World beat / travel

21th Century Africa

This exuberant and happy sound track with its ethnic feel uses a lighthearted children’s choir, percussions, bass, synths, flute and clapping hands to create a joyful and enthusiastic tune. Use it for African or Caribbean settings, travel promos or commercials, documentaries, school presentations, videogames and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Percussions Choirs Slap Bass Synth Flute Children Claps

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21th Century China

Fusion of traditional and modern give this piece an interesting twist with Chinese strings and flute. Vocals, synth bass, acoustic percussions and trumpet add to the eclectic mixture in this unusual track. Can be used in films shot in large Chinese cities like Hong Kong, Beijing or Shanghai. Also can be used in Chinatowns all over the world, in ethnic promos/presentations/documentaries/videogames, and festivals. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth Trumpet Chinese Flute Ancient

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21th Century India

Filled with various percussion instruments, flute, wailing Indian voices and several traditional instruments from the home of the Taj Mahal, this is a festive mix of vibes from India and house music. Use this stock music track for travel, history or nature footage from channels like The Discovery Channel, The Travel Channel, PBS, BBC and more, or for dramas, action and adventure series or other footage used for radio, web, film and television. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Bass Synth India Flute Voice Percussions

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Agbekor referes to a music piece used in rituals of the Ewe peoples in Africa. While the rhythms include a lead bell part and a string of responses from drums to add polyrhythmic layers, this stock music track would fit well into a variety of b-roll whether Africa-related or not. It probably would, however, match nature programming and perhaps align well into video games with a jungle theme. The track features an electronic rendition, but the traditional integrity of the Agbekor is respected to a certain degree. Uses: b-roll, games, spots, ads, more. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Africa, Drums, Percussion, Ewe, Ethnic, Cultural

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Arctic Depth

This versatile piece evokes feelings of moving through an expansive space such as the deep, dark ocean floor, icy glaciers and icebergs of the arctic and even the majestic sites of the mesas in the deserts. It can be used in almost any nature scene both real and drawn. The relaxing music incorporates the soft flute and piano playing with soothing percussions. Uses: movies, television, video games. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Short Acoustic Percussions Flute Strings Piano Rhodes Ambient Reverb

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Uplifting accordian, Rhodes piano and Cocteau Twins style guitar over an expansive and atmospheric shoegazer undertones create this inspiring, poignant stock music piece. To be used in television and film for travel/nature/historical programs, documentaries, every day living (cooking/gardening/home decoration) shows, drama, romance, soap operas, advertising/commercials. [ by Jon Cooper ]

Tags: Emotion Rhodes Synth Guitar Crescendo Moving Event Majestuous

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Big Tribal Beat

The persistent beat of the drums will bring anyone to his feet in this cultural sounding piece. The layers of textured percussions create a celebratory mood. Perfect for films/television/documentaries with an African theme, travel or nature promos, videogames, animation and more. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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Bollywood Boulevard

How 'bout using this joyful Indian bhangra dance track with your promo for Slumdog Millionaire or Bollywood inspired movie? It's beautiful and energetic. Instrumentation with sitar, mandolin, tabla drums, male voices, and flutes sounds earthy, upbeat and happy and would be absolutely perfect for dance scenes with visuals of India. Uses: spots, commercials, opens, interstitials, montages, commercials, dance sequences, and anything related to India. [ by David Hamilton ]

Tags: bollywood, bhangra, sitar, india, fun, joyful, happy, celebration, birthday, party, joy, warm, festi

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Brazillian Marching Drummers

Multi-cultural ambience fired by a syncopated symphony of crisp drumming with a rock steady beat. If you need an Afro-Latin beat, you can�t go wrong with this one. Bet you can�t keep from moving to this beat! Uses: any visuals with a Latin, Caribbean or African setting in films, televisions, video games, travel documentaries, presentations, promos, spots, ads. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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Cuban Piano

