / MP3 $39.95
Aftermath (edit, 0:59) Play / MP3 $24.95
Aftermath (edit, 0:29) Play / MP3 $19.95


Certain music tracks can pull at your viewers' heart strings and this is one of them. The minimalist synth and piano is moving, sorrowful, desperate, even tragic but it's also loving, reaching, longing and hoping. It could be describing an intense love, a dying friend, someone soul-searching or other heart-wrenching scene. Use this with romance dramas, dramas and other serious subject matter that you'd like to reach the core of your audience's soul. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Electronic Piano Synth Pad Glockenspiele Ambient Moody Melancholic Serious Smooth

Amenti (1:37) Play / MP3 $19.95


While very calm and quiet, this stock music sound track is far from relaxing. Rather, it feels threatening, dramatic, foreboding and evil. It's makes us imagine ghosts, goblins, vampires, zombies and other creepy crawly creatures that lurk in the night, perhaps stalking you because you're their next meal. Other ideas: being followed, planning a murder, being anxious about the oncoming danger, having to investigate strange noises in the basement, getting lost in a dark forest where things are rustling about and ready to pounce on you. a suspicious look, danger at every corner. It's ominous, dark and very spooky so use this with horror movies, mysteries, science fiction, paranormal activity, thrillers, dramas and more to illustrate a big range of visuals and non-visuals. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Sneaky, threatening, pensive, semi-orchestral rhythmic underscore.

Anomaly (1:45) Play / MP3 $24.95


This stock music piece was composed with piano, along with string and oboe accompaniment. It's flowing with emotions and feels romantic yet with a slight hint of melancholy or sadness. It's also serious and dramatic, which makes it a great candidate for dramas, romances, soap operas, romantic dramas, plays, games, youtube videos, television commercials, audiobooks, film, web series and originals. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: peaceful, piano, strings, innocent, emotional, soft, loving, sad, pensive, dark, suspense, orchestra

Anticipation (1:04) Play / MP3 $19.95

Asturias By Isaac Albeniz

Inspired by Isaac Albéniz' Suite Espanola No. 1 for Piano, use this mysterious and intriguing subtle music track with audio content or visuals relating to technological innovation, paradigm shift, religious transformation, experimental science projects, paranormal activity, a harsh realization or epiphany - for television, film, radio, internet, more. This is available in two versions. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: piano, intense, building, strong, lexus commercial, corporate, business, powerful, strong, new, grow

Asturias By Isaac Albeniz1 (1:31) Play / MP3 $24.95
Asturias By Isaac Albeniz2 (0:50) Play / MP3 $24.95

Bad History

Very dramatic and bold timpani (plus cellos and trumpets) lead the way with this stock music full of doom and gloom. It's action packed with impending disaster. Uses: action, drama, thriller, horror for films, radio and television. An ideal music backdrop for war themed programming as well as for video games. [ by Bartek Niedźwiecki ]

Tags: Epic Adventure Orchestra Synth Game War

Bad History (1:06) Play / MP3 $19.95

Blue Miles

As a humble homage to the great master, Miles Davis, this subdued stock music tune features muted trumpet, upright bass and deeply reverbed piano in a very moody, smooth, dark, jazzy movie-style soundtrack, like you'd hear inside a city investigation by an alcoholic but capable police detective with a penchant for reclusiveness. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Muted Trumpet Upright Bass Reverb Smooth Blues Jazz

Blue Miles (3:18) Play / MP3 $29.95

Burned Bridges

To complement visuals showing loneliness, hard choices made, grief, regret and wrenching emotions, use this moving soundtrack with solo piano (slightly reverbed), an acoustic bass and effects. Its slow, deliberate flow will get under the skin of your audience in those scenes that are so touching they will be indelibly marked in their memories. Best used in serious films, television movie dramas. [ by Ilya Kaplan ]

