Adventure / fantasy

A Bomb

Big, aggressive and ultimately anxiety-inducing sounds come from within this epic orchestral soundtrack for television or film. Use it with scenes involving danger, risks, uncertainty, an approaching menace, perilousness and other threatening situations. Not limited to just the big and small screens, it will also work for a variety of purposes in radio, games and commercials. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Orchestral Aggressive Dynamic Anxious

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All Will Be Well

If you take a listen to this warm, comforting and epic sounding stock music track, featuring contemporary drums/percussion, acoustic guitar and orchestral strings, what you might imagine are: fantasy films like The Lord of the Rings, Robin Hood, Harry Potter, and majestic scenery in nature and travel: immense, lush forests, vast blue oceans as far as the eye can see, rolling, verdant hills of Scotland, the grand canyon as seen from above, etc. [ by Ilya Kaplan ]

Tags: Strings Guitar Honor War Orchestra Drums Quiet

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Big Orchestral Heroic Theme

The title of this soundtrack describes it impeccably. It's an epic, big, bold, symphonic, dynamic, noble adventure theme that is full of hope, determination and there's some chivalry thrown into the mix as well. It's a piece that will easily work with film footage (for grand scale adventure movies), adventure and medieval themed game intros and interstitial material and radio storytelling podcasts. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Classical Drums Heroic Positive Symphonic

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Celtic Classic

With classical, epic orchestral textures and modern pop ballad piano all blended with a beautiful Irish and Scottish tune, take a journey to the verdant, crisp lands of days of yore, to Scotland or Ireland. The poetic, romantic and open music builds to an exciting climax. Ideal to work with images/scenes relating to the Irish or Scottish for montages, compilations, b-roll, opens, IDs, music over credit, branding for themed projects, more. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: expansive, epic, beautiful, freedom, joy, happiness, excitement, orchestra, pop, modern, fantasy, un

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Christmas Story 1

Despite the title of this copyright free stock music track, you will be able to use this piece with more than holiday/Christmas related content. It's rather epic fantasy sounding that is dreamy, bold and with a hint of danger and sadness. Made with symphony orchestra, the bright, open sounds bring out melodrama, romance, tender moments, heroic deeds and gentle scenes. Use it with fantasy or epic period pieces like with fairy tale protagonists or allegorical stories, kids content, soap operas, dramas, romance dramas and other sentimental media. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Story telling Christmas music. Sensitive, kind, dreamy, epic. Filmscore/Cinematic, Classical/Contemp

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Distant Cosmos

Listening to this music track will send you directly to the cosmos, outerspace, deep space...whatever you want to call it, and one might imagine a space ship floating amidst the universes' planets going towards its next sci-fi adventure. This stock music is dreamy and ominously eerie yet noble and warm. It lays out a full orchestral setting with sustained strings and a resonating brass section. It would correspond well with any sci-fi cinematic production. Think Star Trek, Deepspace 9, Firefly. Uses for: promos, film montages, interstitials, opens, b-roll and is available in multiple edits. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: film, score, sci, fi, science, fiction, star trek, star wars, universe, horror, brass, horns, trombo

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Epic War Hero

This film score track will melt effortlessly with fantasy battles between heroes and foes or scenes en route and on a mission or adventure to fight a battle. Also imagine pirates at sea. The full orchestral arrangement features strong french horns with a driving force, powerful percussion and an energetic strings section. Perfect for films, epic television movies, promos, video games, montages, b-roll, IDs, opens, spots, bumpers, credits. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: action, war, pirates, film, score, action, army, heroic, battle,

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Final Destination

Imagine knights in full armor marching at night toward a stone fortress not knowing what is ahead and knowing many will not return. The dark, mystic sound track is full of heavy percussions and orchestral parts. Perfect for war scenes in any time period, fantasy films and videogames. Use it in a serious documentary and sci-fi. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Classical Percussions Heroic Serious Symphonic

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Flying Adventures

Here's an epic film sound track recorded with solo trumpet, flute and piano melodies and orchestral accompaniment that sounds adventurous, carefree, heroic and confident. It has a "bigger than life" sound and is fast-moving, a good match with scenes where there's flying, gliding, soaring and shots from the sky moving quickly forward - to be used with promos and footage for adventure films and themes (such as Hook, Princess Bride), light dramas, children's films (i.e., Disney movies). [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Orchestra Heroic Trumpet Piano Flute

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Great Mouse Adventure Opening Theme