While there's a Latin percussion track looped with electronic piano harmonies, this royalty free music is far from festive. Rather, the vibe is sort of creepy, dark, erie, as well as a bit suspenseful. It's perfect for a :30 spot/promo/trailer promoting a detective or spy movie, something like Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes, Bourne Ultimatum, Mission Impossible. Could be used in detective or spy-like scenario. Other uses: games, websites. [ by Ben Fisseler ]

Tags: Creepy, Dark, Eclectic, Latin, Drums, Percusssion, Piano, Loops

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Dirty Kenyan Drummer

Layers of percussion instruments including lots of drums create this rhythmic Kenyan based tribal drumming track, excellent music for world and travel shows or documentaries, drama or action footage in films and television and any visuals or subject matter requiring a hard, serious beat stock music track that's heavy on the drums. Other uses Xbox, Playstation, computer and other console games, radio stories, podcasts and web-based series, shorts or movies. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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Fresh Calypso Cocktail

Blend up a fresh batch of salsa, rhumba and samba and you'll come up with this tasty calypso cocktail, a lively Caribbean music track made especially for film documentaries, as well as travel and nature programs like you'd watch on PBS, ARTE, BBC, Discovery, Travel Channel and other channels on broadcast or cable television. It can also be music that fits well with promos, commercials, b-roll, montages, and more for sitcoms, comedies and dramas. Other uses: radio, web content, presentations. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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Funky Greek

When you need a soundtrack for everything Greek, this is the one with its slap bass, horns, organ and voices. Use it in a location scene of the Parthenon, seaside café, fishermen, restaurant or beautiful Greek landscapes. A fast action spy thriller or detective�s pursuit of someone on a speedy motorcycle through the winding, narrow roads are perfect for this piece. Uses: film, television, montages, spots, documentaries, presentations, promos, ads, video games and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Slap Bass Greek Strings Horns Organ Voice Fade

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Galapagos Island

Heavily Asian influenced tune with dramatic passages and developments uses orchestral symphony sounds to create a full scale exotic feel. Perfect for all Asian epic movies, television or cultural Asian sites. Other uses: promos, presentations, montages, documentaries and credits. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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King Of Africa

Pulsating beats, pipes and vocals bring together the image of the Serengeti plains. The upbeat tune gives it a happy, celebratory atmosphere in a tribal setting. Use it in films, TV, promos, travel, documentaries, montages, b-rolls, videogames and credits. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: Africa, tribe, groovy, percussive, pipes, party, upbeat, africa, percussion, vocals, mysterious

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Market Spices

African, East Indian and Middle Eastern percussion instruments and strings meld perfectly with occidental synths and beats producing a stunning result. Imagine using this stock music with scenes of modern city life, for example, in Mumbai, Dubai, Jerusalem, Casablanca, etc. - in film, television, radio, games. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Ethnic Percussions Tabla Fretless Bass Strings Synth Pads Beat

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Media Market

This music is the perfect choice for travel shows. Imagine shopping in the lively markets of Marrakesh with its overflowing spice bins and colorful rugs, or use this music for more Asian visuals: Hong Kong, or the bustling life seen in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos with all the exotic food stands, smiling faces, strange and interesting edible animals and the different (from the Western) way of life. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic World Guitar Beat Power Rock Oriental

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Native Dreams

A beautiful, majestic and calm music track made with light percussion, strings, harp, orchestra and rhythm section, can make your viewers feel as if they're flying, and that's exactly how this stock music piece works. Imagine flying over the grand canyon or over the vast, untouched land of the native people of America. It can also be used with other themes, media and subjects: television or cable nature and history shows, films, romance dramas, dramas, science, technology and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Percussions Bass Strings Piano Drums

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Native Fire

Get swept away with this soothing and mysterious track deep in the jungles of Central America. Picture the vast green view from atop an ancient Mayan pyramid with no break in the foliage. Listen to the voices, piano, flutes, percussions and synths to capture the mood of the moment. Uses: films, documentaries, television, radio, promos, school projects, presentations, montages, credits and videogames. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic World Quiet Mysterious Piano Flute Orchestra Voice