Tags: Acoustic Modern Piano Reverb Contrabass Urban Sad, alone

Burned Bridges (1:33) Play / MP3 $14.95

Collateral Damage 2

A gloomy, sad piece with synth pads, harp, piano, harmonica and percussions lending an air of reflective remorse that can be used in a variety of scenarios. Its slow and steady tune can be used in a romantic breakup, after mass of a war, the result of a disaster, an abduction or mental breakdown in films, television, videogames, b-rolls, documentaries, credits (both beginning and ending) and montages. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Pads Guitar Harp Piano Percussions

Collateral Damage 2 (2:20) Play / MP3 $14.95

Dark Road

This is a deeply ambient electronic music bed made with synth, slap bass, guitars and electronic percussion instruments for all sorts of serious, modern content such as dramas, crime or murder related subject matter, forensic laboratory testing, mysteries, thrillers and action movies or shows on television, film, radio or web. It's suspenseful, exciting, dramatic and slightly dangerous sounding. It will also fit with games, some corporate material and infomercials. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Guitar Slap Deep Ambient

Dark Road (2:07) Play / MP3 $14.95

Desolation Of Sadness

Solemn piano, drums and violin produces a glum, unhappy atmosphere. It brings about a sad, anxious feeling for your despondent, morose visuals. Use it for a love gone wrong, a brooding person or loneliness. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter movie comes to mind. Uses: films, television, promos, documentaries, videogames, montages, b-rolls and credits. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: dark, dismal, piano, somber, violin, cloudy, dark, depressive, dire, dismal, dispiriting, dreary, gl

Desolation Of Sadness (2:56) Play / MP3 $29.95

Empty Feelings

The stark piano tune with soothing backup strings brings about a sad, depressing mood. Use it in sorrowful, miserable and unhappy times. Someone sadly looking out a window, a reflective moment in time or a desolate, wretched time in a videogame can use this gloomy tune to enhance the bad times in one’s life. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Sad, calm, soft, sweet, slow, thoughtfull, reflective, piano, strings

Empty Feelings (2:39) Play / MP3 $24.95

Empty Garden

Loneliness is expressed through the solo piano and soft strings for those moments of solitude in this quiet but full of meaning piece. Picture a lone body looking out a rainy window or a person walking down a deserted street. So much is emoted through the music with very little said. Uses: drama, promos, videogames, montages, b-rolls and endings. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Beautiful underscore for moments of solitude. Past memories, warm and sad. Filmscore/Cinematic. Sad,

Empty Garden (1:44) Play / MP3 $24.95

End Of Affair

This royalty free stock music piece was composed with synth pads and an electric Rhodes piano. It's melancholy and serious, which makes it a good candidate to use with dramas, fantasy themes, romances, action movies, personal stories, reenactments, nature and travel shows. Uses: television, radio, film, audiobooks, art installations, museums, web series, web movies, games, youtube videos, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A melancholic, nostalgic, drama or film underscore cue. Thoughtful reflection, melancholy. Good for

End Of Affair (1:27) Play / MP3 $19.95

Fallen Soldier

Symphonic orchestra is drawn out with a simple piano and sorrowful string tune to convey the sadness and misery of the situation. Perfect for reflective moods, after war scenes, love lost and any unhappy setting. Uses: cinematic scores, television, radio, documentaries, montages, b-rolls and videogames. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Sad, Dramatic, Peaceful/Calm, Pensive/Thoughtful, Sorrowful. Strings, Symphony

Fallen Soldier (1:25) Play / MP3 $24.95

Foggy Day

A flowing and sad tune using emotional strings and piano in a dramatic way to texture gloomy scenes can be added to emphasize the deep heartfelt unhappiness of the setting. Its reflective nature can be paired with a love gone wrong, love lost or unhappy situation. Uses: films, TV, promos, presentations, documentaries, videogames, montages and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Sad, Nostalgic, Broken-Hearted. Strings, Piano. Drama.