Take a madcap ride through the cities of 19th century Europe with Ratatouille the chef mouse in the Disney cartoon and have the adventure of a lifetime with this uptempo tune. This wonderful piece will enhance the visuals with its accordion, strings, percussions and other symphonic instruments. Picture Around the World in 80 Days or a 60s Doris Day/Rock Hudson movie with the small convertible driving around Rome or the hairpin turns. Uses: cinema, TV, cartoons, animations, promos, presentations, documentaries, credits and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Orchestra Heroic Accordion

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In Santas Kingdom

Imagine a fantasy world with silly and whimsical hobbits, magical trees and of course, a dark shadow lurking around the corner and you might hear this music in the background. Listening to the sounds of orchestra, acoustic piano and boys choir would be a perfect accompaniment to a Tim Burton-like film with a score reminding you of Danny Elfman, all inside a Roald Dahl tale. It's pleasant, magical, loving and just a wee bit twisted. Uses: film, television, comedy noir, animation, promos, cartoons. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: fantas , loving , whimsical, tim burton, danny elfman, roald dahl

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Jericho Rain

If you're in search for a cool and upbeat African stock music track with funky bass, marimba, percussion, horns and a slight twist of tropical vibes, you've found it here. There's added sound effects, as well, to create a more unique listening experience. It's a background music good for a variety of uses in radio, film, television and web for commercials (tropical drinks, sun screen, swim wear), websites, games, promos, spots, branded interstitials, theme IDs, opens, bumpers, podcasts, more. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: africa, cool, flowing, percussion, synths, flowing, mystery, percussion, synths, solid groove

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A beautiful pastural music piece with woodwind textures and gentle strings is reminiscent of the English musical style of composer Edward Elgar, and is the type of soundtrack that fits right into scenes from epic movies like The Lord of the Rings, with breathtaking scenery, wind blowing through the tall, flowing grass and heroic intentions and deeds. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Orchestra Strings Epic Adventure Pads Heroic

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King's Table

This music track has an epic feel and will fit with visuals of adventures, nature, dramas for television or film, particularly with travel shows or physically enduring challenges. It's full of constant energy within a full orchestral piece featuring intense string lines and a strong powerful percussion section. This stock music is ambitious with a royal flair and a triumphant sentiment. Uses: documentaries, film, television, dramas, travel shows, adventures, nature, reality TV, epic scenes, promos, opens, spots, ads, commercials, bumpers, interstitials. A wide variety of possibilities. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: epic, grand, flowing, orchestral, upbeat, fast, gripping, triumphant, victorious, thriller, tense, s

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Legends Of Truth

Use this epic cinematic orchestral stock music, which gradually builds up momentum with strings and bass, for majestic visuals with verdant magical forests, impressive mountain peaks, vast and sparkling deserts as far as the eye can see, palatial cathedrals and castles, impressive monuments, gorgeous nature and travel shots and any overall magnificent scenes for film, television, radio podcasts, websites, games and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Orchestra Strings Epic Adventure Pads Heroic

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Little Dwarfs

This charming tune envisions a magical experience in a forest full of spirits and quirky characters with its unusual percussions sounds. The chamber orchestra, whimsical glockenspiel, trumpet, and enchanting harp round off the musical number. Can be used in fairy tale stories involving fantasy and mysticism with gnomes, fairies, wizards and more. Also this jovial soundtrack can be seamlessly looped. Uses: films, television, promos, radio, video games, animation, cartoons. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Orchestra Strings Trumpet Glockenspiel Harp Percussions Loop

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Magic Mountain

A short soaring piece with a feeling of magical wonder created with beautiful strings, flute and bells. Could be used in a video game with fairies and mystical creatures. Uses: film and TV montages, b-rolls, promos, presentations, games, presentations, web pages. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Orchestra Strings Flute Bells Magic

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Metamorphosis Of Narcissus

A brave new world is approaching - at least, that's what it sounds like while listening to this ambient, futuristic royalty free stock music piece. It's created with pads, a large variety of layered synths and carefully placed arpeggios. This piece will sit nicely with science fiction, space/discovery shows, planetariums, astrology related programming, action, crime/law/investigation series as well as in other kinds of media. Listen to this piece, then experiment with its place ment in a variety of genres and types of projects. Uses: television, film, radio, games, podcasts, audiobooks and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Ambient, ambience, electronic, electronica, space age, new age, chill out, art music, downtempo, org