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Native Pride

When musical influences and effects from the Native American Indians collide with the Middle East, the result is a wonderfully blended world beat music track with a totally mellow drum groove, a very rich orchestral arrangement and a heartfelt, wailing female voice. The stock music piece conveys a sense of pride, beauty with a slight hint of vulnerability. Place this inspirational track with the following visuals: footage or subjects taking place in Persia, the Middle East, North America - or for nature, history and travel shows, documentaries, commercials, promos, instructional videos and DVDs. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: World beat track. Chilled-out drum groove with lush orchestration and a wailing, sorrowful female vo

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Grab your ouzo and swimsuit because Necropolis sends you directly to the gorgeous Greek Islands with its familiar theme arranged with authentic instrumentation. Can you hear the festive fluttering bouzouki with fast strummed strings and perfect accompaniment of percussion? You feel like you've been placed into a Greek atmosphere and the party is about to begin. Uses: television/film promos (image My Greek Wedding), spots for travel related products/trips, presentations, Greek theme opens, bumpers. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: greek, greece,happy, authentic, travel,festive, percussion, guitar, bouzouki, percussion, ethnic mus

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No Reggae No Cry

Packed with reggae rhythms, exotic melodies, and bouncy bass lines, this music soundtrack will warm up and fit with all of your tropical island based visuals (Jamaica, Guadeloupe, etc.). This is unmistakably a summertime reggae track. So, grab your flip flops, coconut and pineapple drinks and head directly to the beach since this stock music whisks you away to a tropical island. Uses: perfect for documentaries and travel programs but has a wide variety of uses (opens, spots, promos, adverts, commercials, IDs, interstitials, montages, websites, presentations, etc.). [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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Opah Dance

You've been transported to the gorgeous Greek Islands replete with authentic Greek music with percussion and fast plucking acoustic guitar. So grab your ouzo and get into the Greek spirit by matching this stock music piece with anything related to Greece, whether it's a scene inside a Greek Wedding, restaurant or footage that takes place somewhere in Greece. It has a lively and festive feel, overall giving off a happy vibe. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: greek, emotional, authentic, festive, percussion, guitar, spacious, percussion, guitar, solid groove

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Oriental Fusion Beat

This is a beautiful fusion of a traditional Japanese instrument, koto, and Japanese influences (pentatonic scales) mixed with a club beat. It's cool and uplifting. Imagine hearing it in a modern context: on the busy streets of Tokyo in its trendy, bright and bustling neighborhoods. It would also fit well inside Japanese inspired games, storytelling podcasts, commercials, promos. [ by Mark Oates ]

Tags: dance, koto, beat, pop, hip, hop, pop, dance, club, traditional, japan, orient, oriental, japanese,

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Reggae Summer Groove

Laidback Caribbean, reggae sound track for any visuals with beautiful beach scenes. Picture Pina Colada filled coconut shells, girls in bikinis, white sands and palm trees swaying in the trade winds. Use this casual sound track with a reggae rhythm, bouncy bass and tropical melody for your travel promos, nature documentaries, Hawaiian or Caribbean scenes, b-rolls, montages and videogames. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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Sans Afrique

Marimba, funky, happy guitar, horns, percussion and pipe flutes create this festive royalty free stock music piece that sounds tropical and something you'd hear in the Carribbean or other warm-weather place. Use this soundtrack with partying on the beach scenes, hanging out at the pool bar, and any fun outdoorsy activity in a tropical environment. Uses: film, television, radio, web series, web movies, apps, games, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: africa, happy, festive, upbeat, lively, party, cool, groovy, africa, happy, festive, upbeat, lively,

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Shaman Psychic

Perfect for travel and nature programming or documentaries (film and television) with open spaces, road trips, shamanism, exotic lands, etc., this mesmerizing, repetitive stock music track will complement these kinds of visuals. It's hypnotic and calm but with a slight edge. Other uses: podcasts, montages, radio, games, reality television shows, websites, more. [ by Rudy Pusateri ]