Foggy Day (1:42) Play / MP3 $24.95


Piano and strings bring together a lovely piece that can be used in a variety of instances for films and television. This simple but engaging sound track can be versatile with a noncommittal feeling or emotional with reflective, reminiscent sensation. Other uses: promos, presentations, documentaries, office music, credits, montages, b-rolls and more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, strings, emotional, loving, longing, sadness, peaceful, flowing, pure, emotional, innocent, r

Friendship (2:31) Play / MP3 $24.95

Her Voice

Synth pads, orchestra strings and a lone voice evokes sadness and wonder at the same time. Perfect for a romantic scene in a film or a mystical fairy video game segment. In addition, it conjures up floating through water in a documentary or a science project. Uses: films, television, school projects, documentaries, nature sequence, promos, montages, b-rolls, video games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Synth Pads Orchestra Strings Sad

Her Voice (2:16) Play / MP3 $14.95

Heroes Of WW 2

This is a formal, dignified and soothing tune with choir, strings, piano, oboe, bass, Rhodes, French horn. Can be used in ceremonial proceedings for military or funerals. Its respectful nature will enhance visuals for documentaries or travel to a sacred location. Uses: films, television, documentaries, presentations and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Choir Strings Piano Oboe Bass Rhodes French Horns

Heroes Of WW 2 (2:29) Play / MP3 $29.95

Heroic March

This dramatic and strong but non-threatening track evokes mystery and suspense. This flowing piece works well with movie sequences such as spy, thriller, war, detective or mystery. Other uses: videogames, promos, montages, b-rolls and credits. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: orchestral, mysterious, tense, suspense, grand, lurking, spooky, tense, dark, suspense, horror, orch

Heroic March (1:55) Play / MP3 $24.95

Hopes And Fears

Tapping of percussions with the reverbed piano, synth strings brings nervous tension to the scene. Its unusual presentation creates both tension and reflective mood. Available in 3 versions. Uses: films, TV, promos, documentaries, montages and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Reverb Beat Percussions Strings Anxious Sad

Hopes And Fears 5 Min (4:59) Play / MP3 $39.95
Hopes And Fears 60 Cut (0:59) Play / MP3 $24.95
Hopes And Fears 30 Cut (0:30) Play / MP3 $19.95

Human Gridlock Full Mix

A mesmerizing tune full of anxiety and suspense using xylophone, orchestral strings and piano to create an atmosphere of mystery and danger. Can also portray a mental breakdown or psychological gaslighting. Imagine hearing this track in a Hitchcock movie. Uses: horror, mystery, detective, forensic, spy, alien, action films, TV, videogames, radio, documentaries, b-rolls, credits and montages. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Orchestra Strings Pizzicato Xylophone Effects Sad

Human Gridlock Full Mix (1:45) Play / MP3 $14.95

Human Gridlock Organic

This is an anxious, tense sound track using piano, strings and xylophone. Any time you need to generate stress, this anxiety-ridden piece will have your heart in your throat. Good for uses in a hospital setting, horror, thriller chase, someone losing his mind or love gone wrong films or television shows. Will bring drama to any scene. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Orchestra Strings Pizzicato Xylophone Sad

Human Gridlock Organic (1:43) Play / MP3 $14.95

I Lost You

A quiet, soft and wispy tune evokes deep emotions of drama, sadness and hopefulness. The use of strings including the harp and vocals bring about a soothing and reflective mood for romantic, mysterious or dramatic films, television, mystical videogames, montages, promos and documentaries. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A melancholic, nostalgic, drama or film underscore cue. Thoughtful reflection, melancholy. Good for

I Lost You (1:23) Play / MP3 $24.95

I Will Find You

Accompanied by orchestra strings (in mid-section), this is a short, sad piano tune will make you cry. It's heartfelt, emotional and melancholy. Imagine someone is lost seemingly forever and you are searching for them, a heart-wrenching breakup, a death of a loved one or some other sort of loss in one's life, the unfairness of life affecting innocent people, the exit of someone very close (a family member, a best friend, etc.) Uses: montages, b-roll, music over credits, more. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Sad Piano Reverb Orchestra Strings Short

I Will Find You (2:00) Play / MP3 $14.95


This reflective tune is peaceful and soothing with its piano and strings. Perfect for a casual hotel lounge or piano bar. Use it for romantic and loving scenes or a calm breakup setting. Can be emotional both sad and happy. Dramas and comedies, promos, videogames, radio, credits and montages can benefit from this beautiful sound track. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: love, emotion, sadness, longing, piano, strings, tearful, flowing, spacious, pure, innocent, piano,