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Mission Of Purpose

This bold orchestral music track featuring strong brass and a heroic french horn melody evokes determination and a driving force, perhaps best used with these themes such as war during medieval times, a dangerous mission, stormy weather or battles at sea, an epic, fantastic but dark adventure, underwater shots with lurking sharks, en route to rescuing your people or the princess from evil entities, dramatic military scenes. Uses: montages, b-roll, interstitials, commercials, music over credits. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: orchestra, drums, mission, horns, french, horn, melody, trombone, timpani, driving, purpose, hope, w

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Over The Hills

A cheerful upbeat tune with horns and strings to convey a happy event. Can be used in any opening of a film or TV theme song (think Mary Tyler Moore Show’s title tune where she throws her cap up in the air). Evokes happy and carefree memories. Uses: openings, animations, film, television, promos, ads and more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Orchestra Movie Adventures Kids Strings Horns Cheerful

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Subtle military drums, piano melodies and symphonic orchestral parts make up this proud sounding and historical piece that feels strongly Russian. Use this stock music track with military parades or ceremonies, soldier dedications, triumphant sports moments, war-related moments that showcase pride and strength. Uses: DVDs, film, podcasts, radio, youtube videos, audiobooks, games, television footage and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Classical Percussions Symphonic Proud

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Shine Bright

Glorious yet bittersweet, this stock music piece featuring horns and strings with their long, sustaining chords suggests a grand resolution, ideal for a final scene, a season's finale, ceremonies, any visuals with a pomp and circumstance ambience, someone finally achieving their ultimate goal, the start of a new, hopeful life, an unwilling departure, the consequences of sacrifices. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: orchestral, epic, open, spacious, triumphant, flowing, tense, gripping, orchestral, flowing, dramati

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Sneaky Santa

This playful piece of stock music fits perfectly into the holiday season as one can easily imagine Santa tiptoeing into a family's home with his bag of gifts. It's upbeat and cheery and will be appreciated by kids and adults of all ages. Featuring tuba, bells, strings, clarinet, the light motif is absolutely uncanny for Christmas promos, spots, ads/commercials promoting holiday gift ideas and products for kids. You will imagine a Christmas tree and all of its trimmings and everything traditionally holiday related. Uses promos, IDs, commercials, cartoons, animation, film, television, radio, internet, a wide variety of uses with this versatile royalty-free music. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Children\'s/Kids, Christmas Traditional. Light, Exciting, Unhurried. Strings, Bells, Tuba, Clarinet.

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Somewhere in Between

With a full philharmonic orchestra, including strings and war drums, you'll be immediately transported into an epic, verdant and vast landscape while venturing on an extraordinary and heroic journey throughout fantasy worlds reminiscent of Lord of the Ring, Harry Potter and even Star Wars. Use this stock music soundtrack with pan shots, wide open spaces, powerful nature shots that will take viewers to places only the imagination can create. Uses: in television, film, businesses, web - for commercials, promos, trailers, spots, opens, IDs, music over credit, video games, montages, interstitials, etc. [ by Guy Zerafa ]

Tags: Fantasy Orchestra Strings War Drums Heroic

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Tales from Scotland 1

This is a soothing, haunting piece with a female voice, acoustic guitar and strings to texture the music. It evokes an image of a beautiful medieval castle in the distance with feelings of exciting events to come. It would be appropriate for similar scenes like in the video game Jewel Match with its goal of building palaces in gorgeous pastoral settings. Uses: majestic games, mood setting film and television scenes, promos. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Irish Percussions Symphonic Adventure

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Tales from Scotland 2

Imagine a busy or even hectic medieval market place where many activities are happening at once. The flute and lute playing will invoke this scene but changes with the addition of strings. This change will bring on an anticipatory feeling of something grand about to occur like possible chance sighting of royalty passing through in their carriages. Uses: films, television, games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Irish Percussions Symphonic Adventure

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Tales from Scotland 3

An epic and dangerous adventure awaits you, at least, that's what it feels like while listening to this stock music soundtrack. It has the sense of being grand and that important events are about to take place. Examples of use would be for legendary tales from Scotland, period pieces with battles and edge-of-your-seat action. Maybe there's a chase on horseback through the dense forest or a long and perilous journey to find the holy grail or magical ring. Composed with traditional instruments in a symphony orchestra, it produces a bigger than life sound, ideal for cinematic use. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Irish Percussions Symphonic Adventure War