Tags: Calm, Hypnotic, Meditative, Melancholic, Peaceful, Repetitive, Serene, Suggestive, Suspenseful, Thin

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South Africa Ukola

Get ready to wiggle because this South African music track with bouncy rhythms and a festive party atmosphere will inspire you to move with the beat. It's a stock music piece that actually will go well with visuals that show happy tropical environments like a party on the beach, dancing with the sunset in the warm weather, waves gently tumbling onto the sand, and people enjoying the lively mood. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: africa, upbeat, festive, happy, lively, traditional, party, flowing, percussion, solid groove, solid

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Three different versions of this pensive, post new age groove soundtrack with a "voodooesque" vibe are offered here. It features vocal samples, sound design elements and hard edged drum - to be used in a wide variety of media: television, film, radio, websites, podcasts - for the following themes: drama, travel, nature, more. [ by Simon Wolfe ]

Tags: Electronic Beat Ethnic Vocals Tamborine Bass Synth Pads Peaceful

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Tribal Drumming Gathering

This non-melodic track is a percussion only, rhythm-based tribal drumming track that can work well with travel shows like viewers watch on The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel, BBC, PBS and more or for nature documentaries found on those similar channels. As a drum track, it can also have the possibility of becoming more versatile if producers add a layer or more of music over it, enriching it or making it sound completely different depending on what it added. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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A mesmerizing African tribal music track features a steady moderate speed drum beat and is filled with atmospheric vocal chants, low pipes and synths. It would fit perfectly in a Native American tribal scene or images of an Indian reservation, teepees, medicine men, shamans, sweat lodges, animal furs, tribal painted faces, tribal dance scenes and desert scenes in the American southwest. Slightly ominous, slightly magical and primitive. Uses: television / film montages, promos, scenes for hallucinations, commercials with a southwest theme, amusement park atmosphere, etc. [ by Neil Cross ]

Tags: africa, tribal, mystery, flowing, atmospheric, spooky, flowing, powerful, mystery, spacious, percuss

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Full of life and celebration this sound track brings out the best in the world with its different traditional instruments blending as one. Perfect for Olympic-like events, ethnic festivals, carnival, parties, galas, shindigs and other fun occasions. Uses: films, television, promos, musicals, presentations, documentaries, videogames and more. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Electronic Traditional World Beat Bass Synth Ethnic Voice Flute Percussions

United (2:39) Play / MP3 $29.95

Welcome To The Calypso Island

Take this mixed tropical groove with elements of funky house drums and hip hop and you'll hear a modern twist of a traditional Caribbean Calypso stock music piece with the added influences of reggae and ska featuring tropical Brass. Listen as it builds towards the chorus. This will be an ideal background music for regional documentaries, travel and nature shows regarding this part of the world - or put it in your promos/spots/montages/b-roll needing a cool, upbeat tropical feel. [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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World in Harmony

A short, soothing piece with bass, drums, voices and percussions conveying a peaceful message of coming together. Reminds you of the Lion King scene where all the animals gathered in harmony under one leader. Can be used in a variety of different scenes from nature scene, an African background to an expansive landscape backdrop. Uses: films, television, animation, montages, video games, promos, documentaries, presentations. [ by Alex Khaskin ]

Tags: Acoustic Electronic Traditional World Beat Bass Synth Ethnic Voice Percussions

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Zimbabwe Drummers Circle

Starting the piece with a loud bang, then building up several layers of percussion and drums, this is a tribal music track with Zimbabwean rhythm and will sit nicely behind all kinds of travel and nature documentaries and ethnic based visuals. It's also the kind of stock music track that will work well inside games, radio podcast stories, any various b-roll for reality shows that take place in the wilderness (for physical challenges and competitions). [ by Bobby Cole ]

Tags: World, ethnic, middle east, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, European, Mexican, Caribbean, folk m

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