Innocense (0:59) Play / MP3 $19.95

Into The Light

The delicate and subtle piano arpeggios along with strong synth drums create a positive, panoramic feel. Upbeat yet serious it will give viewers the feeling of freedom, accomplishment and progress and will be useful as background music for film and television in several areas: dramas, romantic comedies, documentaries, nature shows and travel programming in montages, b-roll, segments, opens, interstitials, bumpers, IDs, more. Its sound can complement corporate material as well in branding reels, presentations, guides and human resource reels. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Piano Synth Strings Drums Bass Pads Reverb Intense Sad Power

Into The Light (2:19) Play / MP3 $39.95
Into The Light Intro (1:48) Play / MP3 $24.95
Into The Light 60 (0:59) Play / MP3 $24.95
Into The Light 30 (0:29) Play / MP3 $19.95

Land Of The Owls

This stock music piece is driven a by overlapping melodies and minor chord progressions. Coupled with electronic percussion and tribal drum patterns, it creates a very melancholy environment, which is ideal to work with nature and travel shows (Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, PBS, BBC, Planet Earth, ARTE) depicting all sorts of nature, peoples, exploration, space and more. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Nature, Dark, Melancholy, Minor

Land Of The Owls (1:56) Play / MP3 $24.95


Powerful and emotional sound track with strings and horns is full of passion and energy. Use it for a grand entrance or epic movie. Imagine the Last Emperor or Cleopatra being carried in magnificent splendor before their many subjects. Uses: films, TV, radio, credits, promos and videogames. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: grand, epic, flowing, full, powerful, emotional, gripping, orchestral

Legacies (1:51) Play / MP3 $24.95

Letter Home From Iraq

Dramatic guitar with synth pad evokes loneliness, sorrow and sadness. Picture a soldier writing a letter home or reflecting on his life in a war torn, desolate country. Uses: dramatic film scores or TV shows, war documentaries, abused animal commercials/promos, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A low key, sorrowful and nostalgic musical underscore. Guitar and ambient texture. Good for drama an

Letter Home From Iraq 1 (1:14) Play / MP3 $24.95
Letter Home From Iraq 2 (1:55) Play / MP3 $24.95
Letter Home From Iraq 3 (1:17) Play / MP3 $24.95


A beautiful, melancholy piano track full of emotions will fill visuals with passion and sentiment. String accompaniment textures the piece with a flowing sadness. Perfect for romantic films, TV dramas, promos, projects, documentaries and montages. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, strings, love, pure, emotional, sweet, longing, flowing, pure, emotional, innocent, romance,

Lonely (2:28) Play / MP3 $24.95

Memories Of WW 2

This stock music track is a dedication to the brave soldiers who participated in World War II. The track is meant to convey pride, honor and virtue in a solemn soundtrack with passionate and sad emotions attached to it. Uses: war, battle films/historical documentaries/subjects, dramas and serious natured footage describing the consequences of war and conflict. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: French Horns Strings Piano Oboe Rhodes Harp

Memories Of WW 2 (1:56) Play / MP3 $19.95

Midnight Fog

Love story meets Frankenstein's lab with this unusual royalty free stock music piece that will work extremely well with Horror themes (with a love interest), mysteries, thrillers, dramas and more serious fictional content for television, radio stories, podcasts, film, DVDs, youtube videos, satellite, cable, console games such as PS, Wii and Xbox, computer PC and Mac games, apps, audiobooks and more. Other uses: amusement parks, web series, web sites or web movies, toys. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, strings, simple, mysterious, haunting, slow, soft, delicate

Midnight Fog (2:19) Play / MP3 $24.95


This music is a beautiful, introspective classical piano melody woven with full orchestral sounds of strings to emote deep feelings in dramatic scenes. It brings to mind epic views where the lone woman is searching for emotional answers in a panoramic vista of a wind whipped seaside cliff or wide-open meadows with flowing wildflowers. Think about the 1970 David Lean movie Ryan's Daughter. Uses: film score, cinematic scenes, mood setting, promos, dramas, video games. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Piano Orchestra Strings Cello Intense Sad Drama

Migration (2:33) Play / MP3 $39.95

Mississippi Flood 2

This is a dramatic track that can be used in the after mass of a disaster like Hurricane Katrina showing the devastation and heartbreak. It is mysterious and sad with its slow flowing strings. Perfect for natural disaster documentaries, dramatic war or alien destruction. Uses: films, TV, credits, promos and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Mysterious/Futuristic, Dramatic. Strings. Drama.