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Tales from Scotland 4

This is a wonderful and gorgeous acoustic stock music piece inspired by the celebrated legendary tales that come all the way from Scotland. It's arranged with traditional musical instruments: harp, flute and orchestral strings and will bring out and emphasize your visual and non-visual footage related to the verdant scenery of Scotland and the nearby regions, the Renaissance times and more. It can also be used in period pieces, fantasy films, games, radio stories, podcasts, DVDs, made-for-television movies, web originals (movies and other), documentaries, commercials, audiobooks, travel and nature programs. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Irish Percussions Symphonic Adventure Sad

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Tales from Scotland 5

An orchestral arrangement featuring acoustic guitar, string section and traditional pipe flute create this adventurous acoustic music piece that sounds blissful and heroic celebrating legendary tales from Scotland. Use it with epic adventure films, series, stories and content in the style of Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Grim, Once Upon a Time for television, cinema, radio, web series and games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic, Orchestra, Irish, Percussions, Symphonic, Adventure, Heroic

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Tales from Scotland 6

A fairy tale moment is flawlessly described in this stock music piece that takes you to a far away land filled with tales of yore, magical potions, dreams-come-true, good intentioned kings and queens, dancing in a ballroom with your prince charming and guardian angels. This is a symphonic, acoustic and epic sounding music track for adventures and romantic escapades that celebrate happy endings, romantic stories and legendary tales. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Orchestra Irish Symphonic Adventure Romantic

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The Arrival

This dramatic orchestral sound track is perfect for a point and click videogame where you will be searching for objects in and around a castle, mansion or magical forest. This grandiose tune with strings, oboe and horns can also be used in mysterious scenes, thrillers, imposing figure approaching a palace, presentations, promos, travel films and credits. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: strings, oboe, tense, epic, grand, powerful, flowing, suspense, orchestral, tense, dark, suspense, g

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The Limit

Orchestral symphonic sounds with pizzicato strings evoke a pixie-like feel while the rest of the piece builds to a heavier, more ominous atmosphere. Perfect for videogames like Pixie where the boss levels will take you to a darker, more dangerous play. Other uses: adventure, mystical, fantasy, magical films, TV shows, promos, presentations, cartoons, animation, radio, montages and b-rolls. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: orchestral, suspense, quirky, powerful, dramatic, quirky, pizzicato strings, flowing, spooky, tense

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The Old Frontier

A solo flute with accompanying panoramic and cinematic orchestral soundscape creates a beautiful story that has a historic and epic feel to it, taking you to wide open spaces, verdant forests, rolling hills and the untamed wilderness. This stock music piece will work on a variety of levels: in travel/nature programming (television, documentaries), but also in epic fantasy films similar to movies like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. It will also pair well with bittersweet love stories. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Soft Adventure Travel History Orchestra Strings Flute Harp Celtic

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War Times

With an orchestral arrangement and a forceful piano line, this royalty free music piece builds up momentum inside a powerful composition. Its tense, dramatic and triumphant nature will accompany visuals of content with drama, suspense, insanity, confusion and treachery. Excellent music to go inside a movie trailer, television movie promo/spot, montages of evil in the works, drudgery, trials and tribulations, imminent bad news, suffering. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: suspense, gripping, piano, strings, tense, grand, big, triumphant, thriller, tense, dark, suspense,

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Western Cowboy

Reminiscent of the great composer, Aaron Copland, here's an inspiring and extremely upbeat epic orchestral arrangement of a fun and vast western frontier. This royalty free music is ideal for any kind of western theme images, whether it's a rodeo, cowboys wrangling cattle, riding horses through an open meadow, wide pan shots of the lone frontier, huge migration of animals or people, or other images that show an open-wide land and call for a feeling of freedom. It has a proud American, anything-is-possible vibe. Uses: b-roll, montages, movie trailers, spots/promos, opens, IDs, interstitials, adverts, games, commercials. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: western, cowboy, fun, free, indians, horses, gunfire, rodeo, wilderness, orchestra, trombones, bomba

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Wind Tunnel Darkness

A breathy, sparse ambient wind tunnel stock music track like this one sounds airy, mysterious and quirky. It will support a variety of visual and non-visual material as a very subtle and unobtrusive piece. Uses: mysteries, crime/law/investigation/forensics shows, thrillers, science fiction, space and discovery, nature programs, horror segments and movies and more for radio, television, youtube videos, audiobooks, games, film, web shows, etc. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: Ambient, ambience, electronic, electronica, space age, new age, chill out, art music, downtempo, org

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