Mississippi Flood 2 (2:02) Play / MP3 $24.95

My Beautiful Country

This tune with its slow piano beat brings a wistful and bittersweet moment to any scene. It is filled in with orchestral strings and flute to round off the steady march. Uses: coming home in films/television/video games, mood setting for scenes, b-rolls, openings and endings, dramas. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Reverb Orchestra Strings Flute Sad Melancholic Drama

My Beautiful Country (1:26) Play / MP3 $24.95
My Beautiful Country 60 Cut (1:00) Play / MP3 $24.95

My Story

Picture a lone pianist playing this sad piece lamenting his lost love in a large empty room. Feel his breaking heart in this tragic and dramatic track. This beautiful, pensive tune will play perfectly in a romantic or dramatic film score, television, videogame, radio, promo and montage. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Sad, Dramatic, Pensive/Thoughtful, Broken-Hearted, Melancholic/Sentimental, Sor

My Story (2:16) Play / MP3 $24.95

New Hope

If music could teeter between hope and sadness, it would reach that fine, indescribable emotional area. What words can't do easily is done inside this stock music piece. It's a pop ballad made with strings and piano over a strong drum and bass accompaniment. The tenderness is felt but there's a certain hint of sorrow. An example for use would be as a music backdrop for a scene where there's an important decision to be made but the viewers have yet to find out. Uses: soap operas, dramas, love stories, romantic dramas for film, television, radio, web. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, ballad, loving, strings, lush, flowing, pop, r&b, emotional, love, flowing, solid groove, sol

New Hope (1:23) Play / MP3 $19.95

Northern Place

This charming and delicate piece portrays many emotions through flute, piano, keyboard and strings. Perfect for reminiscing, romance and reflecting. Can be sad, happy or satisfied. It’s soothing and flowing for a beautiful background tune in romance, drama or comedy films. A pleasant, relaxing and lovely track for documentaries, promos, commercials and presentations. Great for office music or call on hold. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Soft Sad Rhodes Flute Piano Strings Melancholic Drama

Northern Place- Flute (3:10) Play / MP3 $39.95

One Day Of My Life

An emotional piece created with strings, piano, flute and acoustic guitars evokes wonder, calm and reflection. Feelings of sadness, love, happy moments and drama all flow together in this lovely track. Uses: films, TV, montages, credits, radio, presentations and documentaries. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Easy Listening. Love, Sad, Soft/Smooth, Peaceful/Calm, Pensive/Thoughtful, Melancholic/Sentimental

One Day Of My Life 1 (3:00) Play / MP3 $29.95
One Day Of My Life 2 (2:50) Play / MP3 $29.95

Over The Edge

With a steady beat of the drums, flowing horns and oboe melody this tune creates a tropical, relaxing feel with some mysterious tension to make it a dramatic moment. Perfect for a mystery set in the tropics, thriller, drama or spy film. Will give a promo or presentation a textured appeal. Use it for a distant travel show or newsreel. Great in a videogame for atmosphere. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: powerful, emotional, epic, solid beat, dark, pensive, flowing, tense, dark, suspense, gripping, orch

Over The Edge (2:13) Play / MP3 $24.95

Overwhelming Feeling

Here's a very low key, nostalgic and sorrowful copyright free stock music track. It's made with orchestral textures along with electric piano, bells and strings, and will work well with dramas, love stories, romances, sad stories, poignant moments, death and dying, illness, life's regrets and other sentimental/emotional topics on television, film, audiobooks, web movies, DVDs, youtube videos, podcasts and possibly intros and storytelling sections of games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A low key, sorrowful and nostalgic musical underscore. Electric Piano and orchestral texture.

Overvelming Feeling (1:18) Play / MP3 $19.95

Post String

Inspired by the eclectic string sound from Bjork's album, Post, this is an arrangement of different harmonies, synthesized strings, minimal percussion and shifting dominant melodies. It's an eery piece of stock music that is moody, melancholy and haunting. Uses: horror/thriller/suspense programming or film, dramas, radio podcasts, more. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Strings, Minimal, Melancholy, Erie

Post String (3:37) Play / MP3 $29.95

Pure Epic

Sweeping horns, military snare drum and orchestral strings are used in this royalty free stock music track creating a melodramatic and emotional environment for a soap opera, wrenching war scene, shots depicting extreme trials and tribulations, tragedies and dire hardships. Uses: television, radio, film, web, podcasts and games. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: epic, grand, powerful, dramatic, big, tense, flowing, orchestral, tense, suspense, gripping, orchestral

Pure Epic (1:06) Play / MP3 $19.95

Quiet Paradise

This stock music piece featuring classical piano and strings is calm, gentle and introspective with a hint of emotional undertone. Use it for scenes of a melancholy rainy day for someone, someone pondering their past days or possible future, facing tough decisions. Other uses: nature programming for television, film, radio, web. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Soft Piano Reverb Strings Sad Drama Melancholic

Quiet Paradise (1:43) Play / MP3 $39.95

Rainy Day

A reflective and mood producing track with orchestral strings, piano and acoustic guitar evokes sadness and a depressive atmosphere. Use it in dramatic films, stormy rainy scenes, dark settings, mysterious and magical nature movies, after mass of disasters, unhappy montages and gloomy weather visuals. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Orchestra Strings Guitar Sad

Rainy Day (2:20) Play / MP3 $14.95

Remembrance Day

A solemn, noble and sentimental soundtrack like this one brings out the feeling of sadness, respect and honor, which makes it ideal background music for dignified ceremonies, somber environments like cemeteries, funeral homes, wakes or for heartfelt regretful moments in dramas, serious romance dramas and soap operas. Other uses: footage, montages and b-roll for television shows, background music at churches during waiting time, radio, podcasts. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Piano Choir Strings Gong French Horn

Remembrance Day (0:54) Play / MP3 $14.95

Sad Departure

Extremely melodramatic, desperate and sad, here's a serious stock music track made with harp, oboe and strings. Place this with all sorts of emotional content, whether it's a heart-wrenching breakup, a traumatic incident, loss of a dear friend or family member, tragic endings, regret and desperation, death and dying, a horrible twist of fate, etc. Use it for DVDs, radio, podcasts, television footage, film segments, youtube videos, web movies or web series, dramas, family dramas, fantasy features, more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: sad, orchestral, longing, pensive, thoughtful, dramatic, powerful, grand, tense, suspense, gripping,

Sad Departure (2:13) Play / MP3 $24.95

Saying Goodbye

This is an organic orchestral stock music track featuring piano and is ideal background music for memories of the past, regrets, personal tragedy, lost love, soap operas, harlequin romances, heartbreak, death and dying, illness, bad decisions, dire consequences, a no-turning-back moment, or any other kind of visual or non-visual material that is emotional and more on the sad side. Uses: dramas, love stories, historical pieces, biographies, romantic dramas, etc for DVDs, television, cable, film, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, web films or web originals, documentaries and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Nice and organic underscore for personal tragedy or memories of the past. Sad and very emotional. Fi

Saying Goodbye (2:11) Play / MP3 $24.95

Seconds Minutes Hours

Here's a beautiful cinematic style piece that's more of a film score than a stock music track. It's full of emotions but more on the pensive, sad side of things. At the same time, it's peaceful and a little hopeful, which will match nicely with romance dramas, soap operas, love stories, dramas and other content that requires a soulful, sentimental audio backdrop. Uses; film, television movies, direct-to-DVD movies, cable, satellite, nature and travel shows, podcasts, radio stories, DVDs, youtube videos, game intros/stories, art installations, web series/movies, audiobooks. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Filmscore/Cinematic. Love, Sad, Peaceful/Calm, Pensive/Thoughtful, Soulful, Hopeful, Emotional. Stri

Seconds Minutes Hours (1:32) Play / MP3 $24.95


Very calm, touching and woeful, here's a beautiful and heartfelt copyright free stock music piece that features organ, subtle strings and acoustic guitar playing tender, delicate notes. As a melancholy music track, it will match with mellow scenes that are leaning toward a sad sentiment like in scenes for soap operas, dramas, love stories, romance dramas. Use it also with sorrowful scenes with death, dying, regrettable confessions, apologies, pensive and reflective moments, sickness. Lastly, it will work well with gorgeous nature scenes, i.e., calm morning shots in a forest, meadow, beach, shoreline, desert, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: A touching and melancholic drama or film underscore cue. A few tender guitar notes with subtle, stri

Sincerity (2:06) Play / MP3 $24.95

Smiles In The Past

Orchestral strings and piano make up this sad and pensive piece of stock music. Call it an ultimately melancholy music track, which will work very well with scenes of sadness, lost love, regrets, bad decisions, loneliness, death, illness, dying, unavoidable tragedy, weakness, insecurities, etc - for clips and other kinds of footage for television, film, radio, web and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Acoustic Piano Reverb Orchestra Strings Sad Melancholic Drama

Smiles In The Past (1:15) Play / MP3 $39.95
Smiles In The Past 30 Cut (0:29) Play / MP3 $19.95

Soldiers Of 20Th Century

Chorus, French horns, drums, piano and strings combine to present a sad and distant memory. The strings evoke a reflective mood while the percussions and piano create a tentative but hopeful future. Appropriate for after the war scenes, looking back, romance, loneliness and looking forward to a better beginning. Uses: films, TV, credits, documentaries, videogames, montages and b-rolls. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Choir French Horns Contemporary Drums Piano Strings

Soldiers Of 20Th Century (1:42) Play / MP3 $19.95

Strings Of Honor

The powerful, intense and heart-wrenching orchestral string section in this music track, along with its synth atmospheric background creates a very profound effect. The piece is wistful yet commanding and tells a tragic story filled with drama, violence and suspense. If you're looking for a music background for your war, drama, tragic mystery film or movie for television, this piece is very representative of that genre. Think epic film titles like Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket and Joan of Arc as well as grim period pieces. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: sad, terror, frightened, scary, intense, tense, suspense, drama, war, dramatic, weary, military, mov

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Sullen Child

Composed with harmonica, fretless electric bass and folk guitar, this is a melancholy, leaning on sad acoustic music piece. It's earthy and meant to reach the core of someone's loneliness. Because of the instrumentation and arrangement, it will go well with visuals taking place in the countryside, down south, away from city life. Uses: in television, film, radio. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Acoustic Folk Guitar Fretless Electric Bass Chorus Harmonica Sad Fade

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Tears In The Rain

Get your heart strings tugged on with this ultra mellow music bed for ultimately sad visuals, scenes and stories. The stock music tune features clean electric guitar, Rhodes keyboard, reverb, crescendo strings pads and of course the solo, heart-wrenching melodies of harmonica. Choose a segment or use the entire piece, which is a lengthy piece that has an unexpected ending. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Sad Acoustic Rhodes Guitar Electric Reverb Strings Pad Melancholic Harmonica

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The Beach

A touching tune with dramatic piano, strings tune can evoke an emotional sadness for a romantic moment. Picture the movie Love Story and its scenes of anguish and struggle. Uses: cinematic films, mood setting, television, intense games and documentaries. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: piano, love, romance, peaceful, calming, emotional, strings, flowing, emotional, innocent, romance,

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The Passing Years

Here's a gentle cinematic soundtrack with harp, orchestral strings and light percussion that can depict the passing of time. It can also easily be paired with other visuals like sailing, dreaming, ice skating, space/time travel/discovery footage in television, film or documentary content. Other uses: independent film, radio stories and podcasts, shots in slow motion, games for very young children. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Soft Orchestra Sad Melancholic Strings Bell

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The Portrait

Slightly mysterious and mystical this classical cinematic music track made with oboe, bells and strings, this will be excellent background music for dramas, love stories, historical/biographical pieces, nature shows and period pieces. Picture green pastures, an enormous estate or castle, watching the powerful sea from a sailboat, standing atop Mount Everest and taking in the scenery, and other scenes of natural grandiose proportions. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Soft Orchestra Sad Melancholic Strings Bell Oboe

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The Sad Truth

Flute, glockenspiel, reverbed harp and orchestra strings together make up this slow and steady stock music composition that is beautiful, flowing and melancholy. Use it as background music for dramas, romance/love stories, sad, pensive or emotional moments on screen, nature or wildlife programs on television channels, web series, radio or film. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Harp Orchestra Strings Glockenspiel Reverb Sad

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Then and Now

With the use of reverberated piano, along with several oriental texture tones and female vocals, the end result of this stock music piece is a sad and woeful track that will blend well with scenes and footage filled with sorrow, regret, guilt, illness, death & dying, bad mistakes, dire consequences, tragic endings and other rather unpleasant situations in life. Use for television, radio, podcasts, audiobooks, web series, web movies, web sites, film, commercials. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Suspense Sad Reverb Piano Textures Choirs

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Unfinished Sentence

This cinematic style piece of stock music is calm, sentimental, dignified, hopeful, reflective and more with its solo trumpet melody, rolling piano accompaniment and orchestral backdrop. It's an ideal soundtrack for film, television, radio, podcasts, web series, web movies, web sites, games, audiobooks, DVDs, commercials, infomercials, and more inside themes of love, sadness, solemn ceremonies, emotional moments, bittersweet decisions, tender scenes, death and dying, illness, spiritual paths, trying times, etc. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Dignified, soft, proud and reflective cinematic piece. Emotional, soaring, and patriotic in a though

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Victory Day

This tune can be used for both a dirge honoring a noble warrior fallen in the midst of battle or a mixed march back to the castle after winning a vicious war but losing many of their best soldiers. Solemn but the righteous pride is there in French horns, strings and drums honoring the returning few. Uses: military, medieval, futuristic films/TV, montages, b-rolls, documentaries, presentations, promos, radio, websites and videogames. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Big drums Drone Gong French Horns Strings

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Watching Her Walk Away

A nostalgic piano, mellotron strings, bass guitar and a mellow choir are featured in this royalty free stock music piece, which will easily portray a reflective and sentimental mood. It's melancholy, wistful, romantic, a bit sad and regretful and overall emotional best placed with scenes of that nature. Uses for film, television, radio - in montages, b-roll, podcasts. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: mellow, choir, somber, sad, tragic, hopeful, optimistic, lonely, alone, sorrow, melancholy, change,

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What If

Producers and creative community looking for a stock music track that will tug on the heart strings of your audience, have come to the right place at the right time. Here at audiobank.fm! This particular piece conveys a wide range of emotions: melancholy, sadness, regret, fondness, hope, respect, bliss and more. Use this as background music for the following themes and ideas: love stories, poignant moments, important moments in life, wanting something so bad it hurts, a heartbreaking split, reminiscing about previous lovers, dear memories. This piece was arranged with orchestra accompaniment and piano - and will be excellent to use with dramas, romantic dramas on television, radio, web series/movies, film, podcasts, audiobooks. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: An emotional, almost spiritual track depicting the key moments in life. Love, longing, perhaps dearl

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Wrong Decision

Here's a soft and sedate piece of stock music that conveys a sad feeling. The listener might even imagine that a tragedy has taken place: a death in the family, the loss of a close friend, terminal cases of cancer, end stages of a serious illness, war themes, lost limbs or soldiers. It's emotional and heart wrenching due to the beautifully composed arrangement with electric Rhodes, electric piano and strings. Use this piece for footage, visual and non-visual for radio, podcasts, youtube videos, DVDs, television, film, audiobooks, games and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Nice and organic underscore for personal tragedy or memories of the past. Sad and very emotional. Fi

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